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Tue 21 Dec 2021
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Rules/Information/Tid Bits

1. Standard Pathfinder rules will apply. I know basically all of them from many years of playing the game. Feel free to ask me questions and use for looking up anything.

2. Skill Checks will have a set DC as normal (Dice Check). Every 5 that a player beats a knowledge DC or some form of information gathering DC, they can create one piece of lore.

for example:

Players stumble across a sword. They use a knowledge to identify the sword.

DC 10 to know it is a longsword, crafted in the country of Pitax.

Players roll 25, they can create pieces of information about the item using

Flavor text (what you want accomplished)

- the sword is exquisitely created (masterwork longsword) DC 15
- the sword is made from special material (Adamantine) DC 20
- the sword seems to exhibit great power (magicked in some way) DC 25

3. Not all things I throw at you do you need to embark on. If tell you there is an unexplored cave nearby, not necessarily do you actually need to explore, its just an option that can be done.

4. Point buy method to get stats. 25 points to use.
Score	Points
7	-4
8	-2
9	-1
10	0
11	1
12	2
13	3
14	5
15	7
16	10
17	13
18	17

All scores start at 10. This nets you +0 to an action, ability, spell DC/damage, etc. You can purposefully lower  a stat you don't need down to a 7 to get more points if you like.

Races get various bonuses to their ability scores.

Humans for example get +2 to any stat, a bonus feat, and a bonus skill.

There will be an over arcing story, but feel free to twist it and create your own ideas. Totally fine.

The name of the planet is Golarion. Common is effectively, English. Everyone gets this language for free.