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Rules Primer
The Strange is powered by the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games. In this post, I'll attempt to go over the basics of how the game works, for easy reference during the game.


All rolls are made by players, generally with a single d20. The game also uses a d100 and d6, but those are not used for taking action.

When performing an action, you roll a d20 and compare the number rolled with the Target Number based on the Task Difficulty. If your roll meets, or exceeds the TN, you succeed on the attempt.

If the number on the die is 17+, there may be additional effects.

  17 - On an attack, +1 damage
  18 - On an attack, +2 damage
  19 - Minor effect, or +3 damage on attack
  20 - Major effect, or +4 damage on attack

If the roll is a 1, the GM gets to make a free GM Intrusion.


Obstacles are rated on a difficulty scale of 0-10. The difficulty of an obstacle is determined by the GM. In order to find the Target Number of a given obstacle, multiply the Difficulty by 3. With a difficulty of 0, no roll is needed.

  0 = TN 0
  1 = TN 3
  2 = TN 6
  3 = TN 9
  4 = TN 12
  5 = TN 15
  6 = TN 18
  7 = TN 21
  8 = TN 24
  9 = TN 27
  10 = TN 30

Before making a roll, a player may reduce the Difficulty by applying Skills, Assets and Effort. A skill reduces the difficulty by 1, unless the character is Specialized, then it reduces by 2. An asset further reduces the difficulty by 1. Only 1 skill may be applied for a given roll. Assets cannot reduce the difficulty by more than 2. Levels of Effort may be applied, reducing the difficulty by 1 each, subject to the character's Effort score.


Each character has three stats (Might, Speed, Intellect) that have two parts: Pool and Edge.

Pool - The rating of the stat, measures the raw ability and are points you can spend on abilities and to absorb damage. Keep track of the maximum rating when you are spending points from the pool

Edge - Measures how well you can apply that ability. When spending points from a pool, the Edge modifies the point cost, reducing the cost by the Edge rating.

You recover points spent from your stat pools by using Recoveries. Each Recovery has a period of downtime associated with it, and allows you to recover 1d6+Tier which you can distribute as you wish in your stat pools.

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Rules Primer
Rules Modifications/Clarifications

Special Rolls

Rolls of 17-20 can have special effects when rolled. The rule book is clear what they do in combat, kinda clear what they do outside combat, and opaque on Defense rolls. In combat, I like to use the rule that special rolls do the following when rolled on a Defense roll.

19 - Your next action against the attacking target is eased one step.
20 - Make an immediate counter-attack. This does not count as your action for the round.