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Weeks Classes Up.

Posted by The Head MasterFor group 0
The Head Master
GM, 4 posts
Mon 27 Dec 2021
at 20:48
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Weeks Classes Up.

Week Classes for First week (January month)

DayMorning LessonsAfternoon LessonsEvening Time
MondayAll Basic SubjectsAssisted study. Medical 
TuesdayAll Basic Subjects  
WednesdayAll Basic Subjects Team Field Games.
ThursdayAll Basic Subjects  
FridayAll Basic SubjectsTeam Field Games.Late Night Films
SaturdayAll Basic SubjectsTeam Field Games. 

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The Head Master
GM, 5 posts
Mon 27 Dec 2021
at 20:55
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Weeks Classes Up.

GM List.

Basic Subjects.
English (*)GeographyHistory (*)Maths (**)Physical EducationScience (**)
Doom Pool2d6 + 2d4
EffectBet the Doom Pool = pass in subject.
(*) and (**) subject and dice linked.

RandomSpecialtyBasic Subjects
1:AcrobaticPhysical Education (')Science 
3:CovertPhysical EducationGeography (') 
4:CrimeGeographyHistory (') 
6:MenacePhysical Education (')English 
7:PsychHistory (')Science 
8:Science AdvancedGeography (')Science (') 
9:TechMaths (')GeographyScience
10:VehiclePhysical EducationMaths 
11:Weapons (weapon group)? - ? - ? - ?
12:Personal to Character.? - ? - ? - ?
Doom Pool4d6

(') Specialty Dice can be used to help basic Subjects.

Super Powers.
Doom Pool2d8 + 2d6

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