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Voice of The System
 GM, 274 posts
Wed 9 Feb 2022
at 02:18
Please keep track of your inventories here :)

(Once more of you unlock the Full Market, I may also use this thread to catalogue a large list of items available for purchase)
Arjun Gandhi
 player, 262 posts
 Shadow Archer
 (Selfish Sociopath?)
Wed 9 Feb 2022
at 04:03

Equipped Inventory:
  • a purple satin bathrobe covered in embroidered dragons. (original gear)
  • --> Cloth Rope (30ft)
  • --> Medium Pouch, Cloth, with extra pockets (no longer an ITEM)
  • ----> 0/10 dry cloth bandages
  • ----> Small packet of sanitary wipes
  • ----> Spare contact lenses
  • ----> Some sort of eye drops
  • ----> 30 cotton swabs
  • --> A pair of plastic tweezers
  • Stockings, Cloth
  • Shoes, Vine
  • a Lingot, Cloth
  • Wrap Pants, Cloth
  • Backpack, Cloth, with extra pockets (no longer an ITEM)
  • --> bedroll, Cloth
  • --> blanket, Cloth
  • --> A small plastic toothbrush with cheap bristles
  • --> A homemade bar of soap
  • --> A hairbrush made from crappy plastic
  • --> A small vial of either lotion or moisturizer, unclear by just the label
  • --> A small vial of sunscreen (labelled as such)
  • --> A crappy plastic razor with a tiny bit of some metal as the blade
  • --> A cheap nail file
  • --> A handkerchief
  • --> a small pile of scraps that might be useful for crafting.
  • --> Plastic Bottle of 96% Purewater
  • --> book, Archer Class Fundamentals
  • Quiver, Cloth & Vine.
  • --> 12 Ebony Arrows
  • a Vine Bow.

  • an Ebony Stiletto,

He has assembled a small crafting spot, where he has placed:
  • --> 24 Ebony Reeds (24 claimed)
  • --> a pile of 118 Plant Fibers (105 claimed)

He has left a small box labeled "Human Toiletries Kit" near the latrine, containing:
  • Two rolls of one-ply toilet paper
  • A reusable menstrual cup

Drinking Spot
  • Wooden Bucket, tied to
  • a scoop
  • and a Tin Funnel

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Emily Khorashandi
 player, 166 posts
 Retro Musician
Wed 9 Feb 2022
at 13:01
1* Vine Bow
12*  Ebony Arrow
1* Vine Banjo
1* Vine and cloth drum
10* cloth bandages.
1* cloth blanket
1* cloth bedroll
1* pair women's Jeans (Levi Strauss - original gear)
1* can mineral water
1* pair Doctor Marten's Boots (original gear)
1* Black Leather Jacket (original gear)
1* pair pink fluorescent socks (original gear)
1* Pink t-shirt bearing 'Os Mutantes' logo in green (original gear)
1* pair white panties (original gear)
1* Juggalo bandana (original gear)

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Jerzy Godlewski
 player, 4 posts
Wed 9 Feb 2022
at 20:43
(Original Issue)
1x Set of prescription glasses
1x Pair of Rubber soled waterproof shoes
2x Pens
1x Mechanical Pencil
1x Phone
1x Safety Gloves
1x sweater
1x collared shirt
1x winter hat, gloves, socks
1x Undapants
1x Set of binoculars
1x multitool
1x man overboard gps locator beacon
1x heavy duty chronograph, GPS, heartrate watch

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Otto Bruckner
 player, 182 posts
 Seeker of First Blood
Thu 10 Feb 2022
at 05:42
Original Belongings
One black t-shirt w/ Amon Amarth logo.
One Thor's Hammer necklace on parachute cord
One pair tan cargo pants
One set of keys on lanyard
One wallet with various cards and cash.
One cell phone
One pair shredded leather boots


One set of cloth foot wraps
Ten cloth bandages
Seven cloth wash cloths
Cloth bed roll
Cloth blanket
Fire drill
Two handed wooden club

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