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Sun 6 Feb 2022
at 17:28
Reaction rules
As many PCs have special reaction abilites, and I will be posting for the NPCs, we need to speed up combat so by the time we get back around to the players actions, all possible reactions will be done to save yourselves or your friends.

As a result, I will need all PCs to post your preferred reactions.

Example-assuming Connor has cast the sheild spell on his turn, he will get the shield block reaction. Unlike normal shields, the shield spell block can only be used once every 10 mins. Unless he states before hand, I will assume he will use the shield block against any attack that is powerful enough to be mostly blocked by the spell. Conner can state if he does not wish to use his reaction during his turn.

I will need possible reaction from each PC that can do so.

That would be:
Conner, Dee, and Malcolm.

Malcolm has three diffrent reactions he can use per turn, but one one reaction. Conner and Dee must take a action during thier turns in order to set up thier future reactions.
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Mon 7 Feb 2022
at 20:54
Reaction rules
Current PCs with reaction abilities.

Shield spell
-Shield must be cast on user's turn as part of their normal 3 actions. Shield only requires 1 action. Upon casting, user gets +1 AC until the start of user's next turn. Once shield is in effect, the user may also use the shield block reaction, using their once a turn reaction ability.

Shield block:
As a reaction, user may subtract the shields hardness of (5) from the damage of a single attack. Any excess damage is applied to user. This works vs magic missiles spell, but not other spells. Once used, the shield spell cannot be used for 10 mins.

Dee's staff can cast a shield spell during her turn, which uses up 1 action and follows the same rules as Conner's shield spell...expect after using a shield block the staff can cast the shield spell again on the next turn and use the shield block.

Malcom's Cloak of the Steel glider acts as a shield, plus he has the champion's glimpse of redemption ability, and has reactive shield feat from his Bastion multiclass. However, he only has 1 reaction per round to use between these 3 abilities. On his turn, he can also use the Everstand Stance ability, which effects his shield blocks and shield attacks, which he can also use the Cloak of the steel glider for this effect.

Raise a shield:
As one of his actions on his turn, Malcom may ready his steel covered wings to defend himself. He gets +2 ac until the start of his next turn, and he may use the Shield block reaction.

Shield block:
As a reaction, user may subtract the shields hardness of (5) from the damage of a single attack. Due to the cloak of the steel glider, Any excess damage is applied to user and not the magic item. This does NOT work vs spells.

Everstand Stance
As an action on his turn, Malcom may set up the Everstand stance ability. This last until the end of combat. Once activated, the user upgrades any shield based attack by +1 die type(and works with the cloak of the steel glider). It also adds +2 hardness when using shield blocks, making the cloak of the steel glider's Hardness 7.

Reactive Shield
As a reaction, the user may raise a shield, getting +2 AC. This may result in an enemy missing. However, they may not use shield block due to the user now being out of reactions.

Glimpse of Redemption
As a reaction when a foe damages an ally within 15'(3 spaces), Malcom can do this to the attacker:

Your foe hesitates under the weight of sin as visions of redemption play in their mindís eye. The foe must choose one of the following options:

-The ally is unharmed by the triggering damage.
-The ally gains resistance to all damage against the triggering damage equal to 2 + your level. After the damaging effect is applied, the enemy becomes enfeebled 2 until the end of its next turn. Malcom can decide to stupefied 2 instead of enfeebling the foe.

You're physically weakened. Enfeebled always includes a value. When you are enfeebled, you take a status penalty equal to the condition value to Strength-based rolls and DCs, including Strength-based melee attack rolls, Strength-based damage rolls, and Athletics checks.

Your thoughts and instincts are clouded. Stupefied always includes a value. You take a status penalty equal to this value on Intelligence-, Wisdom-, and Charisma-based checks and DCs, including Will saving throws, spell attack rolls, spell DCs, and skill checks that use these ability scores. Any time you attempt to Cast a Spell while stupefied, the spell is disrupted unless you succeed at a flat check with a DC equal to 5 + your stupefied value.

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Mon 7 Feb 2022
at 21:01
Reaction rules
Tsuki has a spell that allows them to shield her animal companion, Keyla.

As one action during Tsuki's turn, she can set up this spell.

Protect Companion:
Cast-Single Action
Range 30 feet;
Targets-your creature with the minion trait under your control
Duration-until the start of your next turn

You extend your aura, as a magical shield that protects your eidolon or minion. The target gains a +1 circumstance bonus to AC until the start of your next turn. You gain the following reaction; after using the reaction, the spell ends and you can't cast protect companion again for 10 minutes.

Life Block Reaction
Trigger The spell's target would take damage;
Effect Reduce the triggering damage by 10, but you lose 5 Hit Points. Even if this reduces the damage to 0, the target still takes any effects that would come with the damage, such as the poison on a viper's fangs Strike.

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