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Liason Officer
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Fri 4 Mar 2022
at 23:05
Mulligan thread
Okay... everyone gets one post here...

You post what your updated unit should look like.

Resource points spent in the auction house are spent.

Sean's been out for over a month now... so i'm going to with some reluctance presume he's gone, which is okay, Mattias is more than happy to fill in.

Kusanagi has health issues and is being moved to 'reserve' for now till things stabilize for him.  His unit wont see action, but if he shows he can help me with Op Force for some 'extra credit' (resource points, but no exp).

Candance, if Sean is departing under these circumstances, i'm willing to invalidate his Auction House Bid, which means... if you want it... Yen Lo Wan can be yours for your Auction Bid of 131 resource points.  If you rather have the points in hand, that's fine, but the offer is on the table for you to take possession of the Centurion and designate a new pilot for it.
Candice Rohdes
 player, 73 posts
 The Night Cloaks
Fri 4 Mar 2022
at 23:57
Mulligan thread
Archer-2W 35 44
whitworth-1 25 27
Catapult-K2 32 29
Catapult-K2 32 29

net 124 points, +10 extra RP spent  leaving me with 313

which makes this a heavy + fire lance capable with command mech this time.

Archer-2W             Missle Boat   PV:35(44)   Candice Rohdes   "Mini Skirt" fsh447
CPLT-K2               Sniper        PV:32(29)   Montana Brook    "Bones"    fsh216
CPLT-K2               Sniper        PV:32(29)   George Plank     "Ghoulie"  msh511
whitworth-1           Missle Boat   PV:25(27)   Rosalind Barrett "Wight"    fsh287


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Jaime Bishop
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 2nd Lt Jaime Bishop
 Callsign - Bishop
Sat 5 Mar 2022
at 14:18
Mulligan thread
Consider changing to a 4 mech lance

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Candance Cane
 player, 52 posts
Sat 5 Mar 2022
at 14:19
Mulligan thread
Mech    Variant      cost    total   Callsign  Mech Color
Charger -1A5       PV:380 =  380     Rudolph   Dark Brown
Charger -1A5       PV:380 =  760     Keebler   Green
Charger -1A5       PV:380 = 1140     A.l.f.    Orange
Charger -1A5       PV:380 = 1520     Dobby     Blue
Mech quirks        PV: 80 = 1600

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Olaf Olesson
 player, 53 posts
 Callsign: Berserker
Sat 5 Mar 2022
at 18:09
Mulligan thread
VLK-QA Missile Boat PV 22 (25) "Fang"
DV-6M Missile Boat PV 30 (32) "Jade"
DV-6M Missile Boat PV 30 (32) "Witch"
WVR-6R Skirmisher PV 30 (40) "Berserker"

Total Build - 1120 (1290)
Role - Fire Lance

and the FLE-14 "Lastcall"

DV-6M Unit Card:
Quirks: Easy to Maintain (1), Hyper-Extending Actuators (1)
Thaddeus Breccia
 player, 91 posts
 1st Lt.
 Callsign - Graybeard
Sun 6 Mar 2022
at 05:22
Mulligan thread
Mongoose-66 "Graybeard" PV:30 (37)
Javelin-10A "Wallflower" PV:17 (15)
Spider-5V "Jitter". PV:21  (21)
Sentinel-3K "Shepard" PV:19 (17)
Stinger-3R "Big Mann" PV:14 (19)

New total 1010 Unit Points + 60 Quirks

Wild Weasel for 40.

That leaves 440 for resources.

Eligible Roles: Light Striker, Light Battle, Recon, Pursuit, Support
Mattias Hudson
 player, 8 posts
Mon 7 Mar 2022
at 08:09
Mulligan thread
Medium Command Lance - "Coy Dogs"

2nd Lt. Aleid VanLees-Hudson
Callsign: Ladybird
- Wolverine 6R  Skirmisher  30 (+10)

Sgt Mattias Hudson
- Callsign: Martingale
- Ostscout 7J  Scout  21 (+11?)

Mechwarrior Johan De Jong
- Callsign: Mantis
- Griffin 1N  Sniper  31 (+7?)

Mechwarrior Dael Meyer
- Callsign: Syrphid
- Griffin 1N  Sniper  31 (+7?)

Total points spent 113 (+35?)