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Liason Officer
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Sat 8 Jan 2022
at 15:58
Black Market Auction House
If you have the cash... we got the goods.

We may not have what you want... but we will have what you need.

If you're look for credit or a loan, we're not that sort of business.  The back door is that way.

Auction House Rolls

6   - Mech
4-5 - Pilot Ability
1-3 - Business Opportunity

I should... color code the auctions for you.  So that new players and old can gauge how rare an auction is likely to be to better judge where they throw there money

Green will be common, and appear pretty often.

Blue will be uncommon, and while they don't appear too often, they do appear.

Red will be rare, and that you're lucky to seem them when they do appear.

I will put the color in BOLD if the auction involves a unique opportunity and is expected never to be seen again.

I will reduce the rarity if the auction is not a sure thing (like the comstar box, this would be bright cherry red if it was a sure thing.)

Random Character Skill Level:
Green   is a base of (5+)
Regular is a base of (4+)
Veteran is a base of (3+)
Elite   is a base of (2+)

Roll d6 for chance of improvement based on number after quality.
1 = No chance of improvement

2 = 6 improve by one level

3 = 5 improve by one level,
    6 roll again, if a six is rolled improved by two levels, else improve by one.

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Liason Officer
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Sat 8 Jan 2022
at 16:02
Black Market Auction House
Grand Opening Auctions

21:58, Today: Liason Officer rolled 10 using 3d6 with rolls of 2,2,6.  Auction House - Item for Bid.
14:30, Today: Liason Officer rolled 5 using 1d6.  Auction House item for Devlin Joining.
15:08, Today: Liason Officer rolled 22 using 5d6 with rolls of 5,2,6,6,3.  Auction House Items for balance of players.


Mech Auction One
"What do you call the most pathetic looking mech at the auction...?

... a mech ...?

... not quite."

A gently used Trooper-14, otherwise known as Flea-14.  Previously owned by a collector of vintage things has kept this family heirloom in pristine working order.  It has been kept in good working order by seasonal uses over the LARP reenactments of the mythic battle of Endor.  The owner has since turned over ownership of said mech to us after losing a sizable sum on the last Solaris Championship upset.

The previous owner (which you can name) will offer their services to pilot this mech.  He is considered a considered a G2 Pilot that considers this Flea-14 to be an Heirloom.

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 65 rp is required to be taken seriously.
High Bid on this Item will claim ownership of this lovely LARP prop.

The value of this item has been appraised at 130 rp.

Mech Auction Two

Okay... not really, but it's a painfully authentic replica of the mech that last years solaris champion has made popular... right down to the nippon rising sun... which is wierd... cause that's Japanese and the Champ and the Capellans are suppose to be mostly chinese... right... wait is this right?"

Does this come with a pilot?  Of course not... he's busy over throwing the Capellan Confederation, but it does come with his paint job?

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 135 rp is required to be taken seriously.
High Bid on this Item will claim ownership of this lovely LARP prop.

The value of this item has been appraised at 270 rp.

Mech Auction Three
Are you...

No.  That's not me.

Are you sure?  You look just like...

I said no.


Get away kid you bother me."

A bitter and disgraced Mechwarrior is look to sell her services and sign on with the unit that presents her with the best sign on bonus (bid).  She pilots a Locust-1Vb.  She is considered a R1 Pilot that is specialized with light mechs and considers the Locust to be an heirloom.  She however has the drawback {Hatred: Hover Units} and will engage any of them that are detected exclusively until they have all been destroyed.  She gains one bonus xp for each Hover Unit she participates in destroying doubled if she destroys them without assistance.

This mech and pilots come together as a match set.

You may guess the name / identity of this pilot, and if you are correct, you will win 10rp at the end of the auction, if you are the only one to guess correctly the prize will double.

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 225 rp is required to be taken seriously.
High Bid on this Item will claim bragging rights for having this pilot join their unit.

The value of the mech alone is item has been appraised at 250 rp, under the guidance of the mechs lovely pilot the mech is valued at 455 rp.


Mechwarrior Auction One
"You're my number one."

The battlefield is messy and even if you come out alive there is no insurance that you won't be taken out of commission leaving the unit leaderless.  Finding that certain someone to watch you back can be priceless.  You think you've found them.

Select one of your mechwarriors (obviously not yourself).  You have granted them the title of Executive Officer (XO).  This makes them the 'heir apparent' and will perform as the unit commander if you are unable to.  Deployed, they must be deployed in the same Lance as you.  Should you be incapacitated or killed, they will take up the position to lead the unit for as long as necessary.

This character gain 50xp to reflect this Mechwarrior's  competence.

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 100 rp is required to be taken seriously.

Mechwarrior Auction Two
"Everyone likes to think of themselves as the protagonist of their own story but how can you tell if they're the real deal or just a side character?"

The battlefield is a really really REALLY dangerous place.  The winner of this bid may designate a character to gain one level of Plot Armor.  This character may expend one level of Plot Armor to turn a lethal die result into a non-lethal (but potentially still painful) one.

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 10 rp is required to be taken seriously.

Business Opportunities.

Business Opportunity  Number One
"If you can give me some C-Bills today, I will gladly pay you back the C-Bills next month..."

A unit Commander in 2nd Battalion is in a short term bind.  He's in need of cash to get his unit up and running or he wont be combat ready to make the next drop.  He's in need of a short term loan.

He needs 100 rp to get his unit up and repaired, he's willing to offer up to pay up to 200 rp for the inconvenience this might put you through.

Bid Requirements - Bid the unit point amount you want paid back.  The 'lowest' bid wins

Bid Prequesites     - You must have 100 rp reserved to spend on this Bid.  If you win, the 100 rp will be deducted.  During the next bookkeeping Phase the unit Commander will repay the amount you bid, repaying the loan in full.

Business Opportunity Two
"Wait... you have what... and it can do... what...really?  No way..."

A crate with Comstar markings is being put up for auction.  The word is out that it has been checked out and is a refit kit used to upgrade the on board electronics to improve the mech's battlefield command and control.  Either that or it's box of spare part to scam you out of your hard earn C-Bills.

Upon winning this auction roll a die.
On a roll of 1-4 You got taken and this crate is a box of useless scrap.
On a roll of 5-6 It's the real deal.  You may use it to modify any mech to trade one point of Armor for the Command Mech Quirk.

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 20 rp is required to be taken seriously.
High Bid on this Item appoint an XO immediate.

The low bid makes the whole thing suspect, but the lure of the payout if its legit may be too good to ignore.

Business Opportunity Three

In every momentous battle, there is that pivotal moment when the out come of the battle can be decided.  Picking this crucial moment is the difference between victory and defeat.

Upon winning this auction, the unit will have been properly motivated into high spirits to accept the commanders orders when this moment arrives and will throw themselves blindly forward to ensure victory.

The Unit Commander need only announce (before any dice are rolled)... "THE MOMENT HAS COME" and every member of his lance shall be motivated to victory and win initiative on the turn it is announced.

This ability is usable once permission, until the next Auction House is conducted.

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 20 rp is required to be taken seriously.

Business Opportunity Four

The original WILD WEASEL LIVES!  On it seems on Tukayyid no less.

The Original Ferret pilot has some how managed to survive through the years, gathering bribes tips from and drinks from various interested party looking for his services.  No job too dangerous... No fee too high... No booze too strong!

Viva la WEASEL!

The Wild Weasel is a slightly unbalanced VTOL pilot that seems to be lucky enough to survive his past time, and execute his work well enough to continue having interested parties pay his price.  Flying into combat with his VTOL ferret, with a Bomb strapped to either side of his tiny craft he manages to make a single combat run to deliver his payload in the thick of combat before fleeing for the hills to survive the battle to claim more booze from his benefactors.

The pilot has the drawback Addiction/Drunk, roll a d6 before the battle.  On a roll of '1' the Weasel is passed out drunk in some bar, and will be unable to show up to deliver his payload.  A rain check will be issued to deliver the payload next time.

Bid Requirements -
A bid of at least 10 rp is required to be taken seriously.


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Penelope Plenty
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Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 13:28
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
"Time to go shopping ...", Regina sang in her sing song voice as she follows Penny into the Auction house.

"No Regina, you're here to look.  We can't afford you shopping spree.", Penny rebukes Regina with a wag of her finger.

There was a blank look... just for a moment...

"Click... click.... clickty click click.", she comments while making a tapping motion with her index finger, as if selecting items to buy.

Penny rolls her eyes and looks at Ling, "Make sure she ... doesn't sell the farm."

"Can i use lethal force?"

"If you have to.  Just make sure you're both mission ready when the time comes."

Electra points out someone to Penny, "Hey isnt that...?"

"Oh... breakout the check book, we have to sign her..."
Candice Rohdes
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 The Night Cloaks
Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 13:45
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
Entering the hall with the rest of the lance and checking out the boards.

If you bid that then you dont get paid next month. as Wight goes and sulks in the corner briefly.

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Candance Cane
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Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 14:39
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
Stopping by the Auction house while the rest of her unit takes a day off from training to relax before their next mission Candance reads every entry, and makes an entry into every one of them.

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Kusanagi Nagamichi
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Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 15:46
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
Nagamichi looked over to Tatsuko as they walked by the holo-adverts and shook his head, "You know I don't like taking that risk."

The smaller Tatsuko smiled as he waved off his cautiousness, "The Kazhuro's are chopming at the bit.  We know what its like but if we loose them no one is going to hire just a pair of jocks.  We might as well head for Solaris and compete till we get lucky or die in that spectacle.  You know...for me being the one who officially graduated you sound more like my instructors and I sound like the neer-do-well layabout that everyone thinks you are..."

Leaning back Nagamichi though back to his time in the ninkyō dantai and how his oyabun had led poorly which had meant he and Tatsuko had been off-planet securing an agreement when he was betrayed from within.  There was no honor in stomping a mech in on the traitors, let alone the DCMS letting that happen even if his Wolverine was so old that it could practically stomp and sit and they could make a museum out of the place...but neither were they willing to serve a foul adder like Tienshi was as new oyabun.  So the two of them didn't take the jumpship back from New Samarkand and instead used their connections to join the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy.  Tienshi didn't have the clout to go after them from what they now considered a backwater planet, nor the resources so they were written off as ghosts as long as they were never seen again.  Certainly helped that their contract had them similarly far from their homeworld so the chance of word getting back was beyond slim as long as they didn't go and find a Star League Cache.  Then again if they did that they'd have enough cash, clout and assets to remove Tieshi or field a proper unit.

"Okay but if we don't have any short range missiles for your Panther, my Wolverine or the Kazhuro twins Warhammers you're taking the heat from that." he replied sourly.

Tatsuko grinned, "From the Wham-tastic Double D twins I'll take that heat..." to which Nagamichi looked over at where Max and Maxine were drawing a crowd like they always did and just shook his head and continued walking.
Thaddeus Breccia
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Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 17:28
Black Market Auction House
Thaddeus browses the auction listings, noting his own bids.
Olaf Olesson
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Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 17:45
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
“What in the hell is that? Shi asked derisively.  “Is it even a ‘mech?”

“Junk. You could spit through that armor.  And look at the paint job in this imposter... Olaf replied, “First stop for this old girl will be the paint bay.”

“Save our money, boss” she counselled safely in reply. “We’re still paying the bills on the refit to put Liam’s ride back together.”

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Devlin Masters
 player, 6 posts
Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 21:09
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
Devlin and Sally enter the auction house. They look over the boards and the mechs offered up. They take their papers and walk over to a table and have a seat to discuss what to do. After some talk Devlin keys in his bids and waits to find the results.
Sean Reynolds
 player, 9 posts
Thu 13 Jan 2022
at 22:55
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
Hammer wanders into the auction house with his crew to take in the current offerings up for grabs.  "Hey, check out all the junk!" Bjor exclaims, to which Freja quickly retorts, "Careful, Berserker, folks tend to get upset when you call their expensive auction items 'junk'." to which he immediately replied, "But that's exactly what most of it is!"

Hammer chuckled to himself over the banter between the two as he perused the lots up for auction.  He quickly passed over some and arched an eyebrow at a couple auctions which seemed to be incredible bargains.

Several items do catch his eye and he heads over to the terminal to place his bids.  *click*, *click*, then *accept* and wait while the system registered his bids (he hoped...).
Jaime Bishop
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 2nd Lt Jaime Bishop
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Fri 14 Jan 2022
at 19:09
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
Jaime pulled up the auction items on his computer. He took his time scanning the different items as he jotted notes. Finally, he placed his bids.
Liason Officer
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Fri 14 Jan 2022
at 20:01
Grand Opening Bids for Pussy Cats
Tallying the auctions...

Mech One
Olaf - 77

Mech Two
Ragnarok - 156

Mech Three
Pussy Cats - Bid 361

MW One - XO
Raptors - 160 rp

MW Two - Plot Armor
Kusanagi - 17

BO One - Loan
Night Cloaks  - 114

BO Two
Candy Cane - 41

BO Three
Raptors - 70

BO Four
Thaddeus   - 40

Trivia Winners
Candice  +10 rp
Candance +10 rp

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Liason Officer
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Wed 30 Mar 2022
at 22:29
2022 Holiday Shopping
Players are alloted (10) Holiday Bucks to spend as they see fit on items on this thread.  As noted in the past all auction bids should be made private.

Item One For Sale - New Talent -
Tis the season to be dispossed.  New talent is wandering around looking for work to make some spending money for gift shopping for the holiday season.  Good time for employers to pickup some talent.  Mechs not included.  Limit One per Unit.

Cost - Talent

Free - Unskilled Nobody.  Anyone can be a mechwarrior, or at least that's what they think.  They're a warm body looking for work.  If nothing else they have a rosy eyed view of the battlefield.

2 - Green.  Fresh out of the military academy (of your roleplaying choice) and looking for work.

4 - Regular.  Experienced lowkey mechjock for hire.  Nothing fancy, but can shoot straight and keep their mech upright... usually.

+1 Cost - +50xp.  Have Potential, they have seen some action or graduated with honors.

+1 Cost - +25xp.  Not Just another pretty face, they have seen some serious action or graduated top of their class.

This is not a bid item and is considered my holiday unit improvement gift to the active holiday players sticking it out with me.

Item Two For Sale - Old Talent
After making the hot drop and rolling through the motor pool, your mechwarriors are quietly improving and learning stuff.  Pick a mechwarrior, they're now new and improved.  Limit One per Unit.

Free Cost - +1 Plot Armor - They're still alive, that's not just luck but a learned talent.

1 Cost - +25 xp. - They've learned something.

3 Cost - +50 xp. - They've learned alot.

6 Cost - +75 xp. - They've had an epithany.

+3 Cost - {XO} - If this is not the commanding officer, they've received the recognition to become the Executive Officer, the right hand of the commander and the heir apparent should something happen to the boss.  {Reminder Each Unit may only have (1) XO, and when a character becomes an XO they gain 50xp}

Item Three for Sale - It's a material World
Giving presents... nice... Getting presents... nicer.  You get to buy one thing.

Bah Humbug - Saving for a Rainy Day - 1 Holiday Buck = +10 resource points for the unit to spend on the next auction house.  This is too complicated, let's just save it all for the next auction house.

Tis the Season to be giving. - 5 resource points = +2pv  / 3 resource points = +1pv

Light Holiday Shopping - 1 holiday buck = 2pv ~> Go buy pick out a Light Mech or *Conventional Unit that's in your budget. (subject to availability, per startup)

Holiday Shopping - 1 holiday buck = 1pv ~> Go buy/pick out a Medium Mech or *Conventional that's in your budget. (subject to availability, per startup)

Holiday Special - 0 Holiday Buck - For those of you with zero holiday bucks to save or spend for item three, a hodge podge group of irregular infantry are offered to join your unit.  Consider them a motley crew of undisciplined, undisciplined, dispossed trouble makers.  They're your trouble makers though so maybe you can make something of them.

Post Holiday Present Returns - Having Buyers Remorse, trade a mech in for Resource Points.  (+10 rp per PV of mech)

Conventional Units subject to approval, and require an Alpha Strike Link to what you want, so i can read up on them.

Vehicles weights based on type.

            Lt.      Med.
Tracked Max 35tn     55tn
Wheeled     25tn     40tn
Hover       15tn     25tn
VTOL        10tn     15tn
Infantry    All Conv.     *Battle Armor not available at this time.

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Candice Rohdes
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 The Night Cloaks
Wed 21 Dec 2022
at 21:30
Black Market Auction House
Holiday bucks:

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Thaddeus Breccia
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Thu 22 Dec 2022
at 03:48
Black Market Auction House
Last minute holiday shopping.

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Penelope Plenty
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Thu 22 Dec 2022
at 14:57
Black Market Auction House
2022 Holiday Shopping

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Jaime Bishop
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 2nd Lt Jaime Bishop
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Thu 22 Dec 2022
at 20:44
Black Market Auction House
2022 Holiday Shopping

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Liason Officer
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Mon 9 Jan 2023
at 22:43
Black Market Auction House
Auction house is now closed.

Purchased made are mostly endorsed (unless there is a problem with math somewhere.)

As a new years bonus, everyone will have the engineers in the motorpool drive off with a flatbed truck for their unit to use.