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Mon 19 Sep 2022
at 16:07
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The Wren Strikes Again!

Once more the daring jewel thief who characterizes himself only as The Wren has managed to steal a fortune in diamonds and rubies from Count Alucard, the Romanian Ambassador. Chief among the stolen items is the legendary Star of Borovia, a huge, flawless diamond with a bloody history of murder and betrayal.

The jewels were stolen during the small hours of last night when the Count was away from his private home in Belgravia. The thief managed to scale a four-story vertical wall and enter through a ventilation shaft.

"It's almost as if he knew the layout of the Count's personal chambers," the butler is quoted as saying.

The police are investigating the crime. Our sources at the police Criminal Investigation Division report that it would be treated as an inside job save for the calling card of The Wren having been left inside the safe in the Count's bedroom. Just to remind our readers. The Wren typically leaves a calling card with a sketch of a small bird in colored inks. The name Le Roitelet is signed to the drawing -- which means The Wren in French -- sometimes also a derogatory term meaning The Little King -- a pumped-up fusspot.

All of The Wren's victims have been important men.
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Sat 24 Sep 2022
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