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Mon 10 Jan 2022
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  Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition ruleset. All published sourcebooks will most likely be acceptable. I like to think I have plenty of experience as a DM, but that is all in real life. RPOL is much different to me.

  If you are going to be unavailable for any extended time please let us know. I know from experience that at times it is hard. But if you can just drop us a note in the OOC thread. If for some reason I start to show signs of slacking someone please PM me or yell at me in the OOC.

Etiquette Rules

1: I am the Dungeon Master. I have final say in everything. If you have any concern about the game please address them to me in the OOC thread or in a private message.

2: This is a game. We are all here to have fun and a good time. If you have any issues with a player you can address them to me in a private message or try and work it out amongst yourselves in the pms.

3: When posting dialogue choose a color and stick to it.

4: When posting out of character messages in the game, please make them a private line to me only at the bottom of the post beginning with "OOC:". Please keep the rest of the OOC conversations to the OOC thread.

5: When posting thoughts please use italics and the color of your dialogue choice.
Most importantly, while this may be a narrative driven game, it is still a game. Let's have some fun.

6: Please don't make one-liner posts constantly. Conversely, don't type a novel for each post. Try to find a happy medium. The occasional one-liner or novel when it makes sense is fine. Just don't do it constantly.

7: If you're going to leave the game, please let me know. It's much more polite to me and the other players. Your group could wind up waiting for you otherwise. I'm not gonna be mad if you have to leave the game for personal reasons, or just simply don't have the time.

100. New rules can and probably will be added a long the way!

Gameplay Rules

1: Your Initiative in combat does not affect posting order. It just affects the order actions are resolved. This is to keep the game moving in combat, as many games like to slow down and die at that point.

2: Your passive Perception will always be used whenever you enter an area (or something changes), to see if you notice anything interesting. You can roll Perception at any time to see if your natural ability missed anything. You may also roll any knowledge skill at any time (Nature, History, Religion, Arcana) to see what you know about something.

3: If you are hidden during combat, and make an attack, Perception checks made to find you will have advantage. This applies for monsters, as well. Making a Perception check to find a hidden creature in combat is considered a free action.

4: Reroll 1's on single dice healing effects.

100. New rules can and probably will be added a long the way!

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