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Mon 2 May 2022
at 02:06
New Traits
You have all gained a few new traits since you arrived in the tomb. You have discovered some of them so far. You may want to add these to your character sheet for reference.

If you have any questions about these or what any term I use mean, feel free to ask about it in the OOC thread.

* Absolute Direction. This is the standard advantage. You have an internal compass and you can always retrace any path you have followed in the past 30 days. It only works in the "real world" and gives a +3 bonus to Body Sense and Navigation (Sea, Air, Land)

* Spatial Awareness: You can sense your surroundings all around you up to a range of 10 yards with as much detail as the human eye could provide. This has nothing to do with the normal human sense of sight and requires no light. And it works in any environment. You may thus ignore darkness penalties in combat within this radius. You cannot “see” around corners, but you can “see” through 1 foot of solid material. It is always on.

* Mental Map: Your senses, Spatial Awareness, and Absolute Direction automatically build a mental map of the area around you. Make an Archaeology, Architecture, Cartography, or Engineer (Mining) roll, depending on the area, to make it accurate outside your Spatial Awareness.

* Rangefinder: You know the exact distance to your target. In non-combat situations it gives you a +3 bonus to Ranged Attacks if the target isn’t moving. In combat situations it gives you a +3 Acc bonus for all targets.

* Supernatural Features (Disturbing Aura): You have a strange aura about you. Those that come close enough to touch you get the creepy feeling that something is off/wrong with you, resulting in -1 on all reaction rolls.

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Sat 7 May 2022
at 13:27
New Traits
* Compulsion. You must obey the letter and/or spirit of all commands given by the six. I have started a separate thread for further details.
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Fri 13 May 2022
at 20:16
New Traits
* Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions)
* 5 extra character points to spend on anything, while you are in a restful place.
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Fri 20 May 2022
at 18:38
New Traits
* Luck. Generally speaking, you can use this trait once per real-world hour. In a pbp game, that's not a very good measurement. So, instead, you can use it once per scene.