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Imperium Arcana is a homebrew fantasy realm were magic is real. Various cultures have various religious views, but most of the 10.2 million square miles and 47 million people continent of Remulus is under Imperium control, both socially and spiritually.

The Elven Compact has controlled Hothgar, Wild Wood, and Shire, 2.4 million square miles and 16.4 million people, since before the start of the Fourth Age. Dune, 786,000 square miles and 1.7 million people, recently liberated themselves. And there is a civil war in Northland, 1.6 million square miles and 6.7 million people, too.

There are a number of smaller islands around the main continent of Remulus.
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Lore - Calendar
1 year = 365 days = 12 months + 5 festival days
1 month = 30 days
1 week = 7 days

The months are:
* Janoshen (mid winter)
* Stellanen (late winter)
* Tresnen (early spring)
	* Day of Viridia (Rebirth/Sowing Festival)
* Viridianen (mid spring)
* Quinen (late spring)
* Aurelianen (early summer)
	* Day of Paye (Mid-Summer Festival)
* Payenen (mid summer)
* Demeritusen (late summer)
	* Day of Demeritus (Harvest Festival)
* Novenen (early fall)
* Decenen (mid fall)
	* Day of Hanna
* Hannanen (late fall)
* Dundernen (early winter)
	* Day of Janosh (Festival of Transition. New Year’s Eve)
The days are:
* Payenus
* Hannanus
* Demeritus
* Viridianus
* Stellanus
* Aurelianus
* Janoshus

The Ages are:
* Mystic Age: About 3,000 years long
* First Age: About 3,000 years long
* Second Age: About 1,000 years long
* Third Age: About 1,000 years long
* Fourth Age: Almost 1,000 years so far

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Lore - Coins
1 gold denarius = 20 silver semis = 100 copper quinarii = $100 [GURPS currency]
1 silver semi = 5 copper quinarii = $5
1 copper quinarius = $1

1 lb = 20 ounces [= 500 grams]. Coins weigh 1/10 ounce [2.5 grams] each. 1 lb of silver is worth $1,000. Or 200 coins per lb.

1 gallon = 4 quarts = 8 pints = 16 cups = 128 ounces.
1 quart = 2 pints = 4 cups = 32 ounces.
1 pint = 2 cups = 16 ounces.
1 cup = 8 ounces.

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Lore - Imperium
Imperium itself is located on the east side of the south end of Remulus with 1.3 million square miles [somewhat smaller than half the contiguous United States or somewhat larger than India] and 10.4 million people. It is bordered by Dune and Fellinia to the north, Hothgar to the south, and Wild Wood to the west. It has a Mediterranean climate with jungles to the north on the border to Fellinia. There is a large bay and a number of rivers. The bay was renamed Felissimus Bay by the dead Emperor’s grandson in honor of his accomplishments. There are four summits above 6,000 feet, all of them on the border to Wild Wood, two in the south and two in the north.

After a revelation from Paye, Alessar Nervon took control of Imperium during the Mythic Age and became the first emperor of the Nervon Dynasty. Historians call it the Nervon Empire. A drop shaped emerald fastened into a golden necklace was the token of the bond between his family and Paye. He was the first to wear the Dragon Crown.

The Hadron Empire was founded in early First Age. Late in the First Age, the Empire collapsed both morally and militarily. About 400 years later, the Plusinus Empire was founded. And it lasted till mid Second Age. Emperor Felissimus III conquered all of Remulus and started the Third Age as the first emperor of the Manius Dynasty. These formerly independent countries have local figureheads in control with Imperial backing commanded by Emperor appointed Governors. The Imperium language is in common usage across the continent. But the various native languages remain in use.

Arorum is the capital of Imperium and is located at the mouth of Po River, the longest river in the country. Emperor Lucius II [Feudal Rank 8, Status 8] is the head of the Empire with a strong hereditary aristocracy managing the day-to-day operations of Imperium on his behalf. They control the country and the continent from the Red Gold Tower located at the heart of the capital.

A Dux [Feudal Rank 6, Status 6] controls each province. A Comiti [Feudal Rank 5, Status 5] controls every city and its surroundings or a similar area. A Magna [Feudal Rank 4, Status 4] controls each town and its surroundings or a similar area. From among these are the 100 Patricians of the Red Gold Tower chosen.

Hothgar, Wild Wood, and Shire, now under the control of elven extremists, formed the Elven Compact and seceded from the Empire. Thus starting the Fourth Age. Afterward, they made intolerable demands on the Empire and Imperium brought them to war. During the war, Arorum was lost, but the elves could only hold it for a few years. After their devastating loss, the elves could no longer stomach war, and sued for peace. As part of the peace settlement, the Empire magnanimously allowed the Elven Compact to have a military advisor in each provincial capital. The elven Military Advisor in Arorum is Earndil.

Main Exports: olive oil and wine.
Main Imports: furs, grains, metals, slaves, textiles, wine

Imperium has a Control Rating of 4.
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Lore - Imperial Military
Stella is the divine patron of the Imperial Military.

The Governor [Administrative Rank 6, Status 4+] of a colony has full command of all Imperial military forces in his colony.

A Legion is a force of about 5,000 people divided into ten Cohorts. A Legate [Military Rank 6, Status 4+] is the leader of a Legion.
A Tribune [Military Rank 5, Status 4+] is the second in command of a Legion.
A Prior [Military Rank 4, Status 4+] commands a Cohort.
A Centurion [Military Rank 3, Status 2-3] commands a Century of 80 individuals.
An Optio [Military Rank 3, Status 2-3] is the second in command of a Century.
A Vexal [Military Rank 2] commands a Decade.

Custor is the organization within the Imperial military for sorcerers and mentalists.

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Lore - Dune
The tribal nation of Dune is located in the center of Remulus with 786,000 square miles [larger than Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona combined or larger than Mexico] and 1.7 million people. It is bordered by Ming to the northeast, Fellinia to the east, Imperium to the southeast, Wild Wood to the southwest, Swamp Deep to the west, and Torrium and Highland to the northwest. It is mostly a hot desert, but it has some fertile river areas bordering all its neighbors. Elevation increases to the east and especially to the southeast. There are six summits above 5,000 feet, one of them in the north, two more above 7,000 feet, and one more above 9,000 feet. All near the border to Wild Wood and the Southern Peak of the World.

The capital of Dune is Lessat-Ha and it’s located on Haffa River. Elves were the first to colonize and settle in Dune early in the First Age, but few of their settlements have survived to the current era. Humans took over in the middle of the First Age and they built settlements on top of some of the ruined Elven settlements. And elsewhere. At the end of the Second Age, Dune was embroiled in a civil war between the various tribes and was sorted out by Imperium taking control. And then crushing the rebellion that followed. During the Third Age, Dune was at war three times. Mostly with Highland, but also with Torrium and others. The various tribes did not cooperate in these conflicts. The Elven Compact invaded in the Fourth Age and the tribes reconciled to fight them. And with Imperial help, they won the conflict. But Dune didn’t like the peace treaty Imperium signed with the Elven Compact, so they left the Empire. And Emperor Lucius II had to let them go to preserve the treaty. Sultan Abbas VII is now the ruler of Dune.

Dune is Control Rating 2 by law, but its traditions are stricter and it would be considered CR3.

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Lore - Fellinia
Fellinia is located at the east side of Remulus with 831,000 square miles [slightly smaller than Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah combined or slightly smaller than Saudi Arabia] and 2.9 million people. It is bordered by Ming to the north, Imperium to the south, and Dune to the west. It is completely covered by a large jungle and well hydrated by a long narrow bay and a number of river systems. The elevation increases in the west and the highest summit is Sorrrong Mountain at over 6,000 feet on the border to Dune and Ming. Exposing a significant portion of the peak above the tree line. The capital Sudurran is located at the mouth of Garron River.

Fellinia is the home to the humanoid feline Cat-Folk. There are at least house cat, tiger, lion, and leopard variants in coloration and differences in some traits. They are a theocracy led by a Rishi [Religious Rank 7, Status 7] called Ri’ivva. According to the teachings of Brrast, the Lion Mother, the Cat-Folk were divinely created in the early First Age. But there are ancient Elven texts that talk about them in the early Mystic Age, almost three millennia earlier.

The First Age was tribal warfare. The tribes were united into a kingdom during the early Second Age and there were violent reactions to that. Until the Rishi stepped in and brought peace under divine rule in his own hand. They joined the Ming Empire late in the Second Age. For unknown reasons, there are no local records of any kind regarding the last third of the Second Age and the first third of the Third Age, during the time when Imperium took control of the country. Late in the Third Age, Fellinia became independent from Imperium. Only to rejoin the Empire about 700 years ago in the Fourth Age.

The current Imperial Governor is Septimus Titinius Valerian. And the elven Military Advisor is Calanthor.

There are rumors of shapeshifters with the ability to “devolve” into full feline form.

Fellinia has Control Rating 3.
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Lore - Highland
Highland is located at the northern end of Remulus. It stretches from The Occital Ocean in the west almost all the way to The Oriendental Ocean in the east. It is 584,000 square miles [somewhat larger than Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado combined or somewhat smaller than Mongolia] and has 1.8 million people. It is bordered by Northland to the north, Shinobi to the east, Ming to the southeast, Dune and Kantor to the south, and the ocean to the west. It is a majority of grassland with deciduous forests to the west and in the center. A river system irrigates the western half of the country. It has five peaks over 8,000 feet, two more peaks over 9,000 feet, as well as an area of over 20,000 square miles all over 9,000 feet, at the southern end of which is Dragon Breath Mountain, an active volcano at over 10,000 feet that is the highest point in the world.

Highland has fertile soil, cloudy but relatively dry weather, and has attracted just about everyone to colonize or settle at some point in its history. It is believed that ogres were the first to live here in the Mythic Age, but that elves drove them out. After that humans came. And the two mixed. And with time, less and less elven blood remained in their veins. But elves remained in control of Highland.

In the First Age, Northland made forays into Highland too, where the elves were still in control. But in the mid First Age, Highland was squarely in control of its own lands. Not that they were a unified country. They were county sized kingdoms and walled city-states as no clan had what it took to unify the entire country after the elves were gone. But they still invaded and took control of part of Kantor. The ogres now lived in the borderlands between Highland, Shinobi, and Northland. And together, those countries pushed there ogres out into the sea in late First Age. Together with Northland, Kantor, and the Heptites, humans from another continent, they took control of Torrium in late First Age.

Highland controlled themselves during the Second Age, as well as a large portion of Kantor whom they had invaded in early Second Age, but at the end of the Second Age, Emperor Felissimus III had no problem taking control of the fractured Highland and usher in the Third Age. Internal strife continued during the Third Age and the more than 150 small kingdoms were consolidated to about 50 kingdoms. In the Fourth Age, they consolidated further into about 25 kingdoms.

The current Imperial Governor is Primus Tullius Catus and the elven Military Advisor is Loranthoran, both located in Bridgebury.

Highland doesn’t have a uniform Control Rating.
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Lore - Hothgar
Hothghar is located on the south end of Remulus with 1 million square miles [slightly smaller than North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada combined or slightly smaller than Kazakhstan] and 7.6 million people. It is bordered by Imperium to the northeast and Wild Wood to the northwest. It is mostly covered by temperate deciduous forest. The Island of Mists, to the west of the southern end of Hothgar, is covered by swamps. A few rivers crisscrossed the country. It has one peak over 800 feet and two other peaks over 600 feet. All of them close to the intersection between Hothgar, Wild Wood, and Imperium. And in general, the center is higher than the sides and the north is higher than the south. Melandaril is the current High Warlock [Administrative Rank 8, Status 8] of the Elven Compact.

Hothgar is the home to High Elves and may have been where the elves first came to Remulus from their ancient homeland. They were isolationist and didn’t allow outsiders anywhere but their capital Filmanordor, located at the mouth of the Ventave river. Until they were conquered by the Empire and the Third Age began. For millennia they have believed that they were better than the other races, but after that a larger portion of elves have been looking for a change. People who traditionally would have been exiled, in the same way that the ancestors of the Shadow Elves were exiled for demon worshiping in the Mystic Age.

With the exception of a trade war with the Empire, Hothgar was at peace during the early and mid Third Age. But during the late Third Age, a number of extremist movements broke out on Hothgar’s cultural and political stage. Some of these vandalized sculptures and other symbols of the kingdom. Even to the point of murdering members of the royal family.

Late Third Age, radical nationalists had become popular enough that they could take control over Hothgar through violent riot. They slaughtered those that were against them. They formed the Second Elven Compact (generally referred to only as the Elven Compat) with Wild Wood and Shire when their views had become popular enough in those countries. And they seceded from the Empire. Replacing the local government with a Mageocracy. Thus starting the Fourth Age.

They later made demands on the Empire. Demands that had to be complied with or there would be war. The Empire did not do as the Elven Compact wanted and war was a reality. And the Elven Compact did so well that they even captured Arorum, the Imperial capital! They were only able to hold it for a few years, but the effort of retaking it was too much for the Empire and they sued for peace. To make sure that the terms of the peace treaty were lived up to, the Elven Compact sent military advisors to every Imperial Province on Remulus.

Hothgar has Control Rating 3.

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Lore - Kantor
Kantor is located on the west coast of the north part of Remulus with 511,000 square miles [slightly larger than California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona combined or slightly larger than Peru] and 2.1 million people. It is bordered by Highland to the north and east. Dune to the southeast. Torrium to the south. And the ocean to the west. Generally speaking, there is grassland to the east and temperate deciduous forests to the west. Some rivers flow through it. There are 19 summits over 1,000 feet and an additional two summits above 2,000 feet. Almost all of them near the border to Highland with the remaining ones near the border to Dune. There are also a number of smaller islands in the ocean west of Kantor.

Humans settled in Kantor in the Mystic Age. In early First Age, it was four kingdoms. The Heptites, a group of humans from another continent, founded the first Heptinity monastery in Remulus on the shores of Kantor. Warriors with the tradition of getting tattoos as a sign of combat prowess were in control. There was a series of civil wars. A group from Highland gained control of a portion of Kantor and kept control for a century or so. In mid First Age, they were invaded by Northland who controlled half of it and the other half united against them. The Northlanders remained in control for about a millennia. In late First Age, Kantor, Northland, the Heptites, and Highland invaded Torrium. By the end of the First Age, the Empire had retaken control of Torrium.

Northland was in control of a portion for a century or so in early Second Age. While Highland returned and took a more permanent control of another portion for a majority of the Second Age. And by mid Second Age they were in control of all of it. By late Second Age, Kantor was united and in their own control, but they were in need of good relations with Highland. At the end of the Second Age, Emperor Felissimus III conquered all of Remulus.

During the Third Age, there were a number of civil wars, with involvement from Highland and Torrium, as they battled over the right to be King of the province under the Imperium Emperor. During the Fourth Age, Heptinity grew stronger but remained a minority faith, and government became more localized, while remaining a feudal province the King was weak. Though the current King Gale VI [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7] had gathered provincial strength around him as he ruled from the capital of Sandburgh.

Cassius Octavius Pollio is the current Imperial Governor and the current elven Military Advisor is Gresandoral.

Kantor has Control Rating 3.
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Lore - The Witches of Adar
The Witches of Adar is an order of female magic users. They are headquartered in Oakleigh, Kantor.

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Lore - The Silver Wolves
The Silver Wolves is a band of mercenaries.

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Lore - Ming
Ming is located on the east coast of the north part of Remulus with 716,000 square miles [slightly smaller than California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona combined or slightly smaller than Sudan] and 3.7 million people. It is bordered by Shinobi to the north, Fellinia to the southeast, Dune to the southwest, and Highland to the northwest. It is grassland to the west and temperate deciduous forests on the coast as well as a stretch going northwest from Hong Bay to the intersection of Ming, Highland, and Shinobi borders. With a couple of temperate rainforests to the north, another near Hong Bay, and an extension of the Fellinian jungle to the south. There are a number of rivers. Elevation increases as we go west. It has two summits over 6,000 feet, another over 8,000 feet, and two over 9,000 feet. All of them located in the same 200 mile stretch of border to Highland, the eastern end of which is about 50 miles from Dragon Breath Mountain.

The Ming Empire was unified mid First Age, collapsed late First Age, and was reformed in early Second Age. By late Second Age, both Fellinia and Shinobi were part of that Empire. But they were conquered by Imperium and joined that empire instead with the coming of the Third Age. And the leader of Ming could from then on only call himself King and no longer use the title Emperor. Their current leader is King Tianzu [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7]. Much of their traditional culture, literature, and philosophy were first developed during the difficult times before the Ming Empire was reformed.

Their current capital is Zhaoding and it is about 300 miles from the old capital. It takes about 19-24 days to walk cross country to get there. Not that people do that. Zhaoding is located at the mouth of the Red River.

Private slavery was forbidden during the Third Age. The Liu Dynasty took control in the early Fourth Age and the first Liu king, who had started his life as a peasant, ended the landholding aristocracy and divided smaller parcels of land to the farmers themselves. Later in the dynasty, a renewed focus on trade sent Ming traders all over Remulus.

The current Imperial Governor is Secundus Rufius Bellator. And the elven Military Advisor is Hyrdalion.

Ming has Control Rating 4.
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Lore - Northland
Northland is located on the northern edge of Remulus, stretching the entire width of the continent, with 1.6 million square miles [somewhat larger than half the contiguous United States or about half the size of Brasil] and 6.7 million people. They are bordered by the island dominion of Dornhelm to the southeast and Shinobi, Highland, and Kantor to the south. There are large swathes of taiga, temperate deciduous forests, and grassland. As well as areas of coniferous forest. Elevation increases to the south with five summits over 2,000 feet and one additional summit over 3,000 feet. One of them on the border to Shinobi and the rest on the border to Highland. The capital is Logar.

Elves were the first to settle Northland in the Mystic Age. Humans arrived late in the Age. There was a civil war and the elves pushed the humans out. But the humans returned with greater numbers and ended the conflict in early First Age. King Eric the Victorious laid claim on all of Northland and Shinobi as well as parts of Highland. In mid First Age, they took control of about half of Kantor. At the end of House Munso, there was a war of succession and Northland lost control of their external holdings. With this internal strife, Imperium took a chance and took control of Northland. King Stenkil liberated Northland from Imperium control in late First Age and it was one of the reasons behind the Empire’s collapse. King Stenkil returned Northland to the Old Ways.

Northland remained sovereign for 400 years, well into the Second Age, ending five dynasties over that span, before Imperium took control again and appointed Kristoffer as king. As the Plusinus Empire collapsed in mid Second Age, a series of civil wars divided Northland into a western kingdom under King Erik and an eastern kingdom under King Sverker. And it wasn’t reunited until Emperor Felissimus III conquered all of Remulus and entered the Third Age. Imperium remained in control for the Age.

The southern elves left the Empire and formed the Elven Compact, thus entering the Fourth Age. And this led to an inconclusive southern war, the consequences of which even affected the north. So much so that both Gustav and Karl proclaimed themselves King of Northland, Gustav supporting the Old Way and Karl the Empire. And this led to a civil war that has lasted for centuries. Currently, Queen Kristina [Feudal Rank 7, Status 7] supports the Old Way and Queen Ulrika [Feudal Rank 7, Status 7] supports the Empire.

The current Imperial Governor is Marcus Fabius Gallicus and the elven Military Advisor is Serenthoral.

Northland has Control Rating 3.
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Lore - Shinobi
Shinobi is located on the east coast of the northern end of Remulus with 262,000 square miles [slightly smaller than Texas or slightly larger than Myanmar] and 1.2 million people. They are bordered by Northland to the north, the island dominion of Dornhelm to the east, Ming to the south, and Highland to the west. About half is grassland and half is temperate deciduous forest. Elevation increases as we go west. With three summits over 4,000 feet and two additional summits over 5,000 feet. All of them along the border to Highland. It has a couple river systems.

During the Mystic Age, the Shiruba Elves, commonly known as Dark Elves, were cast out for “demon worshiping” by the High Elves and they moved voluntarily to avoid being murdered. Just because they worshiped a different pantheon than the rest of the elves did. They eventually came to Shinobi were the Deep Elves lived.

The First Age was scattered by war. First, a civil war between factions of the Deep Elves and the Dark Elves that allowed Northland to take control, but united they were able to liberate themselves and that led to the formation of the twelve Great Houses and a Shinobi led by the Great Council [Administrative Rank 6, Status 6], with representatives from each of the Great Houses, to lead the country. Each province was lead by a Warlord [Feudal Rank 6, Status 6] under their command.

To end the repeated warfare between the various Great Houses, the Great Council decided to create a clan of spies, assassins, infiltrators, and guerillas who could work behind the scenes to prevent war. The clan was named Shiira. It was not a complete success and the country fell into civil war again. This time leading to the utter destruction of the Deep Elves.

During almost all of the Second Age, they were controlled by the Ming Empire, who installed a figurehead Queen [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7] to replace the Great Council. And replaced the Warlords with Administrators [Administrative Rank 6, Status 6]. Until Imperium beat them and controlled the entire continent. And in the Third Age, Imperium reinstated the Great Council, but now only with six members as only the six Great Houses of the Shadow Elves remained. But they also continued to use a monarch to lead the country on their behalf. A slave revolt led to open war and the death of both the monarch and the Imperial Governor.

The new monarch was nothing but a figurehead, for both the Empire and the Great Council. Their role was almost exclusively ceremonial. Though they did appoint the High Councilor [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7] of the Great Council.

During the Fourth Age, the High Councilor replaced the Administrators with Warlords as a reaction to southern Elven rhetoric. But the merchants, that had been the lowest class in Shinobi before the Empire, retained their higher position because of their wealth and the new mercantile economy the Empire brought with them.

King Kenzoo [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7] is the current monarch. The current Imperial Governor is Titus Caepasius Laurentius. And the elven Military Advisor is Lithorian. All of them can be found in the capital of Kyomu which is located on the coast where Asakyora River enters the Miyä ha Meku Bay (Sun and Moon Bay). And so far, the Ming inspired names have remained since the Second Age.

Main Exports: ebonium and gold.
Main Imports:

Shinobi has Control Rating 3.
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Lore - Shire
Shire is located on the west coast of the southern part of Remulus with 215,000 square miles [smaller than Texas or larger France (the European portion)] and 398,000 people. It is bordered by Wild Wood on all sides except the ocean side. It is all grasslands. It has four summits over 2,000 feet and one additional summit over 4,000 feet. It has a number of rivers. Shemlierius is the capital and it’s located at the mouth of the Donothalas River.

Shire is home to the Halflings, a race of short elves. Like other elves, they speak Elvish and have an elven culture. And they have been controlled by outside forces for most of their existence. Wild Wood took control in mid First Age. Followed by Imperium in late First Age. When the Hadron Empire fell apart, Shire was on its own for a couple of centuries until Imperium regained control. Which lasted until the mid Second Age. Hothgar consolidated the three elven countries into the Elven Compact not long thereafter. And Imperium retook control and started the Third Age.

Radical nationalists took control of Hothgar in late Third Age and it spread to Shire and Wild Wood. They seceded from the Empire and formed the (second) Elven Compact as a Mageocracy and started the Fourth Age. There was a war between the two empires with an inconclusive result, though the outcome favored the elves.

Shire has Control Rating 3.
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Lore - Swamp Deep
Swamp Deep is located on the west coast of Remulus with 503,000 square miles [slightly larger than California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona combined or slightly larger than Peru] and 625,000 people. It is bordered by Kantor to the north, Torrium and Dune to the east, and Wild Wood to the southeast. It is completely covered by swamps. Elevation generally increases to the east. Half of it is less than 100 feet, most of it less than 400 feet, and a single summit is over 500 feet. The capital is Mitparatha, located about 100 miles from the mouth of Halerviivgit River.

Swamp Deep is home to the Dragonkin. They are led by King Dar-Zish III [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7] and his Royal Court. The Shadow Daggers are an order of trained Royal Assassins that protect the King and carry out his orders. Shamans play a vital role in the people’s spiritual life.

Very little was known about Swamp Deep until they joined the Empire at the end of the First Age. A devastating pandemic swept across Swap Deep during the Second Age. In early Third Age, they rose up as one to exact revenge on those that had used Dragonkin slaves. Most of their agriculture is grown by subsistence farmers, but more of it is being exported now. Mostly to Dune and Kantor. They are still quite isolationist and little is known about their culture.

The current Imperial Governor is Publius Dillius Trebellius. And the elven Military Advisor is Nedenthril.

Swamp Deep is Control Rating 4.
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Lore - Torrium
Torrium is located on the western side of Remulus with 264,000 square miles [slightly smaller than Texas or slightly larger than Myanmar] and 1.1M people. It is bordered by Kantor to the north and east, Dune to the east and south, Swamp Deep to the west and south, and the ocean to the west. It is almost completely covered by grassland, but it has some temperate deciduous forests in the south and west. There are some rivers. It has seven summits over 700 feet and two additional summits over 1,000 feet. All of them near the borders to Dune and Kantor. There are also a number of islands in the ocean west of Torrium.

Humans started settling in the Mystic Age. Towards the end of the Mystic Age, they could be divided into six groups of people with their own language and culture. Imperium conquered them all in mid First Age. It was at first divided into three regions, but later became as many as six as some parts became more like Imperium faster than others. These were not the same six regions that existed before the Empire arrived. The Imperium roads, language, and laws bound them together. Some local leaders became part of the Imperium aristocracy. Torrium served as a granary for Imperium.

Northland, Highland, Kantor, and a group of humans from another continent, Heptites, invaded Torrium in late First Age, and wrestled the province away from the Empire. The Heptites introduced their own, and much different, religious beliefs in the Heptinity. But at the end of the First Age, Imperium took back control and Torrium remained divided into four regions under the Plusinus Empire, at first. But became a unified kingdom before the Empire crumbled. And Heptinity remained through it all. When the Empire was no more, the Heptinity clergy became responsible for higher education. Torrium also remained a unified kingdom, even though blood family feuds, assassinations, and civil war were commonplace.

Until Emperor Felissimus III invaded in late Second Age, took control over all of Remulus, and ushered in the Third Age. Heptinians could continue to worship, but had to pay a tax and they had inferior legal and social rights. And within 50 years, most had converted. There were some civil wars, but Corox also became one of the greatest centers of learning in Remulus.

Heptinity worship continued in some areas and in the second half of the Third Age, it started growing again. In late Third Age it flourished. And when the Fourth Age started, Heptinity worship was the rule rather than the exception. Even though Torrium remained a province of the Manius Empire. Corox remained a great center of learning.

Corox is the capital of Torrium. They are led by King Sánchez Ramírez [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7]. The Imperial Governor is Quintus Pomponius Valentinian. And the elven Military Advisor is Theodmon.

Torrium is Control Rating 3.

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Lore - Wild Wood
Wild Wood is located on the west coast of the southern end of the Remulus with 1.2 million square miles [slightly larger than California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana combined or slightly smaller than South Africa] and 8.4 million people. It is bordered by Swamp Deep to the northwest, Dune to the northeast, Imperium to the east, Hothgar to the south, and Shire to the west. There are a number of rivers. Elevation increases towards the center with almost 70 summits over 5,000 feet with four of them over 9,000 feet.

Wild Wood is the home of the Wild Elves. The Speaker of the Stars Galadron [Administrative Rank 7, Status 7] leads his people, to the extent he can do so given the Elven Compact, from the capital of Thasasin. There are only a few Imperial roads in Wild Wood and they see little to no traffic.

Wild Wood was unified early in the First Age. In mid First Age, they controlled Shire too, and in late First Age, Imperium took control of both of them. It was at this time Imperial roads were built, but the Wild Elves don’t need them to move about the forest, so they have not maintained them. The Hadron Empire fell in mid Second Age. Wild Wood joined the First Elven Compact. At the end of the Second Age, Imperium brought them back to the fold and kept control for all of Third Age. Wild Wood joined the Elven Compact after radical nationalists first had taken control over Hothgar and then spread to both Wild Wood and Shire and ushered in the Fourth Age. Early Fourth Age, the Empire and the Elven Compact went to war. And though no one really got what they wanted, the elves got more than the humans did.

Main Exports: gold, jewelry, bows, arrows, knives, spears, axes.
Main Imports: iron, steel, jewelry

Wild Wood is Control Rating 3.

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Lore - Arorum
Arorum is the capital of Imperium. A city with a population of over 1 million people.

The Praefectus [Administrative Rank 6, Status 4+] runs the city. He has experience both as a Patrician and as a Governor. And is appointed by the Emperor himself.

Curatores [Administrative Rank 5, Status 4+] are superintendents and commissioners in charge of specific areas of the city, such as: Consumer Protection Agency, Police Force, Public Works, Grain Supply, Sewers, and Water Supply.

Streets: The cleanest and best maintained city streets in the world. All of them are paved with rock bricks that are constantly maintained, at least in the better areas. They are generally narrower than in other cities and some streets are in shadow for most of the day because of it. Staircases cover the steeper elevations. Wheeled traffic is forbidden during the day. So most people walk, unless they are rich enough to be carried.

Shops: Most ground floors of lower-class buildings are occupied by shops. Because of the size of the city, shops are located where they are needed and most citizens buy what they need close to where they live. Most shops consisted of a counter facing the street with the shopkeeper on one side and the customer standing on the street on the other. Shops catering to the rich are much larger and customers enter to admire the inventory while attended by slave clerks. Most shops make the products they sell.

The Palace: The palace is an immense, multilevel structure. Many Emperors added to it. The Emperor, his relatives, and his favorites live there. Several important public officials are among the thousands of people who have their offices there.

The Gladiatorial Arena: The Gladiatorial Arena can hold 100,000 spectators and has an average attendance of over 85,000.

The Race Track: The Race Track can hold 200,000 spectators and has an average attendance of over 160,000.

Bath Houses: Bath Houses are a combination of shopping mall, health spa, and country club. There are several across the city. The pools are cold, warm, or hot. There is also a steam room. Larger baths include shops, libraries, and auditoriums. Most have a garden. Slaves clean the guests. They are male-female segregated.

Temples: There are several temples in the city. The High Temple has the largest dome in the world.

Apartment Buildings: Apartment buildings are built around a central open court with balconies facing inward. The quality varies with the cost of living in the building. The better apartments are closer to the ground.

Mansions: The wealthy live in mansions staffed by slaves and attendants.

Watchmen: The Watchmen are the police and firefighters of Arorum. There are 10,500 of them. 1500 stationed in each of seven districts. Each district has a station and two substations. They walk the streets of the city day and night. There are fewer of them at night and they generally stay in the wealthier areas.

Garrison: A legion is garrisoned in the city under the direct control of the Praefectus. They are a military force and not used for police business, other than in emergencies such as large-scale riots.

The Praetorian Guard: The Praetorian Guard is the Emperor's bodyguards. There are two legions of them. Only the best of the Imperial Army have the privilege of serving in the Guard. They receive the best training and equipment available. The two Legates report to a Praetorian Prefect who reports directly to the Emperor. Two cohorts are stationed in the palace. 10 Praetorians can often be seen marching together through the city.

The Fortress: Both the garrison and the Praetorian Guard are stationed here.

Crime: Pickpockets, cutpurses, and burglars are common. Most windows on the first two floors are crossed with metal bars.

Work: The lowest classes start working at dawn while the upper classes frown on physical labor and trade. The unemployed visit their rich patrons for some coin or food. Later in the morning, the rich visit their patrons. Slaves do whatever their masters command. Children go to school. Everything closes down at midday for about two hours. People then go back to work until 4 pm when the sun starts to set. Though the affluent stop at 1 pm.

Free Time: Many, even slaves, have a lot of free time. Some slaves spend some of their free time earning money that they save towards buying their freedom.

Darkness: Arorum is generally not illuminated at night. But there may be exceptions in wealthier areas. Instead, major roads are filled by the transportation of wares that are needed in the city. People usually stayed at home after dark.

Dinner parties: The rich have up to 27 guests at dinner, each laying on a couch attended by a slave. They are served three-course meals. Afterward, the diners take a short bath and return to the dining room for the entertainment. Generally dancers or a theater company. It is over before 8 pm. On their way home, each guest usually has a slave with a lamp go before them to light things up.

Theater: Though none of the theaters in the city are as large the arenas, there are many more of them, and many more went to the theater then went to see professional sports.

Gambling: Dice games are everywhere among the lower classes. Even in the middle of the street. Next came betting on all sorts of results at the race track, which all classes did. As well as other ways.
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Lore - Moons
Two moons circle the world of Remulus.

Eronelle: Eronelle is white/gray, about the size of our moon, and has an orbital period of 28 days.

Hanna: Hanna is dark green in color, larger than Eronelle, and has an orbital period of 36 days.

When they are full and new they overlap, but otherwise, their orbits are not the same. They are full at the same time every 252 days and you can see Hanna on all sides of Eronelle when that happens. And every other time, a black hole eats up their centers. Only to regurgitate them as the two moons separate.

This overlapping of full moons is called a conjunction. And if the black hole has eaten the center, it is called a Holy Conjunction.

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Lore - Imperial Law Enforcement
An Imperial Marshal, or Marshal for short, has Police Rank 5 and Status 4+.

A Marshal is Imperial Law wherever they are. They may not have as many people under their direct command as a Centurion has, but they can go anywhere and do anything, other than breaking the law. But as they are the hands of the Emperor in enforcing the law, it may be difficult to do anything about it if you are on the wrong side of them breaking the law.

They are only supposed to use their authority in the hinterlands where no other Imperial police force is organized, but they could take over any police investigation if they wanted to.

A Judge would still have to establish guilt and sentence a perpetrator caught by a Marshal. But if you're dead, who could you tell?

There are as many rumors and stories about Marshals as there are about Aes Sedai in the first Wheel of Time novel. And who knows what's right and what's wrong?