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Character Thread.

Posted by The Shinning OneFor group 0
The Shinning One
GM, 1 post
Sun 16 Jan 2022
at 08:56
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Character Thread

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Epineh Alena Grimmory Ashmore
player, 1 post
Sun 16 Jan 2022
at 09:12
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Character Thread

Name: Epineh Alena Grimmory Ashmore  Lineage: Protector Aasimar  Class: Sorcerer   Subclass: Clockwork Soul   Level: 6   EXP: 6,500   Height: 5’6   Weight: 118 lbs   Hair: White   Eyes: Pale Blue  Age: 16

Ability Scores
Str - 8 (-1), Dex - 10 (-), Con - 14 (+2), Int - 12 (+1), Wis - 14 (+2), Cha - 20 (+5)

Saving Throws
Str - 0, Dex - +1, Con - +5, Int - +2, Wis - +3, Cha - +8

Alignment: Lawful  Good
Background: Noble

Combat Abilities
Armour Class: 11, Hit Points: 38, Proficiency Bonus: +3, Initiative: +0, Speed: 30’, Spell Save DC: 17

Arcana +4, History +4, Insight +5, Persuasion +8

Weapons: Dagger, Dart, Sling, Quarterstaff, Light Crossbow
Armour: None
Other: Cards

Lineage Abilities
-Languages: Celestial, Common & Draconic
-Dark Vision 60
-Resistance to Necrotic & Radiant Damage
-Can touch a creature and heal 5 hp once per long rest
-Know the light cantrip
-Can use an action to create glowing wings and make eyes glow as well. Lasts for one minute. Fly speed of 30’ and deal extra radiant damage equal to level with attacks or spells. Recharges on long rest

Class Abilities
-Sorcery Points: 5
-Metamagic Options: Empowered Spell, Twin Spell
-Can convert sorcery points to spell slots 1st - 2, 2nd - 3, 3rd - 5. Can convert spellslots to sorcery points equal to the slot’s level
-Can spend one sorcery point to reroll a failed ability check
-When a creature I can see within 60’ has advantage or disadvantage I can cancel it. Usable equal to proficiency bonus. Resets on a long rest.
-Can spend between 1-5 sorcerer points to create a ward. This gives the same number of d8s to reduce damage taken.

Spell Slots: 4/3/3
Spell Attack Bonus: +9
Cantrips: Firebolt, Frostbite, Light, Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation
1st: Alarm, Disguise Self, Mage Armour, Magic Missile, Protection from Good/Evil
2nd: Aid, Invisibility, Lesser Restoration, Shatter
3rd: Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Protection from Energy

Dagger w/ruby of the war mage, cloak of protection, bloodwell vial +1
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