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Draconic Advancement
You begin play as a newly hatched CR 1 Wrymling.  Starting stats and abilities will be dependent on your specific species. As your dragon advances you will gain new powers and abilities, customized to your preference.

However, dragons do not advance in power as would a normal PC.  Instead dragons automatically gain power as they age.  This is not a swift process, as powerful dragons may take thousands of years to reach such might.  This growth can be expedited by gathering a large amount of treasure- the so called Dragon's Hoard.  After a dragon gathers a "sufficient" amount (no amount of treasure is truly sufficient to a dragon), it can resonate with it's hoard, and enter a state of torpor which can last weeks, months, years, or decades.  When this endeavor is completed, the dragon increases in might, granting a single increase in CR.

Every CR up grants the following:
- Increased HD
- +1 Ability Point, to spend as desired
- +1 Ability Point automatically assigned
- Increased Breath Weapon Damage
- Two Advancements of your choice of the available options

Available Advancements will change depending on draconic species, age, and the choices and achievements in its life.  Here are some of the possible choices you may see at some CRs:
- New Spell (1/day using Charisma as spell stat)
- Improving Attacks (increasing damage die, learning new attacks, modifying attacks)
- Enhanced Senses (anything from darkvision to truesight)
- New Skills (proficiency or expertise in skills)
- New Languages (learn multiple new languages)
- Lair Action (based on species type and the lair occupied)
- Legendary Action (act on enemies' turn)
- Draconic Heritage (ability to grant boons and blessings to followers)
- Legendary Resistance (auto success on saves)
- Special Abilities (unique actions and abilities)
- Defensive Increase (AC bump or resistances)
- Saving Throws (new proficiency or other bonuses)

Dragon Age Bracket / CR equivalency
-Young Dragon at CR 5+
-Adult Dragon at CR 11+
-Ancient Dragon at CR 18+
-Great Wyrm at CR 24+

Upon reaching a new Age Bracket, your dragon will gain a size increase and a small attribute boost, with the possibility of gaining new abilities

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Tue 25 Jan 2022
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Draconic Advancement
First CR up!  Wooo!

Vydirexi gains:
+2d8 HD
+1 Strength, +1 Free Ability Point
+1d6 Breath Weapon Damage

Choose 2 of the Following:
- Bonfire cantrip (Vydirexi has been using her breath to make bonfires, now weaponize it for battle!)
- Bite does +1d6 fire damage (Vydirexi learns to add a little flame when biting)
- +1 AC (Vydirexi's scales have hardened from birth)
- Survival Proficiency (Vydirexi had to learn how to hunt and survive on her own, even as an underpowered hatchling!)
- Perception Expertise (All dragon's have amazing senses, Vydirexi is now adjusting to hers)
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Tue 25 Jan 2022
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Draconic Advancement
Woot woot woot!

+1 Constitution

Bonfire Cantrip

Survival Proficiency