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Fri 28 Jan 2022
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The World
In Merryland, there are 5 Lands.

The Medieval Land (TL3)
The Pirate Land (TL4)
The Dinosaur Land (TL1)
The Horror Land (TL5)
The Space Land (TL9)

Each one having it's own set of rules, inhabitants from other lands are usually not welcome.

The lands between the lands are called Boarders (TL8), they usually have food courts or small shops, they are the main roads between the lands and are usually habitat for outcasts and  other malicious beings.

And above all there is The Castle, the giant building which can be seen from all lands. It's entrances are locked by mysterious forces. It has a mind of it's own and a penetrating voice, constantly give his wisdom to those who seek it. It doesn't have any power beyond the reach of his gates, however all lands recognize it's knowledge and take his advises. One thing is sure, it has powers none can understand.

Merryland is located in a island surrounded by foul water. It's actual location ain't something important for the plot so I don't think there is need to get in too much detail on that.

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