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Fri 28 Jan 2022
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Character Creation
This is intended as a comical game. There is no need to hold back on silliness if you want. Cinematic skills are also okay.

All characters must have: Meta-Trait: Body of Stone, but with DR 2 instead [125]; Supernatural Durability [150]

The setting TL is 8, as it takes place in contemporaneous times. Remember to reflect that in your character.

The points for PCs is 425 (150 if you already discount the mandatory traits), the limit for disadvantages is [-100].

All the characters are unaware of the fact that they belong in an amusement park, however they are aware of their bodies made of stone. All inhabitants are absorbed in their own identities from their lands, they don't have interest in going beyond their own land unless there is a good reason to do so (the quest for example).

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