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Thu 3 Feb 2022
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Ground Rules, House Rules, and Character Creation
Ground Rules
-All currently existing official D&D 5e content is open game to be used by players or DM.
-Respect is required between players. In character conflict is ok within reason, but please respect your fellow players and DM.
-Please don't try to cheat or power game, and please have fun.
-DM will be using the rules as written, this means that skill rolls, saves, and ability checks do not crit success or crit fail. Crits in combat for attack rolls will function as normal. (If enough players request it; in addition to the standard crit results I will use a critical hit and miss generator to determine what additional effect result from a crit on an attack or spell.)

-Homebrew content may be introduced by the DM or at the DM's discretion, requests may be made in private chat and will be considered if not mechanically unbalanced. (Although this is limited to things like custom feats, equipment, and magical items. Not character creation or classes although a custom background may be considered if you have something unique in mind.)

Character Creation and Gameplay
-Character Creation and management will be handled on D&D Beyond. I will send a link to the campaign when a player joins and you will be able to create a character using any content unlocked on the website (most of it). I will link to the campaign though my DM account so you can use the stuff I have unlocked, I don't expect you to have to pay for it.
-Stats will use the Standard Array option.
-Characters will start at level 1.
-All dice rolls will be handled within the main game thread unless a character is rolling for a private/secret event or action which may be handled either via private message or via a unique thread if required.

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