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03:55, 22nd April 2024 (GMT+0)

Issue 2 End of Session.

Posted by Master of CeremoniesFor group 0
Master of Ceremonies
GM, 116 posts
just here to uh run masks
and destroy civilization
Tue 30 May 2023
at 11:09
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Issue 2 End of Session

Delinquent, 42 posts
under no circumstances
are you to trust this rat
Fri 2 Jun 2023
at 03:41
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Issue 2 End of Session

Star: Hunter standing up for Piper

Wishes: Chances for more mischief : D

Piper grows closer to both Hunter and Sage. Piper gains 2 potential.

Piper’s mentor will be the Jabberwocky
Ironforged Hunter Graves
Soldier, 69 posts
A force for good
Missing his mecha
Thu 8 Jun 2023
at 05:41
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Issue 2 End of Session

My star is Trouble and Imp fighting those older kids.

My wish is for more Noah, I like that frog man.

Hunter is going to grow closer to Piper, gaining a potential and earning an advancement! Hunter is also growing into his own image, shifting superior down and freak up.

Hunter will be mentored by Professor Positron.

(Also, that advancement will be used to take another move from the Soldier playbook, More Than A Shield. I'll add it to the move list.)
Joined, 76 posts
Hestia (Trouble)
Hero Name: Fiend
Mon 12 Jun 2023
at 00:17
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Issue 2 End of Session

Star: Piper introduction, perf I love Piper, little scrunkly rat fella

Wish: I WANNA CATCH A GHOST (ik it's prolly not a ghost but knowing Daveeed? something DEF going on and I am suspicious)

Trouble mentor: Professor Positron (tech savvy UwU)

EoS: Move closer ... to Imp obviously- (marking dat potential babeeey. i believe when move closer and they have influence get to shift mi lables? so feel free bestie)
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Sage Finch
Innocent, 86 posts
Young Sage=Wildfire
Elder Sage=Hellstorm
Sat 17 Jun 2023
at 07:34
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Issue 2 End of Session

Star: Piper and Sage bathroom talk was fun

Wishes: I want to have more talking time (And I will make it!)

Sage grows closer to Piper due to bathroom talk and clears guilty.

Sage’s mentor will be the Blood Opal
Transformed, 59 posts
Fri 30 Jun 2023
at 05:04
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Issue 2 End of Session

Star: I am living for Hestia’s lil meet cute/ angsty back and forth with Robbie. Actually foaming at the mouth to see more

Wishes: I wanna see us have some more opportunities for some good ole school type mischief!! Let us be stupid, David. Pls

Imp obviously grows closer to the team through Hestia- also, uhhhh text me on discord, cuz I wanna move freak up and mundane down (if possible)

This is gonna be a bit controversial, BUT…. Imp is going for the Antediluvian for her mentor
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