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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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(continues from the OOC background):

How the river shifted course and the orcs filed off in a huff and puff without letting the rustle of the trees hit them in the ass on the way through the wood. The boundaries delimiting the Aruun Forest leaves a scent in the air that could be anything from humus to peat and there is a savannah-like climate surrounding the forest where sits some of the villages of the Earth Mother, frosty grasses cracking with steps, each accompanying a beautiful view of the Sea that sits like the Aegean upon a crux of national interests. The sword grass scattered throughout the plains was sown by some of the ancienty drow when orc experiments with greek fire forced a diaspora upon the exiled and tear0driven trailblazers. Your reasons for being in Baden's Bluff are your own, but you heard that there was a demon who destroyed a lakeside city which the gnomes were so busy barging to, but getting so big, the demon set a pack of blink dogs to hunt down those who had bottled the essence of the power nexuses.  The city's magical defenses crumbled, and soon after, the buildings themselves.
Lady Maevre
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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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"Well what a mess" Maevre observed. She had just flown up on her butterfly wings to see 'what was happening' and 'what was happening was not great'.

"So much for 'come for a dance at our ball'." they'd been invited to see Lord and Lady Hassingtail who had a nice lakeside mansion... now burning and smoking "What do you think? Should we 'get the hell out of here', or go investigate? Maybe get to the Hassingtails and see if they need help: they were pleasant enough company when we met them at the last town..."

OOC Spot 22

Just a totally invented reason: we meet the Hassingtails at the previous town, they invited us, and here we are!

Lady Chessintra
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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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Lady Chessintra waited for Lady Maevre to return from her flight of observation and when she did she was shocked at what she heard.  I've brought a new gown for the ball.  This will not do. she said as she was obviously upset at the thought of not getting to wear her gown.

"So what should we do now. she said as a loud thought.

"We should investigate and see what is going on or why this happened. she replied to her companion.  "I'm not able to fly like some people but I can try to move silently through the woods and use them to help camouflage myself.
Lady Maevre
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Tue 15 Feb 2022
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"Me too" Maevre gave a laugh "ah well these little vicissitudes are sent to try us."

"I'm strong enough to fly with you in an emergency"
Maevre said "Not for long distances obviously! But if we are ambushed and feel we need to flee that is an option. Thinking on what you are saying: the advantage of the woods is that we are less likely to be seen. The advantage of flying is that we are more likely to see things. Given the rumours I've been hearing, I do like your plan"

Mavre picked up the back pack she'd left behind while flying and folded away her wings. "Shall we go dear?" While Maevre wasn't using any magics to help her be concealed, she did seem reasonably familiar with the arts of moving unseen as she headed in the direction
Lady Chessintra had suggested

Spot 22
Hide 24
Move silently 19

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Wed 16 Feb 2022
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The festivities die down and its pause rushes into you like so much claw that Lady Maevre has, and it's not out of the question that one of the good dancers had seen a bird with similar claws when he was in his augury days. The clinking of glasses coincide with a rumble distant enough to be mistaken for the party and the passage of apertifs thinks there is an immortality to itself that the elves at the party chosen to live in tonight. Your scores, Lady Maevre, are sufficient to be able to know exactly what type of being it is. It's beyond question; the construct</> is something that always makes the same sound, only this time the steam that keeps his body in one piece spread out in complementary bursts over your fey ears. The woods are where the elven ball were going to take place, but the monster interrupted all the canvas being folded and Zeus slipped on his invisibility, which is always at the tip of his aegis. Hassingtails is no more than a spray of dust against your shoes and the mud of the thoroughfare made you more prone to believe the rumors about the <b>demon, hence the investigation of the woods adjacent. A blink dog locks eyes with you and like an astirax (a magic-hunting dog), you see fire in its eyes and its nostrils. Your assumption is that it is going to hurt you, that it somehow instigated the disruption of the ball and while its clean-up crew is usually dogs to eat all the crumbs, there's a vague feeling like the Globe Theater. The din gets louder and your initial successes allow you to duck behind a cask of wine as the trees continue crashing and pandemonium, no longer resting in Hassington, has spread to the forest. Hopefully there will be no fire.
Lady Maevre
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Sun 20 Feb 2022
at 16:16
It was all chaotic and confusing. Maevre had never experienced anything like it. From nowhere, as though they had teleported in, suddenly they were in a mad panicking crowd with Gods bellowing, demons fighting, crazyness. How had it happened? She had no idea. Perhaps the gods had moved them here... Perhaps they had been teleported? The Gods move in mysterious ways

It didn't really matter though. One moment they had been casually exploring and now they were fighting for their lives, perhaps even the lives of the people with them. Spending time trying to understand anything wasn't going to help

"You get the blink dog" she had no idea why the blink dog was attacking them, or why it mattered, or where it had come from... then again being blink dog that was kind of the point "I'll go for the demon"

There was a flickering blur, a shadow closed, a shadow open and the daughter of the Queen and Air and Darkness used the powers granted her by her heritage to appear in the air just above and behind the demon

Drawing her two handing weapon of doomy death she set about about unleashing some of that death upon the mysterious demon. Knowing they were hard to hit she looked for the essence of it, a way to strike the being of the demon itself,

  • Round 1. ShadowJaunt (standard action) to teleport, move action to draw weapon
  • Round 2: Emerald Razor (standard action)  9 + 7 => 16 (touch attack vs demon)  for 5 + strx1.5 + 1 = 12 damage
  • Round 3: Shadowblade (standard action) Two attacks. 10 and 15.. I doubt if either hit. If one hits I do damage, if 2 I do little extra damage. One hits => 12 damage as before
  • Round 4: Saphire nightmare. Conc attack is laughable at 2 + 8 => 10. i.e. fail, so the second attack of 20 might hit anyway for a might 9 damage.

If AC is >20   no damage
If AC is 17+   9 damage
If AC is 16    21 damage
If AC is 15    33 damage

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Lady Chessintra
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Mon 21 Feb 2022
at 02:06
Lady Chessintra was also surprised of the situation that befallen upon herself and Lady  Maevre.  Even though she was a Chaotic being herself, this was a bit beyond her normal limits of Chaos.  As she peered from behind the wine case at the Blink Dog she had an ability to do a lot of damage but she only hoped that the beast wasn't more powerful than she expected.

Focusing herself as she lets out a beautiful silver-white blast of flame.  As it moved toward the creature it there was nothing to stop it from hitting it.

  • Casting Spell Fire at Blink Dog.
  • If not killed first round, Send Magic Missiles at it.
  • Magic Missiles Blink Dog if not dead, if dead send to Demon to aid Lady Maevre.
  • Magic Missile Demon.

  • 20:56, Today: Lady Chessintra rolled 24 using 4d12 with rolls of 7,6,5,6.  Silver Fire.
    (Reflex half DC 23).
  • 21:03, Today: Lady Chessintra rolled 8 using 2d4+2 with rolls of 4,2.  Magic Missiles.
  • 21:03, Today: Lady Chessintra rolled 4 using 2d4+2 with rolls of 1,1.  Magic Missiles.
  • 21:04, Today: Lady Chessintra rolled 10 using 2d4+2 with rolls of 4,4.  Magic Missiles.

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Mon 21 Feb 2022
at 05:10
Taking the mode integer of your attacks, the DC to hit becomes 40 (simple times ten) from having rolled 4 attacks at once your arrows and bow shimmer while catching the smirking consideration of your freshly sharpened blades. Lady Maevre, your ShadowJaunt puts you in the position, i.e. Shadow of the Colossus, to bear down on the demon's weak spot is, which your observations while moving silently and sneaking around ensured. You spines on its back are wriggling like Zelda jellies and there is a snakelike molting whicch had taken place as the demon makes a pause in its approach.

"Water of the divine, there will be no ewer fine." This voice appears in your mind and you're not sure if there was God translating it, Zeus translating it, just a straight up aspect of demonhood, or some kind of jarring cosmic coincidence, but it's there. The first thing you notice is that the skin appears to slough off white but matte-looking bubbles, almost like a sheep being sheared. You are able to then use Emerald Razor to re-situate the beings volnearable spots, pushing them downward like a furrowed brow into the demon's shoulder region. Where pevisouly blood-like and yet sinewey or staticky hairs constantly made the demon shake as though constantly endorphins,  the sound ripples through its body making a certain number of attacks miss based on your Reflex saves. Reflex for Lady Maevre: critical failure.</b> Basically you freeze up for 2 of your rounds but one stray of your 15 and 10 rolls matches the DC of 25 and you are able to use Shadowblade to jam the sword down into his brain stem. So, if you would, select a number on the clock 1-12 and that will affect the demon's hitpoints, which are tied to the dog in a radial heart (this will affect which city the schemers will go after) and he will dissipate when the dog is killed. Kind of like Mind/Body in the Matrix. Your Masterwork studded leather creaks against the weight applied by the demon's ventilation system. The assumption is that your mirror images are above both the dog and the demon.

I rolled a d6 to determine if Lady Chessintra solidified her role as the creator of light and blasted one of the eyes with one of the magic missles, causing the blink dog to become free-floating magic missles. Reflex for Lady Chessintra: 8.

As you were saying, the enemy attacks first in this case, but I just didn't know how yo balance it since there are interruptions for the players to do badass shit merely because monsters in my game don't necessarily have a hard rules set-up but are more enigmatic and arcane (only in high priority fights though).

The blink dog seems confused to engage your mirror images, and tries to bite one like a true dog.

After the attacks: The eyes that see ready, by opening up, for a  blast of the any future spells. The fours that you roll total explode and give a +10 bonus to called shots (in other words, the net gain is likely significant).

So the blink dog is becoming the eye of the demon  For Reflex Saves Lady Maevre: Critical Hit. Lady Chessintra: 7. Lady Maevre can either use her 10 assistance points to as she wanted between the party. So 15 is half evade and 25 is the DC. The monster takes its other three turns trying to move its slow mind into figuring out what's going on. One of the partygoers draws his sword, a golden one he thought was going to be justto demonstrate to his friends, and ends up running toward the demon like a mad man. You feel his chaotic aura.
Lady Chessintra
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Mon 21 Feb 2022
at 15:08
OOC: More confusion here.

Where did the Spell Fire blast go?

Where did the mirror images come from?
I rolled a d6 to determine if Lady Chessintra solidified her role as the creator of light and blasted one of the eyes with one of the magic missles

What is all this about?

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Wed 23 Feb 2022
at 09:48
So, here's what I can muster.

The demon's anger gave way to a tranquility that led to him crashing upon the pillars of the pavilion like so much sea foam. All of the party-goers either fled or ended up getting consumed like a wave of magma from the construct. There remains a blight on the ground where it traveled. The following pic from Zelda is what the demon looked like, its tentacles and main body. https://nerdist.com/wp-content...Zelda-Wind-Waker.jpg. The elf running toward it was able to take it down. He then cast a powerful spell that allowed him to seemingly absorb the essence of the demon, whatever was left when the demon melted away. Maybe he thought that slaying the demon was something he could do on his own, and he did. He appears shrouded in white light, and the blink dog sees this, running away. It sits on the nearby mountains having decided to crouch upon the hill, fickle, perhaps, or ill.

The elf pauses a moment before approaching you and he seems to be mumbling or mouthing to himself, in essence, a chant or even a requiem for the demon. The blink dog having retreated leaves only this man in its wake moving with a calm stride towards you. You hear the wind gaze into your heart and the pollen in the air might be the reason that the approaching elf was moving his mouth, something of a sneeze in excess.

From this distance, 200 feet, you can make out that a blade and a hitched-up crossbow puts a hitch in his step He waves his arms wildly and says something in Elvish. Last you heard of the elves, it was the Cry of the Penne, a populare elvish paean. With a +4 to performance (lute), he sends magic over the earwaves to find that there are good harmonics washing over your ears like the demon had washed over the pavilion. You can see his outfit from here, all green, like Link. You're not sure what to make of him but the song is enjoyable. Zeus scries on the scene from Olympus, and you get a momentary flash of information suggesting that Zeus is using this elf as a puppet since you succeeded on your mental gather information checks. You have, like a memory that you once fought with Zeus on his side. The elves are cooking something up, you believe, because the images of Zeus seem angry.

Elf 21
Maevre 6
Chessintra 5

When he gets in ranged he is going to shoot at youz(1d8-2/19-20)-4 for range increments of 100(-2), 200 (-4), etc.

He shoots an arrow screaming into the blue, a mark he made in suddden aggression. He has 19 hit points and is level 2. I don't usually calculate CRs.

His crossbow bolt runs toward you like lightning. You can almost feel the rolling hills bend the bolt and even Cauldronsan got an extra note of fear out of you, given its notoriety.

We can use the magic missles from last "combat" and have you take down the elf guy who summons 1 dweomer (shoulders sagging, back bending, dark and light grey in color, favors the pickaxe made of silver). Feel free to attack him any way you want.
Lady Maevre
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Wed 23 Feb 2022
at 17:36
Round 1

"Seems to be stabilizing" Maevre muttered to Lady C. "Was insane, now just a few mad people. "Look why don't we just leg it. Get somewhere we are in charge. Say the word and we'll fly over there"  she gestured to a high roof top "Then we can try and make sense of the mess. I have no angst with that Elf and no wish to have to kill him"

OOC Only round 1 because the actions I do will change depending on Lady C's response