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Sat 4 Feb 2023
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questions about gestalt builds
it is easier to describe the correct end result if examples are used. so if you have question provide the classes you are thinking about combining.

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Sat 4 Feb 2023
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questions about gestalt builds
common questions:

How does level adjust work with gestalt?
A level adjust works the same as it does with any other build. The changes to gestalt only effect how a single class level is constructed.

What if the race i am wanting to play had racial hit dice?
racial hit dice are treated just like a contributing part of class level construction. the best of each contributing part is used.

If I take levels in wizard and sorcerer, but each class grants a familiar, does that mean that i get two familiars or one that is twice as strong?
No, unfortunately not. In cases like that (where both classes give the same thing) you the class feature only once, but the familiar and its granted abilities are not augmented further.

interesting situations can arise when a character has two or more other creatures, familiar, animal companion, special mount, psicrtstal, elemental envoy, ... the list can go on. But in those cases only the class levels that grant those creatures increase them in strength, and only the class features of the class that grants the creature can be use with or through that creature. It can get confusing at times, but it can also be interesting especially if you want to feel like a Pokémon trainer.
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Tue 7 Feb 2023
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questions about gestalt builds
I have recieved no questions.

Should i be very proud, or very worried?