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New Player Races
Dan/Dannan/Dai Nan/Dani
The Dan are wild elves who are common in forested regions away from the centers of civilisation. The largest concentration inhabits the Aosidh forest in the north of Altera but they can be found across the continents of Altera (Danann), Yitan (Danu) and Mixlan (Dai Nan) and Quivira (Dani)  in forested areas in smaller numbers.
They tend to have light- or dark brown hair with eyes that are green or hazel brown. Their skin color ranges from light, nearly pale to dark bronzed.
Dan live in small villages of 3 to 6 families hidden away in secret groves. There is often a druid, bard or warlock who leads the village, acting as shaman and healer for the tribe. The elves are not fond of humans, retelling the stories of their ancestors having been slain by the Mir empire and the eldest remembering the Celestial Church forcibly seeking to convert the Dan. Dan have learned there is strength in numbers and call on each other if a village is in danger. A Dan warparty can quickly grow into skirmish armies because of the Dannanís excellent communication network, using animals as messengers. Dan encountered outside the forests they call home often ride wild horses whom they talked into acting as a steed for them. Dan despite their close connection to nature are ferocious relentless hunters. Dan sometimes use poisoned arrows or magic daggers crafted. Before eating its meat Dan thank the spirit of the slain animal. Bones and antlers are carved into utensils and adornments, leather turned into clothes or boots, sinew is made into bowstrings, little is left when a Dan is done with a slain animal. It is how the Dan honor the animal. A Dan party can be pretty intimidating, painted blue with woad, charcoal black and chalk white pigments, hung with bones, teeth and skulls, feathers and fur.
Racial Traits
Ability Score Increase: Constitution +1
Danann magic: Speak with Animals once/long rest. Pass without a Trace once/long rest.
Skilled Foragers: Danann start with the Nature Skill and Herbalist Kit.
Elf Weapon Training: Dannan start with the spear, short sword, short bow, quarterstaff.

Xenophobic Foresters
Quesari elves are smaller than high elves, standing around 4.5 feet on average. They are furthermore recognizable on account of their hair having been replaced by flowers, grasses, mosses and leaves. Skin tones range from browns to greens and their eyes are all the colours of field flowers. Quesari can be found across the world in forested areas far away from civilization.
On the continent of Altera the Quesari were hunted into near extinction during the time of the orc wars, and just as their numbers had grown back the empire of Mir inflicted a second genocide on their people when they burned the primordial southern forests on the Alteran continent. As such Quesari elves are raised to be xenophobic and prefer the company of their own kind, avoiding most other species except nadair and certain fae. Rangers and druids do sometimes act as intermediaries between traders and the quesari when the elves need goods from the outside world but such relationships tend to take years to foster. A rare handful of Quesari overcome their adversity to the outside world and travel beyond the boundaries of their homeland woods, cautiously developing relationships most of their kind tend to shun. While delicate at first glance, quesari are quite capable fighters if pressed by necessity to defend themselves, fleet of foot and dextrous. Quesari are not concerned much with civilization as they are with the continued welfare of the natural world and plants in particular.
Unusual Procreation
Quesari donít procreate normally. Instead they pollinate each otherís flowers. As a consequence there are no half elves of quesari descent, nor can they procreate with other elves.
Ability Score Increase: Constitution +1
Quesari Magic: The quesari begins with the Shillelagh cantrip.
At level 3 a Quesari can cast Pass without Trace once per long rest.
At level 5 Speak with Plants.
Elf Weapon Training: Quesari start with the staff, spear, short sword, short bow, longbow, sling.
Quesari do not need to drink if their skin is regularly exposed to water, like a bath, waterfall shower or soaking rain.

Encanto Elves
Encanto elves still retain some of that transformative quality that once all elves possessed. Encanto are gender-morphic and can shift between male and female forms. Among the Encanto polygamy is common and inheritance laws can get very complicated. Some households can consist of up to a dozen spouses, all intermarried. As such noble Encanto families will take great care in keeping up an official family tree in their ancestral homes that is researched in case of inheritance disputes and which is updated as needed.
Indulgent hedonists
Encanto tend to take the moment as it comes, enjoying the good times whenever possible.
They tend to have a chosen passion they pursue with zealous fervor. This sometimes makes them appear a little indulgent to outsiders. But they are not lazy. Encanto love adventure, arts and crafts and some even war, and thoroughly indulge in their chosen passion with single-minded focus. Itís hard to force an encanto elf to do something they are not passionate about and this has made them a difficult people to conquer.
Encanto are relatively common given that all Encanto are technically capable of giving birth and can easily slip under the radar of those who might otherwise shun them. Through the centuries Encanto elves have infiltrated other societies, hiding in plain sight. More experienced Encanto are also adept at surviving under difficult circumstances given their ability to alter their bodies to counter hostile environments.
The offspring of an encanto and a human is a half elf who trade their Skill Versatility trait for their parentís Gendershift trait. The offspring of an encanto with another elf subrace takes the traits of either one of its parents. The very rare offspring of an encanto and an orc is a Cumadh. The tragic offspring of an Encanto with a Therian is a half elf who develops lycanthropy around puberty. This inborn lycanthropy cannot be removed by spells other than a Wish.
Racial traits
Ability Score Increase: Charisma +1
Gendershift: All Encanto elves can shift between genders at will. Base hair color, eye color and skin color remain the same but everything else changes.
Born Shapeshifter: When reaching 3rd level an Encanto elf can cast Alter Self once/short rest. If cast as part of their natural ability the duration of the effect lasts for 8 hours (but not if a spell). Under extreme circumstances an Encanto can maintain Alter Self longer but they must succeed at a Constitution check every hour or the disguise drops.

Rebel Slaves
Hobs are the hybrid result of breeding goblins with gnomes. Bred as menial servants for their hobgoblin masters 2000 years ago they escaped slavery, feeling unappreciated by their former masters, and fled into the Aosidh forest to the west and from there spread across Altera and further, hiding on ships. They left chaos in the Goblin empire in the wake of their departure. The Hob rebellion is not talked about by Hobgoblins who were embarrassed by the whole affair, though some rebel goblins still secretly tell the tale among themselves.
While uncommon, any natural offspring from a goblin-gnome coupling is also a Hob but usually doesnít exhibit the same cultural habit of insisting on living in someone elseís house.
Uninvited houseguests
Hobs are peculiar night creatures who are helpful by nature but become spiteful when spurned. Despite their diminutive stature Hobs are exceptionally strong. Hobs like to secretly live in other peopleís houses, in basements, attics, sheds or under the bed and expect to be offered food and drink. They Ďpay the rentí with housekeeping tasks they perform at night. If the house owner rewards the hob for his services it stays and keeps the house clean, otherwise it leaves and might prank the spurned household. Sometimes the pranking spins way out of hand into murderous rage if the Hob in question is maleficent. Ironically, despite their inborn talents as a potential thief very few hobs become burglars, as they consider the household sacred and breaking in to do evil one only does to a household who doesnít appreciate its hob resident. There are exceptions of course such as infamous Jimminy Blackblade, a scary boogie man hobgoblin children are still told about by their parents and who murdered 75 goblinoid households according to legends, men, women, children and livestock before he fled to the Aosidh woods.
Racial traits
+2 str
Dark Vision 60 feet.
Sensitive to sunlight.
Prestidigitation Cantrip. Mending 1/long rest.
Skulker: Hob have Advantage on Stealth rolls.


Wandering Vagabonds
Pharvat are nomadic halflings traveling in dog drawn carriages between Northern Khandara, the civilised nations of Altera and the Sylvan Highlands, often in family groups consisting of between 4 to 50 halflings. Pharvat mounted warriors often ride large mastiffs into combat armed with short bows and spears. Pharvat have a reputation for being thieves and fences and are often unwelcome in big cities, but this is largely a stereotype and most are simply traders, carrying goods from city to city as they travel.
Halfling pitbulls
Pharvat have a stubborn streak. They are tenacious to a fault. Once they hold a grudge it can last for decades. When they start a fight they prefer to finish off the opponent permanently. If they take on a mission they tend to see it through to the end if itís the last thing they do. If a pharvat bites your ear itís gonna come off. As such they are hard to manipulate and have somewhat of a reputation as hotheads. At the same token they make relentless bounty hunters due to their single minded focus.
Wolf Riders
Pharvat often develop strong ties with canines who act as their mounts and protectors. Most adult Pharvat have their own wolf.
Ability Score Increase: +1 Constitution.
Dog Whisperer: Pharvat start with the Animal Handling and Nature skills. They are good with most animals but have Advantage on Animal Handling rolls when attempting to train canines specifically.
Strong willed: Pharvat get Advantage on Intelligence and Wisdom saves.


Mangalo halflings are brown or bronze skinned with thick dark wild hair mostly concentrated on the Khandaran continent with a smaller number spread across the Yitai continent. If encountered in civilised nations they often find employment as teachers and overseers. Some rulers convinced of the mangaloís ability to invoke fortune have 3 or more mangalo servants who ensure they decide wisely and are victorious in battle. Most mangalo however live in the jungle where they are very successful hunters, running in ruthlessly efficient packs to catch wild or collect eggs. Mangalo are very family oriented to the point where you rarely meet a single mangalo unless it has lost its family or was shunned. Shunning is one of the worst punishments to a mangalo.
Ability Score Increase: +1 Charisma
Fortuneís Favored: Once a long rest a Mangalo can give Advantage to someone within 20 feet of them (but not themselves) on a skill or attack roll. This is usually conferred as a shouted warning, positive encouragement or sage advice.


Sylvir (Silver Dwarf)
Sylvir dwarves are born with silver hair which grows white as they grow older. Their skin is greyish from light to dark grey with hints of blue, green or brown depending on the region they live in. Sylvir dwarves sometimes accentuate their grey skin with ashes. Sylvir tattooists use a silver colored ink to inscribe intricate patterns on the bodies of their brethren, in particular their champions. You know a Sylvir dwarf is not to be underestimated when they have a lot of silver tattoos.
Sylvir are relatively common.
Racial traits
Ability Score Increase: Wisdom +1.
Psychic Impression: A Sylvir dwarf can detect the past by touching rocks. To find specific trails of people that passed through an area scryed the usual rolls are made but they extend up to a week into the past. Even if a trail is erased the rocks and stones still tell their tale. The Sylvir will sometimes receive postcognitive flashes revealing clues to what made the trail or even portent events along the trail (up to DM). This ability can be used once per long rest for a maximum of 8 hour.

Cobrir (Copper Dwarf)
Storm Worshippers
Cobrir dwarves prefer to live in locations where thunderstorms are common, often on mountains whose tips peak into the clouds. Storm sorcerers often lead a tribe.
Cobrir dwarves have copper colored skin color and black hair that turns copper red as they grow older. In rare cases cobrir dwarves develop green toned hair.
Racial traits
Weather sense: A Cobrir dwarf has a keen ability to predict the weather hours and sometimes days in advance.
Shocking Grasp: Cobrir dwarves begin with the shocking grasp cantrip.
Resistance to lightning damage:

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