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New Classes and Subclasses
Bard Subclasses
Choristers are holy singers. While often claiming divine inspiration the Choristerís Naverran choristers are both famous and notorious for their allegiance to the Holy Celestial Church and perform many services once reserved for clerics. Choristers are vital in holding back the spectral dead of Dunsinar Dunes. True to its nature the Holy Celestial Church paints any chorister bards unaffiliated with its religion as patronized by false powers and brands them heretics.
There are however other Chorister groups elsewhere in the world of Teranoc.
Turn Undead
Bards joining the Celestial Choir at level 3 learn to use their Bardic Inspiration to turn undead.
Also at level three you can harmonize with other choristers to generate more powerful effects (the more singers the more powerful their bardic powers).
Ring of Truth
At level 6 a Chorister Bardic Inspiration can break charms and suggestions.
Breaking the Chain
Level 14: Exorcise: banishes planar creatures, breaks possession.

The Skald boosts the reputation of kings, queens and heroes. They claim to be in contact with the gods and substitute for clerics in some.
Level 3: Intimidate target to gain advantage.
Level 6: Noble inspiration:
Level 14:

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New Classes and Subclasses
Druid Subclasses

Circle of the Otherworlds, the Mouros Druid
The Mouros acts as a guardian on the threshold, an opener of the ways and a traveler between worlds. The Mouros can travel to the Otherworlds, the realms of the Fae.
Level 2: Fae Friend: you have advantage on persuasion rolls when dealing with fae.
Level 6: Can shapeshift into fae forms. Level 2 (Unicorn. Pegasus. Pixie. Fairy dragon.)
Level 10: Open Fae Portal: Portals can be found in specific locations where the wall between the material world and fae realms are thin. Normally only Fae can pass through.
Level 14. Displace target to the Faeworld.: The Mouros pushes someone through the veil between the material plane and the Otherworld of the Fae.

Circle of Salt
The Salt druids are found within the oceans, around salt lakes and coastlines, oftimes encountered as solo explorers and scouts of the depths, and some know more than most sailors do about the seas, having intimate knowledge of what lives below the waves. They spend much of their time underwater, patrolling the depths on the lookout for corrupting influences festering and rotting in the darkest regions of the oceans.
The islands of Unna Mos is a known center of the Circle of Salt though very few are invited and those who force their way find themselves haunted by maritime misfortune.
Level 2: The druid can breathe and fight unhindered underwater. His swimming speed is equal to his running speed.
Level 6: Expanded spell list:
Level 10: Pillar of Salt: you can encase one target in salt. Salt drains moisture from the target while he is trapped, causing damage: 1d6 dmg/round. Strength check to break free.
Level 14. Summon Behemoth: the Druid can summon one of these underwater beasts to their aid: Giant Shark. Whale. Giant octopus. The beast remains with the druid for up to 12 hours. They can do this once/long rest.