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Sun 6 Mar 2022
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Some Tangentially Related Tunes
how annoying, can't embed it. link:

ain't no sunshine
everything about this just fits. every line of the lyrics; the brooding monotone vocals; the heavily layered, jangling, raw-nerves instrumentation. absolutely sounds like oberon having a real bad day bc no titania and also is she with someone else? maybe moradin? plus, while it's nothing new to compare your love to light/warmth/etc, it fits particularly well when titania, uh, kinda is.

hoar frost
so this came out of my recent dark-nordic-folk fascination. it just sounds like killing-cold to me. the aural equivalent of a white-out blizzard. something about those rough, sawing strings makes me think of snow driving down at a foot an hour. if this whole thing was a movie i would score the second half of the winter's solstice battle, from the collapsing of the river ice to the moment brociliande gets skewered to the earth, to this piece. supposedly the lyrics are in english but i can't tell at all; just sounds elemental to me.

the spoils
this one doesn't specifically remind me of oberon or titania, though if i had to pick i'd say it sounds a bit more than her than him. i just like the slow, spacey, muffled bassline, and i like the quality of tender devastation. puts me in the right headspace. btw, i don't know if you know the song paradise circus, also a collab between massive attack and hope sandoval, but it's amazing. this song definitely feels like the spiritual sequel to that one.

you're mine
i mean this song is basically one of those "i love you but i really hate you right now, but wanna hook up anyway?" songs, all of which is on-brand. or at least i think it is? the lyrics are fairly incoherent (it's heavily edm-influenced, and edm is famously incoherent), but i like that too. sounds like drunken muttering of a jealous lover. also, nice hypnotic bassline.

same thing
this is the lesser cousin of the spoils to me. it sounds like it fits the same mood - kinda carnal but sad? - but the spoils is just on another level.

a shatteringly beautiful song about the adrenaline rush of, uh, picking a fight you shouldn't have picked and now you're about to get your ass handed to you. so, also kinda on-brand? but seriously, this is one of the most beautiful songs ever, imho.

you should see me in a crown
the languidly menacing vocals + the oppressive bassline -- sounds like titania in a tyrannical mood. also that scrape of steel(?) over glass(?) is just a great effect.

meet me in the woods
ok, this one's very very tangential and actually kinda stands out from the rest of the playlist. but: i just love this song, and i wanted you to hear it. i guess i could say it kinda sounds like a mortal POV of straying into fae clutches. however i think it's about discovering satanic/lovecraftian horrors. but it's awesome, isn't it?

snake song
also rather tangential but it's just fantastic and something about the stripped-down fragile deadliness fits.

in this shirt
this one's a lovely, delicate, heartbreaking little song about missing your ex. makes me think of those (very few) moments when one's armor finally cracks and the other finally draws blood, and you're just like GUYS, WHY. why are you so horrible to each other. why.
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Sun 3 Apr 2022
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Some Tangentially Related Tunes
SO I REDID THE WHOLE PLAYLIST. Took out a bunch of fillers, added a ton of stuff, and rearranged. Starts with drum-heavy songs, moves into heavy downtempo beats and basslines, ends with some wistful melodies. Songs of war, love and desolation, I guess? I'm happy with this now. Might add more in the future but the bones are set.


Hoar Frost
Man, did I tell you the band actually replied to a comment I left on their vid about how this sounded like a white-out blizzard to me, like killing frost, and like a burning will to survive? They wrote something like "YOU UNDERSTOOD THE SPIRIT AND THE FEELINGS WE TRIED TO EXPRESS. YOUR WORDS MOVED US SO MUCH!" I felt very validated.

I love this song. It's unlike most other stuff out there. Very complex and aggressive without just being noisy. Sonically it sounds like a war; lyrically... well, the lyrics are super vague and repetitive, but they seem to convey something about a failed relationship, and maybe obsessiveness spiraling toward madness. It's one of those songs that feels like it has a loose but tangible connection.

No Light, No Light
Rediscovered this song recently too and just had to include it because I think it's my second-favorite of her songs. I'm not sure it TOTALLY fits but I like it, so here it is. I mean, parts of it certainly fit -- the suggestion of infidelity and the "I'd do anything to make you stay," maybe -- but all in all I've always thought this song is about those soul-excoriating fights you have towards the end of a failing relationship.

Love and Hate
Kind of a bluesy track with a throwback sound. I like the ambiguity of feeling in the lyrics, torn between pushing away and drawing close.

Ain't No Sunshine
Another one of the few survivors from the last playlist. Still super spot-on.

This one made it back too. Here for the sound and ambience more than the lyrics/expressed meaning.

A song about angry mutual infidelity but then missing the ex. Halsey's stuff can be hit or miss. This is a hit for me. I really love the way she sings "Cause I've done some things that I can't speak."

This is your basic NOOO PLZ TAKE ME BACK song. Lyrically it's pretty meh but let's be honest if it's lyrics vs sound, sound wins for me every time. That's probably why I can get super into EDM, but I can't really sit through those folksy story-songs. I need production value, man. I need layers. I need basslines that rattle my ribs! And dang, I'm super into Cannons' retrowave sound right now. Love the drifty synths, the dreamy guitars, all layered over those insistent basslines.

I Can't See At All
This is probably my current favorite song and I have been listening to it obsessively. Two Feet has a great sound and this is one of his best. Anyway, a song about waking up after a bender, fucked up and missing your ex. Or maybe about being blinded by want to the point of feeling totally faded. I love the meticulous little ... glockenspiel sounds, maybe? during the chorus. I'm gonna make a beatsaber map to this, just wait.

The Spoils
This one also made it out of the wreckage of the last playlist. Just a gorgeous, sweepingly sad track about a dissolving relationship. Again, one of those songs with the right sound more than the right lyrics.

Dude, I couldn't believe this was Rammstein when I first heard it. It's a single off their upcoming album. Granted this is the remix, which replaces their usual guitars and percussion with a glacial beatscape that takes it even farther from their old sound. A beautiful song about time's pitiless advance and the impossibility of holding onto a perfect moment with your beloved.

I Hold You
So you need some patience for this one. It's 10 min long and it definitely takes it time unfolding. Interesting sidenote: even though the group has a name and a discography that implies Celtic roots, they're apparently Russian. Which I only found out today, and which totally makes sense to me. That Russian fatalism, man. This song in particular has it in spades. To me it sounds like lovers clinging together in the face of an unavoidable oblivion. So, good end credits for Titania and Oberon as characters when they finally lose their fae selves, I guess.


Bonus song!

Also Cannons. This one reminds me of the chaotic-joyous side of them. Or maybe just of Titania. Specifically: Titania, as seen by a bewitched mortal. It's too upbeat to fit well in the flow, but too good to leave out entirely. Works nicely as an encore after that gorgeously depressing closer.