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Eight Points
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Sat 2 Apr 2022
at 22:34
OOC Things to know
I'm an inexperienced DM. Please bear with me.

I'm only accepting Order concepts at this time. If possible, please use the templates.

I do like characters to have background, but I'm just running something simple initially.

Depending on how well I GM, there may be scope to expand afterwards.  Hence the name of the game.

I want this to be a joint exploration of the mortal Realms, but I do appreciate my point of view is not everyone else's. So some things may be different.

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Eight Points
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Sun 3 Apr 2022
at 21:06
OOC Things to know
Something to consider and decide between yourselves. Maybe not immediately but what were the circumstances of your binding. In other words, did it go smoothly; did anyone/anything try to interfere?