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Thu 3 Mar 2022
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Game Story/Setting Changes- Please Read before making an RTJ
This game will be using a more traditional view of mythology and the gods.  The biggest change will be that most of the gods are not adulterous cheats that sleep with every human that catches their fancy.  In particular, gods/goddesses like Hera, Isis, Sif, Amaterasu, Osiris, most of the Devas, and other gods known for their fidelity and honor, are not as promiscuous as the scion books have set.  (Gods like Zeus, Odin, Poseidon, Damballa, Erzulie, Dagda, etc. would still create scions normally).  This affects the game in a few ways

-Adoption/surrogacy is far more common.  For Gods/goddesses that do not have relations with mortals, they can still acquire scions in the manner described in the Scion Companion.  By adopting the child of another God or lesser immortal being, they can infuse that being with their own ichor, creating a scion that has all the attributes of a natural child.  Likewise, these Gods could inhabit or possess a mortal to allow their ichor to infuse into a normally conceived child, possibly impregnated by their own divine spouse in mortal form as well.  An adopted child will very likely never know who their original parent may have been, and will exhibit no connection to that parent.  The infused ichor will bind that child to the adopted parent.

-Scions are far less common. This game will work under the assumption that scions are few and far between.  The Titan War is more of a cold war in this period, with both sides ramping up after the escape from the underworld, but open conflict has not yet fully broken out.  So gods are not seeding the earth with soldiers.  This also means that each scion is accounted more attention and importance in the eyes of the pantheons and the world.  This means that, before the game begins, the player characters have likely never encountered another god child, unless it is established in your characters background and approved by the storyteller.

-The Titan War is not common knowledge, even among scions.  This is both for in game and out of game purposes.  Do not assume you know anything about the machinations of the titans or the war, or what specific gods or pantheons are doing, without running it by me first.

-Do not take the Scion game books as absolute canon.  I feel that some of the choices made in the scion books stifle the use of many of the aspects.  So I will change them.  Your characters may have a great knowledge of mythology, but that doesn't mean they already know how it manifests in modern times.  For instance, your character might know everything there is to know, academically and mythological, about Scylla and Charybdis.  But they sure wouldn't know that they manifest in modern times as a possessed oil derrick.

-this game WILL NOT use the Scion information for WW2.
  I do not like the flavor of that portion, nor do I like any of the "gods" it adds to the game.  I think the idea of 'gods' being created by more modern concepts like Yankee Doodle sort of weakens the mythological aspect of the game.  So that is not how it works in this game.  So none of the information in that portion of the books is canon to this game.  The exception would be ancient gods that section added, like Marishiten, or Vidar, and beings like Coyote may exist as gods of the Amerindians, but not in the modern form portrayed in the books.
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Thu 3 Mar 2022
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Game Story/Setting Changes- Please Read before making an RTJ
The role of Fate

Fate is an intrinsic part of the Scion setting, and will play a major part both in the over-arching story of this game, and in the workings of the game itself.  The Gods are inherently bound to fate, and fate likewise binds them to everything around them.  Scions are both god and man, so as they grow in power, they will be increasingly bound to fate and binding to others.

Fate works to connect those that are bound in it, so there really is no such thing as coincidence in a scion game.  Beings of power tend to run into trouble and each other with increasingly alarming frequency, as their every move causes ripples through the weave of fate itself.

in game terms, player will need to sort of expect fate to have a heavy hand in their lives.  This may seem a bit like a contrived story at times, but that's how fate works.  Scions never lead boring or mundane lives.