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Fri 4 Mar 2022
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Introduction and game style
The threads of fate are mysterious and intertwined.  Now that the Titans have broken free, the children of the gods have begun to learn their true purpose.  To fight the wars of their parents, and defend humanity.  This is the path fate has pushed upon all of them, whether they wish it or not.

Sometimes fate pulls in strange directions.  Recently, it has been made known to the gods of the heavenly realms that a dark prophecy has been revealed to a child of the gods, and this prophecy seems to hold the key to the future.  But determining if it is a prophecy of events that must be stopped, or events that must be fulfilled is more difficult than it seems.  Now the gods have decreed their children must seek out this prophecy and determine if it is a threat to all the realms, or a promise of their salvation.
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Fri 4 Mar 2022
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Introduction and game style
First off, this is a mature game, and as such will contain content of a serious nature.  Please approach it with maturity.  Joking and humor is perfectly acceptable, but if any player becomes uncomfortable with another player's actions in this regard, I will rectify it by whatever means necessary.

Sexual content and overly graphic violence will not be allowed.  While serious, adult content is permissible, situations will be required to fade to black once they pass any possible plot points and enter the...mechanical portion.  The storyteller WILL NOT be role-playing them out with the players beyond that.  Likewise, graphic violence can be implied and to a limited extent described, but let's stay away from overly violent and brutal descriptions.  Try to aim it more toward an R-rated thriller or drama.

This is a game of adventure, mystery, and action with a semi-superhero tone.  Despite their varying allegiances, players will be expected to work together when they interact.  Friction is common in a mixed group, but as players I expect each of you to work so that everyone enjoys the game.  Player versus player conflict that goes beyond simple disagreement will only be allowed if both players are OK with it.  If any player attempts to betray or kill other players without my foreknowledge and permission, they will be called up to the higher planes, never to be seen again.  The point of the game is cooperation and survival, not attempting to eliminate your fellow players.  Save that for the NPCs.

likewise, this is a game meant for fun.  Players should treat each other with respect and courtesy.  Any arguments, attacks, or rude behavior OOC will not be tolerated.  Every player has a different style and different goals, and hopefully each player can enjoy those things in the game without conflicting with others.

This game will also attempt to be fairly accurate to the real world, as accurate as can be expected in a game of Scion.  I am not an expert on the locations I will use in game, and even though I am a PhD student in history, I will be using a lot of creative interpretation to fit history to the scion world.  So if I describe something unrealistic or unfitting, please just go with it unless it is truly disruptive to the game.  If anything, just think to yourself that this isn't the real world, it's a world with Gods, and I should really just relax.

In that same vein, I am not an expert on Scion or its rule system.  I will attempt to keep to the letter of the Scion books (with the exception of the house rules thread), but you will have to grant leeway for occasional mistakes in that area too.  I will do likewise, I don't expect any of you to be experts on what your player would know or the setting.  If you have questions, shoot me a message or ask in ooc.
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Mon 7 Mar 2022
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Introduction and game style
Posting Rate

Ideally, I would prefer a once a day at least posting rate for this game, though missing a day every once in a while isn't a big deal.  They don't have to be substantial essays of posts either, as long as they interact with the game and show what your character is doing.  If the game every stalls in a situation, it's a lot easier for me to remedy the fact if the players post what their characters are doing, even if they don't know how to proceed.

If players disappear for a long period of time without notice, like a week or so, then I will begin to think of a way to exit them from the game.