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House Rules and rule summary

legend increase will be controlled by the Storyteller.  All players will begin with 3 Legend, and will be unable to spend points to start with anything higher.  You can not buy increased legend with xp, I will be giving it at certain points in game.

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House Rules and rule summary

Scions will be allowed to have relics that mimic the pantheon specific purviews of outside pantheons, within storyteller set limits.  This will allow players to obtain low levels of the purviews for pantheons that will not appear in this chronicle.

This doesn't provide the purviews to the Scions, but allows the relic itself to mimic it.
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Fri 4 Mar 2022
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House Rules and rule summary
Untouchable opponent: when activated, adds the character's epic dex rating to defensive value.

firearms: will remain unchanged, and I recommend anyone trying to make a relic firearm to pick the boon that adds legend to the damage of the weapon.  That, plus epic dex to hit, is the best way of increasing firearm damage.

Disarm: the target will get a strength roll to retain control of the weapon in question.  If the target can beat the amount of damage that would have been inflicted in the attack, he does not lose his weapon.  This is because I don't really like the idea of a 9mm pistol being able to knock Mjolnir out of Thor's hand because of a high attack roll.

Samsara **- Karma- House Rules: By consent of the storyteller, the scion can privately ask the ST for a piece of information that would otherwise go unknown. The question must be fairly specific and relevant to the scene in question.

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House Rules and rule summary
Join Battle
Wits + Awareness. Highest number goes first. Order is determined by difference of Join Battle Successes. In case of tie, highest Epic Wits wins. In case of second tie, highest Mundane Dex wins.

Dodge Value (DV)
DV = (Dexterity + Athletics + Legend) / 2 (Round up)
Parry DV = (Dex + Brawl/Melee + Weapon's Defense) / 2 (Round up)

Attack and Damage
Attack = Dexterity + Ability + Weapon Accuracy
Melee & Strength-based Ranged Damage = Strength + Weapon Damage + Threshold Successes + 1
Gun Damage = Weapon Damage + Threshold +1

Threshold successes is how many successes the Attack roll exceeded the target's DV.

Damage against inanimate objects is not rolled. Each die past the object's soak represents 1 level of damage.

Wound penalties represent the penalty you take on all rolls, movement and DV.

Speed: 3
DV: -1
Can be interrupted.
Character draws a bead on the target, or waits for the perfect moment to strike. At the end of the action, player gains +3 to their next declared attack roll.

Speed: Varies
DV: Varies
Normal ranged, melee or magic attack. Speed is based on weapon used. DV Penalty is usually -1, but circumstances vary.

A character may choose to make two attacks as a single action (either attacking one target twice, or two targets once). Speed of the attack is the higher of the two attacks, with a DV penalty of -2, and a dice pool penalty of -4.

If you attack two targets at once, make one attack roll and compare to each target. If attacking one target twice, apply the attack penalty to the weaker roll.

Coordinate Assault
Speed: 5
DV: -2
Player rolls Charisma + Command. Each success = 2 people (including self) coordinator can command in assault. Against all attacks, target suffers DV penalty equal to the lesser of the number of attackers, or the number of successes rolled. Those taking part in the assault must wait until the coordinator's next attack.

Speed: 3
DV: -2
Diceless action (normal actions taken during this suffer a -2 penalty)
Character runs (Dexterity + 6) yards per tick (3 ticks).

Speed: 3
DV: 0
Can be interrupted.
Just as it sounds. Doing nothing but taking a defensive stance.

Misc. Actions
Speed: 5*
DV: Varies
Pretty much anything not listed here is considered a Miscellaneous Action. Speed is typically 5 unless otherwise stated. Most Misc. Actions have DV penalty of -1. Examples of Misc. Actions include Boons, Driving, Getting an object, Jumping.

Some firearms have the capacity for extended fire.
Short burst: Add 1 die to the attack roll. Cannot be part of multiple attacks.
Long burst: Add 2 die to the attack roll. Can be part of multiple attacks.

Crippling Attack
Difficulty: +2 (Add 2 to the target's DV)
As with Pulling a Blow, player may choose how many levels of damage to apply. However, if enough successes were rolled to kill the target, player may inflict a Disabling Wound as well.

Difficulty: +2
If the attack is successful, instead of apply damage, player may have the target's weapon fly away 1ft per threshold success. If threshold success is 5+, player may dictate direction of flight.

Fierce Blow
Difficulty: +2
Increases attack's DV penalty by 1.
Character tries to inflict as much damage as possible.
Bashing weapons add 3 to damage rolls.
Lethal/Aggravated weapons add 2 to damage rolls.

Flat of the Blade
Difficulty: +1
Decreases Raw Damage by 2.
Character can inflict B instead of L damage.

Dexterity/Strength + Brawl Vs Target's choice of DV
If successful, 3 options are available.

Hold: Pins victim without harm. Next round contested rolls are made to determine who has control.
Break Hold: Can toss target a number of yards equal to Strength (triggers a check vs knockdown), make target Prone, or break cleanly.
Crush: Inflicts harm on target. Deals damage as normal, with clinch having a 0B damage value.

Pulling a Blow
Difficulty: +1
After damage is rolled, player may decide how many levels to apply to a minimum of 1.

Character pulls, kicks or otherwise knocks the target off their feet. Deals no damage, but if the attack is successful it automatically causes knockdown.

The "Zorro"
Difficulty: +2*
The player pulls off some fantastic or near impossible attack. This attack deals no damage, but achieves some kind of desired effect. Effects, such as shooting the fake mustache off someone's lip, leaving a custom scar, or many of the hundreds of things done in movies.

*Some attacks, like injecting someone through tough armor increases difficulty.
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Fri 4 Mar 2022
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House Rules and rule summary

  To gain bonus dice and legend points recovered due to stunts, I need to qualify your attack as a stunt.  The easiest way to do this would be to ask me in your OOC thread before you post, and I can tell you the bonus dice.  Something like "I am going to swing from the Chandelier and kick the phantom in the head" would suffice, so I can give a bonus.  Of course, the more outlandish the better, but I will not give dice just for flowery, graphic explanation.  I want ingenuity or originality in the attack.  If you have questions about it, or wonder if it would work, ask.
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House Rules and rule summary
For combat, each player will roll initiative, and will be added to the combat wheel.  Then each character can post their action for the round, and the storyteller will sort them out and post the results.  then repeat until combat is over.

Order of Attack

1) Declare Attack: The attackerís player states that the character is attacking and what Boon or knacks (if any) he will use to enhance the attack. This is usually done in the form of a pose, but giving specifics to the ST is always good to avoid confusion. The Storyteller tells her the (Attribute + Ability) combination to use for the attack and awards any dice for stunts.

2) Declares Defense: The defender defends using best option of Parry or Dodge DV, unless he declares otherwise. The defenderís player must declare the use of any defensive Boons or knacks. The Storyteller awards any dice for stunts.

3) Attack Roll vs. Defense: The attackerís player rolls the dice pool that governs the method of attack used at a difficulty of (base difficulty + targetís DV). Epic Dexterity successes add to this roll. An attacker may spend Legend for her player to reroll an attack roll in this step. A defender may also spend Legend for his player to make a defensive reroll.

4) Calculate Raw Damage: If the attack hits, it has a raw damage equal to (weaponís Damage + attackerís Strength + threshold successes + 1). Effects modifying the raw damage of an attack apply accordingly.

5) Apply Hardness: If the victim has a Hardness rating against the attackís raw damage type, compare the Hardness with the raw damage. If Hardness is equal or greater, the defense absorbs the attack without effect. Otherwise, the damage ignores the defenderís Hardness.

6) Roll Damage, Apply Soak: Roll dice equal to the raw damage of the attack. Next, remove the targetís appropriate soak rating from the damage of the attack. Apply post-soak successes as health levels of the appropriate type of damage to the defender.

7) Apply Results: Any non-damage effects of an attack occur at this stage.

I will attempt to provide defense/soak numbers for enemies when possible, so players can roll to hit and damage in one roll and post.
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House Rules and rule summary
Unstoppable Attacks Vs Unbeatable Defenses

Scion has a lot of different types of unbeatable defenses and unstoppable attacks.  It also has characters that have stats dictate they are nearly unkillable, or unbelievably lethal fighters.

All of this is part of scion, so players will need to learn to handle it, and expect to deal with it.  If your characters encounter an 'unstoppable' enemy, then there WILL be a different way to handle the situation.  Tricking them, finding their weakness, making them your friend, trapping them in molten gold.  Your players will have to think outside of the confines of damage and soak, and learn to handle the problem.

In the same fashion, if your characters have extremely high powered attacks, or 'unbeatable' defenses, don't be surprised if the enemy adapts.  If they learn to attack in groups, or to trap you or weaken you in some way.  Players should really resist ever getting so confidant in the numbers of your character that the character becomes cocky, thinking they can't be killed.  That's a very bad hole to fall into in scion, because there are a lot bigger fish out there.