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Tue 8 Mar 2022
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World of Dreams is a high fantasy Mage and Changeling game that takes place across two different worlds, represented by to parallel games that can intersect. The more typical side of the game takes place in Amherst, Massachusetts, an old, New England college town with enough history and strangeness that most mages and fae can find a home there. The more fantastical part of the game takes place in Rhysgandy, a city where the shard realm of Correspondence and the Dreaming intersect. All roads can lead there and it is home to planar travelers of all types. Of course, it is only the thin veil between worlds that separates the games, so there is bound to be crossover!

Whether you want a standard Mage/Changeling game, one that pushes the boundaries of the setting, or a little of both, this game is for you!

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