The Tavern, you know, that place where everything starts.   Posted by Vociferation.Group: 0
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Wed 9 Mar 2022
at 20:49
The Tavern, you know, that place where everything starts
Let's get some sound in here because why not?

It's packed full with sweaty bodies of all kinds of Dwarven and Shadow Fey folk, but mostly workers and their families. Firelight bounces erratically off the yellowish stalactites hanging from the ceiling, or miner's chandeliers as some like to call them. Skagi and Bran sit in a corner by one of the fire pits, casually playing some tunes on their lute and flute respectively, adding to the overall lighthearted feeling in the heavy air. Aside from the smell of sweat, iron, beer, fire, and grim, the scent of bread and hot borscht swarms the area as well.

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