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Rules and CG Stuff and Gameplay
Stats aren't a must, but if you want to use them to keep track of your character's physical ability, personality and such you are more than welcome to. The most important thing is to have fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Stats
The stats and overall system are loosely based on the DnD Ideas but are my own convoluted system more than anything.
Everything is on a scale of 1 to 30 and the average stat is around 15, so say you have your typical farmer, his strength stat is going to be 15 because he lives a life of constant labour but he doesn't have a particularly large amount of strength. But this system also heavily relies on logic rather than dice, like a telegraph operator, he has one strong finger but the rest of his overall strength score is 10 due to lack of constant body movement. The same goes for all the other stats, so just put what makes the most sense for your character's job, background, health, race, etc... And feel free to ask questions and I'll help you.
I'm going to avoid dice rolling but if you want to you are welcome to, but for the most part decisions and reactions will be based on logic, such as a dockworker is highly unlikely to have fear of rats. The most I'll use dice for is combat unless you or I have a set idea that will help with the plot, or maybe you just really want your character to be bedridden for a while. Anyway, in the combat and overall scenarios of rolling just use 1d30.
1 Be respectful, no bullying
2 Don't abuse the grand array of cussery the English language has, swearing is fine, but if every other word is ''f this,'' then somewhere else would be a better fit
3 No smut, starting a romance with another player is fine but keep in mind the saying, ''get a room,'' also I can see all your messages, even the private ones
4 No discussion of real-life religion or politics unless you are able to have a mature discussion and can agree to disagree
5 No Metagaming
6 Don't be afraid to ask questions
7 Don't push things ahead in a story, not everyone can post as much as you, so you have to be patient as this is meant to be a casual game

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