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Thu 2 Jun 2022
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Character Sheet
Here is how we create Armor Agents. I am using the Henshin Tabletop pdf as a template, but I am adding some things to this. Here is a link so you can see that part of the template:

Real Name: (What is your character's real name?)

Star Defender Title: (What is your hero codename when your dawn the armor? It would be Star Defender and then your title. If you are reading this. If you'd like to sign up title your Request for Access PM: Star Defender The title you are using for your character in any legible font you want.)

Color: (This is not actually the specific color of your uniform. Just the personality base of your character. This will determine how you gain tokens, lose tokens, what you can always do, and what your role is during squad turns. So look through those templates and pick a color. However, this will not necessarily be the color of your armor.)

Color Aesthetic: (In the RTJ you got a choice between Captain, Weaponsmaster, Pilot, or Mechanic. Despite the colors I posted in the RTJ and here, those don't have to match up with the color you choose above. But this will determine a majority of your abilities when you transform into your armor. So pick one of those as a character class.)

Gender: (What is the gender of your character? Male, Female, Nonbinary? Put that here)

Age: (What is your character's age? Since your characters are University Students they should be between 18-25. Iím allowing them to be graduate students or student teachers as well for this module.)

Civilian Appearance: (What your character looks like in their normal day to day life. An anime or live action picture can be used, but please no personal pictures or extremely recognizable actors or politicians that everyone would know).

Defender Armor Appearance: (What your character looks like while in their armored, hero form. The only limit is that your armor should reflect your position on the ship. Like if you are the Weaponsmaster you should have many weapons on your armor.)

Henshin!: (Describe your heroes transformation sequence into their armor. It happens instantaneously, but in the characterís perception it can be much longer and in some situations others can see it. So make it as instantaneous or as intricate as you like.)

Special Attack: (Pick your special attack, pick one of the four your saw in the RTJ based on what your color aesthetic is.)

Weapon(s): (Describe the characterís weapon or weapons here)

Weapons Pod: (Describe your Weapons Pod A.K.A. your special mecha or vehicle)

Backstory: (What is your characterís backstory? What is their personality and how has it affected them throughout their lives? Have they always been heroic to their fellow people or have they been scared of other people? What is their major at the University? Why would they decide eventually to join the group, even if they are initially reluctant? Place all this here. Iíd like at least a paragraph or two of description please. Keep in mind that your character has not become a Defender yet, so this is all about how you came to the school and why you react to the new responsibility the way you do.)

Character Relationships: (What is your relationship to the other player characters? If you donít want to meet the other characters during the beginning of the game, where did you meet and what do you think of each other now? Please donít fill this out till after you can meet the other players before we start the game. Also donít fill it out unless the other player agrees with it.)

Anything Else: (Anything else I forgot? NPCs you'd like for your character to interact with or who may be important? Skills you'd like to mention? Hidden details of backstory you may want your protagonist to not know about or anything else? Write it here.)

Tokens: (The number of tokens. At each adventure you will all start with 5 unless there is a special scenario. Just put 5 here and I will update this to keep track of it during the adventure).

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Tue 7 Jun 2022
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Defender Character Sheet
Real Name: Abigail Carpenter

Star Defender Title: Mechanic

Color: Yellow

Color Aesthetic: Mechanic

Gender: female

Age: 18

Civilian Appearance: long blonde hair tied back into pig tails and a lean frame. She is often dressed in coveralls when she is working plus whatever is comfortable when she is at university or elsewhere.

Defender Armor Appearance: This but yellow.

Henshin!: The armour appears in an open state before closing and locking around the limbs and torso the helmet folds up from the back and then the visor closes. Internally, several screens power on, displaying the status of her fellow Armoureds and the battlefield.

Special Attack: Sabotage

Weapon(s): Wrench Staff: A two-sectioned staff shaped like a wrench.

Weapons Pod: A small pod-like mecha with appendages similar to a squid's tentacles.

Backstory: I was raised here, in Anderson's Garage Services. My grandparents do their best which is why I know more about cars, and motorcycles, and bikes, and vans and other sundry vehicles than many people my age. I can't drive them, but I know what makes them go, and makes them stop.

I know most of everyone here, except the newcomers attending the college. It was quite a surprise when my grandparents sprung my acceptance letter on me. Lord knows where they got the money. I just thought I was going to carry on working here with them, they need the help.  I want to know what's out there, but I also know what I've got right here. They didn't have to take me in, but they did, and I have to be thankful.

Character Relationships: (What is your relationship to the other player characters? If you donít want to meet the other characters during the beginning of the game, where did you meet and what do you think of each other now? Please donít fill this out till after you can meet the other players before we start the game. Also donít fill it out unless the other player agrees with it.)

Anything Else: Abigail was left with her maternal grandparents when she was 5 and she hasn't seen or heard from her parents since.  Every so often she thinks she catches her grandparents talking with or about them, but the subject always changes.  She likes baseball.

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Thu 9 Jun 2022
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Defender Character Sheet
Real Name: Jessica Smith

Star Defender Title: Star Defender Heikishō

Color Aesthetic:  Weaponsmaster

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Civilian Appearance: Jessica is 6'1" towing over most women and plenty of men, despite her height she can be as quick as she needs to be from her martial training.  She has red hair and green eyes, very pale skin easy to sunburn.  She's is of Irish descent but after her family disowned her she legally changed her name to the generic Smith very purposefully.

Defender Armor Appearance:: Similar to this metal samurai-like armor with flattened faceplate and other features except for the horns of the helmet:

Henshin!: A circle of black appears above her and she poses with one arm at her side and another forward.  The circle descends over her  and disappears when it reaches her feet. Her suit appearing as it does so.  In her right hand is now an axe and in her left a double barreled laser.

Special Attack: Full Arsenal!

Weapons: Her main weapons are an axe and a double barreled laser.  They are a matched pair and look of similar make.  The axe is light enough to be thrown.  and The laser can rapid fire out of both barrels or charge up for a larger blast.  She also has a small hammer, two thin swords, and a chakram she can access.

Weapons Pod: A large tank like structure, it is covered in laser barrels that can move to fire in any direction or all focus on one spot.

Backstory: Jessica was a bookworm growing up, there was rarely a time when she was not reading some fantasy or sci fi tale of villains and heroes.  Her favorites were the rare times it was a woman kicking ass and taking names.  When she was in her teens she tumbled onto the TV show Buffy and it changed her life.  Jessica realized she could train and be the badass in the stories.  So she started doing various Martial Arts as a hobby, but she found weapons training her favorite.  Jessica joined a local larp group to practice in a more practical way (It was also more fulfillment of her nerd self).      She quickly knew though that her heart lay in her books and in stories.  She started her academic path in English literature, but pivoted to history after she took a class on the Three Kingdoms period.  She continued to train as a hobby through her academics.

She will not talk on this at all to anyone, but her family disowned her for NOT joining the military.  She felt she could not work for the government and her father said he had no daughter as she was breaking a 3 generation line of military members.

Character Relationships:

Anything Else: Jessica's family disowned her for reasons she wont talk about.

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Mon 13 Jun 2022
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Defender Character Sheet
Real Name: Shubham Sunder

Star Defender Title: Star Defender Aegis

Color: Red

Color Aesthetic: Captain

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Civilian Appearance: 6'2 Indian man, hair growing out from a former military crew cut slower than he would have liked. Almost always found in long sleeve white shirts and black jeans, he's got a friendly smile on his face that's welcoming, if not a little shy.

Defender Armor Appearance: (Black Armor on the left):

but that glows red in the dark like in this picture:
(Red armor that glows in the dark to be seen in the vacuum of space or in a ship where the lights have gone out)

Henshin!: Starting from the transformation item the Chronometer segmented plates pop onto the body, quickly covering his form as Henshin energy powers his frame.

Special Attack: "Dominion Fist!"

Weapon(s): His side arm is a sci-fi style blaster, set to stun. His main weapon is a pair of enlarged gauntlets that appear on his hands that can grow to give the mother of all boxing beat downs.

Weaponspod: Resembling a large Sci-fi submarine, this amphibious Weapon Pod can transform to a standing humanoid mech.

Submarine mode

Mecha mode

Backstory: Shubham was adopted from India when he was about 8 by Harshika and Sally Sunder, who took him to the US to be raised as their own. He doesn't remember his birth parents, having been in the orphanage for as long as he can remember, but the records say he was just abandoned there on the stoop.

Harshika and Sally were loving parents, but very disciplined. Harshika was an English elementary teacher while Sally was a police officer, so he was given strong moral foundations. They wanted him to have the right attitude and the right education to be whatever he wanted to be. Shubhum though, even in high school, didn't know what he wanted to be, flitting between different goals and interests.

Then, when he was 17, his parents passed away. They got badly sick and were quarantined so he couldn't even see them in person as they passed away. Unsure what to do now that his family was gone, he impulsively joined up with a Navy recruiter, just to get away from anything familiar.

He did not enjoy the Navy, but served diligently all the same as his mothers taught him. He served on different ships, but his longest posting was on a submarine, an experience that stuck with him deeply, as he felt cut off from the rest of the world. He was liked by others in the service, especially his fellow recruits as he ran D&D games for them in their off time.

Then when he finished his term, he took the advice of a friend he made in the Navy, he went to Westside Reef university with him. He's just entering his second year, but his major is still undecided as he still doesn't know what he wants out of his life.

He doesn't seek responsibility or danger, but nor does he shy away from it when someone needs to step up, especially when people are in threat.

Character Relationships: [Will wait for other players before doing this]

Anything Else: His buddy from the Navy who encouraged him to come to Westside might be fun to interact with. My character is a really good cook and enjoys doing it.

Tokens: 5
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Mon 13 Jun 2022
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Defender Character Sheet
Real Name: Jean-Paul Lafayette Boudrouex

Star Defender Title: Overdrive

Color: Green

Color Aesthetic: Pilot

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Civilian Appearance: Standing at only 5'9" tall, Jean-Paul is a wiry and slightly scraggly young man, with blue eyes and shoulder length muddy auburn hair with white streaked bangs that form a set of racing stripes through his hair when tied up in back.  He usually wears old blue mechanic jumpsuits or what look like modified surplus aviation suits.

Defender Armor Appearance: A suit similar to this but in blue instead of green.

Henshin!: From the Chronometer a flashing portal shoots forth and falls back onto him wrapping him in his armor and then it powers up.

Special Attack: "Blazing Strike!"

Weapon(s): His weapon is a dagger attached to an extendable cord usable as a rope dagger that can channel energy into the blade or current through the cord.

Weapons Pod: His weapon pod takes on the form of a fighter jet suit that can transform in a partial humanoid form before becoming fully humanoid.

Backstory: Jean-Paul Lafayette Boudrouex was born among the Creole on the edges of New Orleans, and did not have much in the way of blood family.  He ended up being fostered and living either on the street or among many different communities.  He was always a bit bright, if not too smart for his own good.  the only person he listened to without condition was Tantie 'Lypso the grandmother of the community.  He had from a young age learned from where he could, and had found fun on any sort of motor vehicle he could get his hands on, learning to fix things just to use them.  At 6 he became a regular at many of the junk and scrap yards fixing up small dirt bikes, golf carts, buggies and anything he could ride on for a little bit before having someone buy it off him.

At 12 he snuck into a movie theater to escape the heat with some of the other kids and found himself watching on the big screen an old film with fighter planes and gave him the dream of flying.  From 13 to 16 he spent time in secret building a plane of his own design, taking many efforts to create one that actually flew.  And it flew long and well enough for a scrap made plane to get on FAA Radar and get him deeply in trouble.  He had to beg the police not to let his Nani get a hold of him, he could survive jail, not her.

To his luck one of the people that had found out about the plane he made and flew was an Aerospace R&D executive, who saw promise in the scrap plane, and sponsored the young Jean-Paul to get him out of trouble and start to better his life.  After getting sponsored he finally got a drivers license and a pilot license, and working to get himself into a college to study engineering and design.  Winding up eventually at Westide Reef and Westside Florida University.

A bit of a hassle for most authority, he had a bit of a reputation, but has made great friends with most scrap and junk yard dealers and has found a few places to work on building prototypes when he can't quite get the computer modeling to work right for him.

Character Relationships: (Waiting to figure this out with other players.)

Anything Else: A bodger and and scrapper, he is either a menace or friend to anyone of authority and traditional ways of building, fixing, or working on things.  He also has a small airplane he can use, though nothing special and kept working by his dedication.

Tokens: 5