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Wed 23 Mar 2022
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Dramatis Personae
Doctor Genevieve Winters - Lady Ice
A tall and severe woman, Doctor Winters is a figure of absolute authority within Titan Academy. Rejected by her family after a quantum-morphic event entangled her particles with the ability to manipulate thermodynamics, the future Titan Academy Principal was taken in by a fledgeling superhero team known as the Elements. This planted the seeds of the Titan Academy in her mind. All young superhumans deserve support and boundaries, and those that can't get them elsewhere will be welcome at Titan Academy.

Doctor Winters herself doesn't teach at the Academy, though she does take a strong interest in the development of her students, ensuring that they get warmth and support when they need it, as well as cold discipline when they deserve it.
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Fri 25 Mar 2022
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Dramatis Personae
Traveller, as his appearance suggests, is an extra dimensional refugee. He has been brought to the school in order to make the transistion to earth life a bit easier. This is not going great, as he has a lot of trouble understanding simple concepts, like money.

Traveller's people may have been very similar to humans once a long, long time ago. Now they have been genetically altered, even at the fetal stage. His people have microscopic nanobots in thier black blood. This makes them much more durable and healthy than humans, as well healing their wounds and extending thier lifespans. They also use thier blood to actual make hi tech objects of black metal. Once of these is the dimensional breach staff Traveller calls out of his being, and it allows him to rip portals open in the air.

If all that was not enough, Travellers people are all very telepathic. They can even use these abilites to harm target's minds. This makes it very difficult for Traveler to be around others, as he forgets not everybody is telepathic on earth.

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