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Wed 20 Apr 2022
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I always feel silly posting this, but here we are, again, the basic rules you are used to in Freeform RP games!

1: Respect Everyone! No Bullying, harassment, or fighting out of character. In character conflicts are allowed, but keep it in character, and understand, this is just a game. Be Kind.

2: Don't Meta-Game! Metagaming means taking advantage of what you, the player, know about game mechanics, plots, players and characters. What you know and what your characters know are different. In fact, if you don't want to post your whole character sheet, you don't have to. Mysteries found out in game can be entertaining for everyone within the scene, and reading. Using outside knowledge ruins the moment!!

3: Control Your Character! What that means is you are in charge of your character. Don't God-Mod, and take over someone else's character. In mundane scenes, like passing through classes, or ordering food from the cafe, unless a named character or NPC has claimed the role you are interacting with, you can create a faceless/nameless NPC that merely is a quick segment.
  Example- "Casper ran through the hallway, bumping into other students but not paying attention, late for class, ignoring their shouts of shock of randomly being hit.." is not considered God-Modding, and a PC could jump into the scene and be one of the students hit. On the other hand, "Casper smiled, holding out his hand and making Omni walk over, grip it and lean in for a kiss." Is God-Modding, as Omni is a named NPC, and is controlled by me.
  The only time this is allowed is if the scene was previously discussed. There is the fine line of powers- Controlling another will be extremely limited, and will be discussed in PMs and OOC before the scene can continue.

4: This Is Freeform! This is a  game that focus on your characters and their lives. I have planned events from time to time, but this is your story. I am merely here to move it along and see how our stories unfold. I am always willing to assist with plots, and also encourage your input so donít be shy send me your ideas

5: Posting Expectations! All posts must be in the past tense, third person perspective.  Always include FROM: a thread name and TO: a thread name when moving from thread to thread (or arrows, etc), so everyone can track in-game movements. All in character speech must have quotations, feel free to highlight speech with a color (but color it is not required, the quotations are). Put thoughts in Italics and use bold for shouting. Proper grammar is expected, but mistakes happen, so an error once in a while is okay.
    No One Liners, give others in the scene something to build on. I'm not expecting several paragraphs every single post, I hope to get a paragraph or two at least.

6: Posting Rate! Everyone should be able to post at least once a week unless you've otherwise mentioned you can't or won't be able to. If you are going to be absent, or RL is making it hard to post often, there will be an Absent Thread, as well as the OOC Thread. The world is Chaos, and I understand if you need time away. If you don't post for 2 weeks, I will PM you to check up on you.
   If you are posting with more than one person, establish an order or keep in mind that everyone should get a chance to respond before you go again. Having two people run ahead of everyone else can often kill a scene, and may upset players who can not post as often. This is only when there are multiple people in the scene. If it is just the two or three of you, and each one is giving the others time to post, feel free.

7: Mature Rating! This Game is Mature, but only because there may be violence. You are learning to control your abilities, and sometimes it can cause conflicts, both between the students as well as environment. Not everyone is happy about the school. Also, couples may develop, and though I encourage relationships and character growth, I'm no a big fan of sexting, and I would love to allow anyone who wants to play entrance, so merely have the scene fade to "Fade To Black".

8: Comfort Levels! Everyone has limits, soft and hard on content and what they are comfortable writing. In most cases, scenes tend to go where they will, but if there is something potentially BIG or that might touch on something a person won't be comfortable with - Ask that Player first.