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Tue 17 May 2022
at 17:35
Expectations and House Rules
First and foremost we are here to have fun and tell the story of the characters you are playing.  None of us really know how the story will end.  Of course the pre-written adventure has a beginning, middle and end, but as for the Characters we do not know what will happen to them.

This will be a rather slow game with my GM Posts being no slower than once a week.  I want to GM, but I can't promise more than a once a week post from me.  If I do make additional posts then that's icing on the cake! :)

Player Expectations
Be nice.  Have Fun.  Be Respectful.  Play your character not someone else's character.  Feel free to work together IC/OOC/PM if you want to make a scene.  Check with me first if it could be game altering.  Play off the other characters. Roleplay.  For me it's a lot easier to roleplay here on RPOL.net than it is in an in-person game session.

House Rules
  • I will post AC, HP, etc of the mobs so you can make non-metagaming decisions and dice rolls.  I will keep the mobs HP updated by description (looks great... barely standing) so you don't have to roll perception.
  • Crits and Fumbles - We will not be confirming Crits or Fumbles. That allows you as the player some flexibility in roleplaying what happens in their posts.
  • Use the OOC thread to conspire against the GM with group moves, asking what other players can do, etc.  It will simulate the cooperative nature of in-person gaming.