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Fri 1 Apr 2022
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House RUles
Using the 1982 copyright Villains and Vigilantes rules, often cited as "second edition".

    House Rules
  • No bad guys. Player characters must be good guys, no bad guys are allowed. Furthermore, only nonsentient creatures will be neutral.
  • A character's sex is chosen by the player.
  • A player chooses their character's starting height within the following ranges
    male6'3" (75")5' (60")
    female5'11" (71")4'7" (55")
  • A player chooses their character's starting weight within the following ranges
    male200 lbs125 lbs
    female180 lbs105 lbs
  • A player chooses their character's starting age, within reason.
    The five basic characteristics are Strength, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, and Charisma. Use this dice link five times to roll a set of basic characteristics. The player chooses which roll goes to which characteristic.
    Rolling for Characteristic
    Each character begins with five power rolls.
      There are two options for these rolls
    1. a table is chosen and the indicated dice link is used, the player CHOOSES which of the two dice is the tens digit, and receives the indicated power from the table
      Magic/Psionic Items
    2. a table is chosen, and the player then trades a second power roll to choose a power (Mutant Power and Psionics aren't permitted) from the table
    Once the first four rolls have been utilized, the player may choose to gain up to two more rolls by adding a rolled weakness from the "WEAKNESSES" table for each new roll.
     It is possible to choose the table and the power from the table three times by submitting to a single rolled weakness. Submitting to a rolled weakness permits a character to begin with six random powers from tables desired by the player.

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Sun 10 Apr 2022
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House Rules, Conflict Resolution
    various rules
    • Automatic Weapons
    • When using an automatic weapon, declare the number of rounds to use before firing.
    • Automatic weapons get +1 to hit per round fired, with an additional +5 on the first round only.
    • The first round gets +2 damage, every round subtracts the number of rounds from the damage done with results of 0 or less indicating the round missed and may have went past the target to strike another target.
    • i.e. Using an automatic energy rifle, firing a five round burst. Five rolls to hit, the first roll to hit is +10 and the next four rolls are at +5. If the first round hits, it rolls 1d12 - 3 for damage. Any round after the first that hits rolls 1d12 - 5 for damage. Any round that rolls less than one damage may travel beyond the target and strike a secondary target.
  1. melee
    Weapon:To Hit Modifier:Damage Caused:
    Bare HandsHTH
    Knife/Dagger+1HTH + 1d2
    Club/Bludgeon+2HTH + 1d4
    Sword+2HTH + 1d6
    Big Club+3HTH + 1d6
    Hand Axe/Hatchet+1HTH + 1d6
    Battleaxe+1HTH + 1d8
    Spear+3HTH + 1d4
    Shock Stick+2HTH, Lightning Control carrier 1d8
    Plasma Blade+23 pts damage, Power Blast carrier 5d4

    Carrier attacks are resolved if the primary attack successfully strikes the target; the carrier attack does not receive bonuses to hit or damage.
  2. ranged
    Weapon:To Hit Modifier:Damage Caused:Range:
    Knife/Dagger+2HTH + 1d2 + 2A
    Hand Axe/Hatchet+1HTH + 1d6 + 2A/2
    Spear+1HTH + 1D4A
    Boomerang (W/O return)+2HTH + 1A(AX2)
    Bolas+3HTH + 1d3A
    Bow+4HTH + 1A X 3
    Crossbow+5HTH + 1d3A X 4
  3. technological ranged weapons
    Weapon:To Hit Modifier:Damage:Range:
    Pistol+31d8A X 6
    Rifle+41d1OA X 10
    Energy Pistol+21d10A X 3
    Energy Rifle+31d12A X 5

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