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The Host
 GM, 90 posts
Mon 9 May 2022
at 21:50
Tegel Encounters
35 XP each for defeating 4 giant and 2 killer frogs.
10 XP each for attempting to free a draft horse.
5 XP each for identifying the song.
0 XP for failing to save the coachman.

Total Experience Points Earned: 50
The Host
 GM, 119 posts
Tue 17 May 2022
at 21:51
Tegel Encounters
20 EXP each for spending the night at The Emperor of Curd.
10 EXP each for talkin' it out.
5 EXP each for coming close to the movie allusions.
0 EXP for not playing cards.
0 EXP for not eating platters of cottage cheese.
0 EXP for not drinking suspect milk.
0 EXP for not exploring the break room.

Total Experience Points Earned: 85

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The Host
 GM, 213 posts
Thu 16 Jun 2022
at 20:10
Tegel Encounters
15 EXP for Statue Manipulation
5 EXP for the Scroll of Sleep (kept)
37 EXP for treasure
27 EXP for defeating the 8 skellies
15 EXP for gaining the Master Foyer
35 EXP for examining paintings
6 EXP for not unduly offending the butler
15 EXP for gaining the Great Hall
10 EXP for discovering two secret doors
0 EXP bonus for an aborted expedition

Total Experience Points Earned: 250

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