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Mon 4 Apr 2022
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Shades of Madness guidelines and rules
Character Creation:
please make all rolls using the die roller.
use the character creation guidelines stated in the Keeper's Rule Book.
come up with a backstory that i can draw from to create connections to the game world.

3 posts per week, commitedly, if you cannot do this you will eventually be dropped.
if you are behind in posting the game will not wait on you forever.
you only run your character.
i narrate the scenes and dictate the final actions of the NPCs and monsters.
i dictate the rules, so don't drill each other over them.
if you aren't enjoying the game, speak up in OOC, we'll all figure it out.
enjoy yourself and explore your character.
please do not violate the RPOL guidelines.
we will work together to create a fun, open role play for all.

game play:
the rules at the table do not always translate well in play by post. this being said we will do our best to keep to the game rules as closely as the play by post model allows.