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Divine Magic
Divine magic is a power granted by outside entities. When a human bonds with such a being, they gain the ability to channel its power into the world, to miraculous results that even the most advanced science struggles to replicate. The limits of divine power lie in two things: any conditions exacted by the empowering entity, and the strength of the practitioner. To wield divine magic, a practitioner must demonstrate both strength of will and a keen intuition for the world and the heart.

Divine magic is not really amenable to the scientific method, though that hasn't stopped Agarthans from trying. Each empowering entity is different, most of them aren't interested in being lab rats, and the best divine magic users tend to live by the mantra "don't think, feel". Nonetheless, divine spells have predictable and comprehensible effects.

Class Restrictions

A couple of classes are restricted to specific patrons. Specifically, only the Blessed count paladins among their number, and druidic powers (including hunters, rangers and shifters) are inherently tied in with Gaian practices. Only the Church of the Tribulation teaches inquisitors, though some ex-inquisitors have become warlocks, usually taking the Heretic archetype.

Alignment Restrictions

In this setting, the only restrictions on alignment are those levied by a divine patron; no other class is required to adhere to any. Specifically, divine casters of the Church of the Tribulation must be Lawful, and the Blessed must generally be Good. Paladins must still be Lawful Good. Gaians (and by extension druids) are not limited by alignment. And a warlock's alignment requirements are defined by their patron; if they have bound their "patron" rather than the other way around (as many of the strongest have), the only restriction is their own conscience.

Other Rules

Witches and Summoners are considered divinely empowered in this setting, though their spell lists are closer to arcane.

Channeling Energy: The Church of the Tribulation, the Blessed and Gaian channelers channel positive energy. Warlocks can channel either kind of energy regardless of alignment; once chosen, a warlock's energy type cannot be changed.

Deity's Favored Weapon: There's no such thing. When such a mechanic exists, a divine caster can choose any weapon.

Domains: In general, players have wide latitude in choosing their domains. The God of the Tribulation and the God of the Blessed both have a very wide variety of powers they can grant, and Warlocks' abilities are determined by their patron. Further details can be found in each patron's section.

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The Church of the Tribulation
By far, the largest number of divine practitioners in North America belong to the Church of the Tribulation. It is the most accessible form of divine ability as well; after years of preparatory training and study, a prospective member of the Believer clergy is ritually initiated and invested with the power of God, and can almost immediately begin wielding spells. Further power comes through practice and personal growth.

Clerics make up a plurality of the Church's divine casters, but warpriests and inquisitors are well-represented among the Knights of the Tribulation. Summoners of angelic beings are also not unknown. The Church does not train oracles, shamans or witches; their sect admits to one God and His dispensations and has no truck with warlock tricks. Furthermore, they are unable to empower paladins; indeed, the fact that there is a source of cosmic Good that empowers such warriors has troubling implications for the truth of the Church. However, very few people know enough to make that connection, and most think that Knights of the Tribulation and Paladins of the Blessed are variations of the same thing.

To continue channeling the powers of the God of the Tribulation, a Believer must be Lawful, and a member of the Church in good standing. A lawfully excommunicated Believer, one who ceases to be Lawful or to participate in Church prayers loses their powers until they atone. However, one of the Church's worst-kept secrets is that the study and training required to wield God's power also makes ex-Believers perfectly suited to contract with and bind demons, and many of the most powerful and wicked warlocks got their start in Church seminaries.

Domains: The God of the Tribulation grants a broad spectrum of power to His adherents. Available domains are Artifice, Community, Destruction, Glory, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Plant, Protection, Strength, Sun, Travel, War.

Angels: Believer divine casters can summon beings that appear angelic in nature. However, these angels are aligned to Law, not to Good.

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