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Character Creation

Follow the steps below. You'll start at level 1 but level up to 3 or 4 very quickly once gameplay begins.

Choose your character's origin: android, cyborg, human, or mutant.

  • You recharge your energy cells in sleep mode which functions like normal sleep.
  • You perform self diagnostics, refill your lubricants, and replace old parts rather than eating or drinking which costs roughly the same amount of time and resources.
  • You don't breathe, but your circuitry is sensitive to overheating and to air and water pressure, functioning like suffocation if you get too wet or are suddenly tossed in a vacuum.
  • You are immune to psychic and toxic effects.
  • You are subject to ion effects and water damage.
  • You have major vulnerability to electricity and water effects.
  • You can continuously replace your parts and are effectively immortal as long as your CPU isn't smashed or fried. You cannot copy yourself as the nature of true A.I. is still not understood, but you can make V.I. versions of yourself and even move to new bodies with sufficient computer capacity to house your consciousness.

  • You are treated as either Android or Mutant for all purposes (user's choice).
  • If affected by an effect that normally only affects one of these, you suffer/gain only half the effects. (damage, healing, duration, etc.)

You are mostly a genetically standard human being with no special stat adjustments. You might have one or two cybernetic parts or a minor mutation that's barely noticeable, but they are so minor you still pass for a standard human.

You are a mutant with an obvious quirk or quirks which reveal your mutant abilities such as claws, horns, scaly skin, blue hair, glowing eyes, etc. You can attempt to hide your quirks, but it usually involves oddly shaped or bulky clothing or makeup or other strange apparel to do so. Either way you stick out in a crowd.

Choose your character's occupation. This is a title like "medical doctor," "diplomat," or "ship mechanic" which describes what your character does for a living. It can also describe what they do to contribute to their adventuring troop as a whole such as "healer," "diplomat," "muscle," and so on.

Write up a description of your character's physical appearance. Are they tall, short, or average? Muscular, skinny, or average? Do they wear armor or every-day clothing? Do they have any weird features like a third eye, horns, or a tail?
     Try to keep your character's appearance sensible within the narrative you're going to play. For example, you may not be able to play a robot in a high fantasy world with no technology and it is impractical for you to go on adventures if you're bigger than a skyscraper or smaller than a pencil.

Label your character's personality and narrative archetype. This explains their role from a narrative perspective. This can be something like "comedic relief," "fearless leader," "lovable jerk," or even an anime trope like "tsundere," "cool rival," or "darudere" and whatnot. Then, write up a short description of your character's personality and mannerisms. Do they talk a lot? Are they always eating or telling jokes? Do they prefer to be quiet or loud? Are they friendly or mean? When nothing in particular is going on, what are they usually up to?

Every interesting character has some credo be it a code of honor, sense of morality, strict religion, compulsive modus operandi, etc. Describe your character's credo as you see fit.

Every character has six primary statistics.
  • You begin with a basic array of scores: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8.
  • Assign each of these scores to one of your attributes as you see fit: Str, Con, Dex, Int, Wis, Cha.
  • You can decrease up to 2 of these scores by 2 in order to increase the same number of other attributes by 2. Once you make this decision it cannot be undone.

  • Melee attacks and thrown attacks
  • Carrying capacity equal to your STR score
  • Resist being forcibly moved or restrained
  • Hit points
  • Resist disease, fatigue, necromancy, poison, and stunning
  • Ranged attacks and light weapon attacks
  • Move through obstacles unhindered
  • Resist physical attacks and traps
  • Resist confusion and mind games
  • Recall knowledge and solve puzzles
  • Craft and repair items
  • Abjuration and Conjuration powers + 1 other type of power of choice
  • Resist illusions and spot hidden creatures and objects
  • Investigate, notice, and recognize things via intuition and awareness
  • Calm animals and heal creatures
  • Divination and Transmutation powers + 1 other type of power of choice
  • Influence capacity
  • Resist charm, compulsion, and emotion effects
  • Socialize with and persuade NPCs
  • Enchantment and Illusion powers + 1 other type of power of choice

The maximum number of languages a character can know is 3 + half their Cipher modifier. Your first language must be Common.

You begin play trained in two defenses (aka saving throws) and four skills of your choice. You can take the Skill Training ability to become proficient in more skills.

Hit points are a measure of your nearness to defeat.
  • You begin with a number of hit points equal to your Constitution score.
  • Every level, including 1st, you gain (5 + Constitution modifier) hit points (minimum 1).
  • This increases retroactively if CON increases.

Rest can restore lost hit points. If you run out of hit points, your character is gravely wounded and may even perish.

The final step is to select your character's special abilities. This game is still being developed so if there's a power you want that's not listed, simply talk with the GM about making a new one for you. We're pretty flexible.

You can also acquire a weakness or two in exchange for a bonus power or two. If your power has some debilitating weakness built into it, you may simply be able to enhance it in exchange for the weakness.

Gear is assumed to be part of your special abilities. Either through your connections, crafting, title, or wealth, you simply have access to certain kinds of gear. If you lose your gear, you can regain it by simply having some downtime to craft, shop, order, or otherwise acquire the lost gear again.

You can have up to a number of surges at a time equal to 1 + 1/5th your level.

During gameplay, GMs can award surges to players for various reasons, typically for moments of intriguing and risky heroism. You begin each gaming session with at least 1 surge. You can spend a surge to do various things as listed below. A short rest regains 1 surge while a long rest restores all of them.
  • Add a bonus to a d20 roll (1d6 if declared after roll, 1d12 if declared before).
  • Cheat death immediately returning to 1 hit point after being reduced to 0 or less if the GM rules it as feasibly possible for you to survive.
  • Multiply the area, damage, duration, hardness, healing, hit points, and/or range of an effect you use (double if declare after roll, triple if declared before).
  • Taken an extra Major action, Minor action, or Reaction. Once you do this you can't do it again until the start of your next turn.
  • Reroll a d20 roll you just made, keeping the second roll even if it's lower.

You can have up to a number of surges at a time equal to 1/10th your level. A long rest restores 1 legendary surge. You can spend a legendary surge to automatically succeed in a roll you make as if you'd gotten a natural 20. You cannot apply this to an attempt if the GM rules it to be impossible. Alternatively, you can expend a legendary surge to immediately refill your surge pool.

Players are bestowed with BOONS, CURSES, XP, and SURGES by the GM. The amounts and reasons for the rewards or curses are entirely up the GM, but typically characters receive more rewards based on how well and how much they're contributing to the story and ensuring other players are having fun.

12 abilities, 2 defenses, 2 skills, 1 surge
2ability, skill
3ability, defense
4ability, skill
5ability, defense, attributes (+1 to three), 2 surges
6ability, skill
7ability, defense
8ability, skill
9ability, defense
10ability, skill, attributes (+2 to all), 3 surges, 1 legendary surge
11ability, defense
12ability, skill
13ability, defense
14ability, skill
15ability, defense, attributes (+1 to three), 4 surges
16ability, skill
17ability, defense
18ability, skill
19ability, defense
20ability, skill, attributes (+2 to all), 5 surges, 2 legendary surges

The completion of a mission gets you XP depending on how difficult it was. Once you've accumulated 1,000 XP, you level up, reduce your XP by 1,000, and essentially start over.
Very Easy0 XP
Easy10 XP
Average25 XP
Hard50 XP
Very Hard100 XP
Overwhelming200 XP

At 1st level you begin with 2 special abilities of your choice. Every level thereafter you can gain a new ability of your choice or upgrade an existing ability.

At 1st level you begin trained in 2 defenses of your choice. Every odd level thereafter you can become trained in another defense of your choice or upgrade your proficiency in an existing defense by 1 rank, up to the normal maximum.

At 1st level you begin with the Skill Training feat for 2 skills of your choice. Every even level thereafter you can gain the Skill Training feat again for a skill of your choice or you can upgrade an existing skill with it up to the normal maximum.

  • At 5th and 15th level, you increase 3 attribute scores of your choice by 1.
  • At 10th and 20th level you increase all of your attribute scores by 2.

  • At every level you increase the proficiency rank you have in a skill of your choice by 1 to a maximum of expert.
  • At every even level you increase the proficiency rank you have in a saving throw of your choice by 1 to a maximum of expert.
  • The maximum increases to master at 10th level and legendary at 20th level.

Sometimes a GM may even award premade abilities or weaknesses called "boons" or "curses" based on the story. Curses do not count against your maximum number of weaknesses. Boons and curses are temporary or conditional abilities or weaknesses. These are separate from your primary abilities and weaknesses and are not subject to the step-ladder progression rule or limited number but are limited to a maximum rank equal to the highest ranking primary ability or weakness you have.
     GMs can bestow boons or curses directly instead of granting ability points. For example, if a character finds a magic sword, they get a "Magic Sword" exploit at the appropriate rank.
     Boons and curses can be take away, lost, or suppressed, depending on what they are. Magic items can be taken away and conditional powers may not work in certain environments or may not work on certain targets. Such dependency and volatility makes these abilities less reliable than normal abilities.
     However if a boon or curse is ever permanently taken from you, you regain the invested points or losses, allowing you gain new ones or improved others the next time you get an in-game opportunity (as determined by the GM).

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Character Sheet
Example Character :

A rather dapper man with a handsome cut of his jib and gentile spirit. Brown hair, tan skin, piercing blue eyes, and a tall lithe frame, Lance is as charming as he is roguish. He talks about
freedom all the time and seems to prefer negotiation and reparations rather than killing
or capturing foes.

Level 6 Medium Organic Humanoid (Human)
Status 30/30 HP, normal
Speed 5
Senses normal
Language Common, Martian Western, Spacer Creole
Homeland ???
Surges 2/2


Saves Dex +5, Wis +4, Cha +6
Skills Expert: Deception +8, Diplomacy +8; Trained: Stealth +5, Streetwise +4

Connections (Criminal Underground)
Fast Talk
Smooth Criminal
Sneak Attack 3

Character Sheet Code:
<hr><tt><large><b>NAME & TITLES</b></large><hr><i>Description & Personality & Credo</i>
<hr><b>Level</b> 00 Size Biotype Shape Origin
<b>Status</b> 10/10 HP, normal
<b>Speed</b> 5
<b>Senses</b> normal
<b>Language</b> Common, ???
<b>Homeland</b> ???
<b>Surges</b> 2/2
| +0| +0| +0| +0| +0| +0|

<hr>List of special abilities


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