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Fri 22 Apr 2022
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RTJ information
This will be a fairly relaxed and simple romp through the Miyama Province campaign setting, in the classic AD&D style. As such I won't be screening players for this game.

To apply, simply include the race and class you would like to play in your RTJ (but see below, also) . We will be using the AD&D Oriental Adventures book in conjunction with the standard 1e rules, though we might move to an amalgam of 2e rules if there is a consensus to do so among players, or if first edition starts to annoy the DM :)

You will be allowed to play whichever race and class you choose, regardless of your stat rolls. I want everyone to be satisfied that they are playing the character they want to play, so while the stat prerequisites will still apply, they will not prevent anyone from entering a given class. The mechanics for this are addressed in "Character creation". If it means that we end up with a party exclusively composed of high-stats samurai, well, there are worse things that could happen!

If you would prefer to simply roll stats and make a character based on those rolls instead of selecting a race/class combo up front, that's fine too. Just let me know when you apply.

Your RTJ can be as simple or as detailed as you like. As all new games should expect a little attrition early on, I'm not limiting the number of starting players, though beyond the start of play I would like the party to settle on 4-8 members. If we drop below 4 at any point, play will pause for a recruitment drive, at which point the RTJ requirements may become more stringent.

We will be starting at level 1, in accordance with the requirements of the opening adventure module. Levelling will be fast-tracked to an extent, with generous XP awards for successful endeavours, good role-playing, and completion of quests and adventures. Obviously this doesn't mean that you'll be 9th level after a couple of battles, but you will probably gain a level after every second adventure.

Finally, I run my games with no mercy for poor play or unlucky rolls, preferring an organic development of gameplay to deus ex machina shielding of PCs. Character death is likely to be commonplace, especially at the very beginning. However, I do not set out to butcher PCs. All I can promise is that you will be treated fairly in accordance with the game rules.

Thanks for your interest.