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The Eight Million Gods
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Fri 22 Apr 2022
at 05:14
Posting guidelines
I am not concerned about the game moving at breakneck speed, and indeed it might chug along quite slowly at times. I have little interest in stipulating "X number of posts a week", as that is likely to end up being as hypocritical as it is pointless.

That said, I will endeavour to update the game every three days, and possibly more frequently if play is moving briskly.

If we are waiting for you to post, we will not wait more than three days unless we hear from you. I expect players to post within this window, or at least to inform the others in the game (either in the OOC thread or by PMing the DM) that they are busy/sick/held up by train robbers and will be unable to post until whenever. If I don't hear from you, either IC or OOC, the game will move on without your contribution.

If it is crucial that your character posts, I will endeavour to PM you after two days, especially if we are all waiting on you and you alone. After the third day, if I haven't heard from you, the game may move on with the DMing handling your rolls or possibly posting for your character.

I prefer not to post as any PC, of course, and would far sooner avoid it, but if we're waiting on you and you have not been in touch in accordance with the above guidelines, then sorry, but your character will be fair game for a DM post.

It is not generally difficult to send a one-sentence PM letting me know that you will be delayed. I'm happy to wait, but only if I know that circumstances are limiting your RPoL time. Otherwise we don't know if you are simply being lazy or uninterested, or have abandoned the game, and in the absence of information to the contrary I must assume it is one of those three things and will not allow the game to be held up.

I hope this is clear. I certainly don't run a tyrannical ship, but basic courtesy to other players is expected.

Of course, if I am to be delayed, I will also endeavour to let everyone know as soon as I can.