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Character creation
Stats are to be rolled using 4d6 and dropping the lowest die. Roll seven times, keeping the highest six results, and arrange as desired.

Only races and classes from AD&D OA are available. Gaijin characters may be an option later in the game, but not during the initial few levels and adventures.

If your stats as rolled are not high enough to qualify you for the race/class combination you want to play, then your highest stats will be automatically assigned to those stats which place requirements on you. This will happen in descending order, so that your highest roll must be put into the stat with the highest prerequisite, and so on down the line.

Once this is done and any remaining stats have been assigned, any stat below the prerequisite will be raised to the minimum required for your race/class choice.

Characters will begin at 1st level and will start with maximum hp for that level. Hp will be rolled normally for subsequent levels.

Comeliness, honour, family rank, ancestry, and birthrights will all be determined normally, lending flavour and interest to the latter stages of character creation.

Your character's honour score will play an important role in the game and may see significant fluctuation over your career, as it will be ruthlessly policed by the DM and many factors may influence it, not just those listed on the relevant tables. Such rulings are likely to be ad hoc and so cannot be quantified ahead of time, but you will generally be warned if you intend to do something that is not listed but which will adversely affect your honour. It is, however, more likely that such rulings will result in gaining honour.