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OOC: Game Background & Setting
The capital of the United States; some would argue it is the capital of the world due to the political power that lies within the city. It is also a huge melting pot of different cultures, and host to many members of the high society. Formally, the District of Columbia, but commonly referred to as "Washington," "DC" or "the District." Yet, a more unsavory, yet perhaps more accurate moniker has been given to it by Kindred that roam its streets during these modern nights...

Welcome to the Dark Capital.

DC was actually split into two separate domains shortly after the Kine established it as the nation's capital. The Domain of Georgetown, which was run under a traditional Invictus Praxis, and the Domain of Washington, which was run under a democratic government of sorts, which was established by a powerful Carthian. As is only natural, these two domains found themselves at odds with each other for much of the late 1700s and early 1800s.

With the "Organic Act of 1871," the Praxis holder of the Domain of Washington decided to follow in the footsteps of the Kine and attempted to bring the Domain of Georgetown under the same Praxis. However, his attempt was thwarted by the Invictus Domain, who were supported by the Lancea Sanctum--who had a stronghold near the National Cathedral--during the battle. After the long and bloody war between both domains, the Domain of Washington fell prey to the superior power of the Domain of Georgetown, which resulted in both domains being brought under one Praxis led by the Invictus Prince of Georgetown; officially forming the Domain of Washington, D.C. in 1890.

Since becoming one domain, the District has seen its share of both Invictus and Carthian Praxis holders. Both Covenants hold much power within the city and its metropolitan area, which keeps them in an eternal struggle for control of the domain. During the Civil Rights era, the domain saw not only much growth within the local Carthian Movement, but it also witnessed an influx of new Acolytes in the city. This raised many red flags amongst the local Sanctified, who had held a tight grip over the city's religious community.

However, to avoid another bloody war, the Invictus and the Carthians came to an agreement and lead a series of meetings with both the Lancea Sanctum and the Circle of the Crone, which had very positive results and prevented the possibility of a large scale conflict between both Covenants.

Throughout all of this, members of the Ordo Dracul have mostly kept to themselves and have managed to avoid the bloody affairs of local politics in the domain. Instead they have focused their time on their studies, and growing their influence within the many local academic institutions found within the city and its surrounding areas.

The Dark Capital prides itself in its diversity, both amongst Kindred and the Kine. All five Clans are represented in the Domain of Washington, D.C. and appear to have a reasonably equal amount of power. The Prisci Council has in many cases rose up against unreasonable and/or unstable Praxis holders when necessary. The most populous of the Clans happens to be the Gangrel; but Clan Ventrue seems to have the largest amount of influence and political power, with many of the domain's Princes coming from their ranks. Both the Mekhet and Daeva have equal numbers in the domain's population. The Nosferatu, while being the smallest group, are also the most tight-knit of all the Clans, and rule in their own right from their massive Necropolis found in DC's underground tunnels.

The Carthian Movement has a great amount of influence in the Domain, with its numbers constantly growing during these modern nights. They have their hands in many mortal organizations, and use the influence they have with the local Kine population to their advantage in keeping the First of State at bay. Even though the Domain is currently under an Invictus Praxis, there have been many Carthian Praxis-holders in the past, and the Movement is successfully running their own sociopolitical experiment--based on a democratic-style government--in the Regency of Anacostia (Southeast DC).

The Circle of the Crone saw an influx of new members in the past few decades, and while they do not hold much political power within the Domain, they have established many independent Temples in the outskirts of the city. Acolytes have had much successes in forming many blood cults amongst the local Kine population due to a resurgence of paganism, and interest in ancient and foreign religions amongst the mortals during these modern nights.

The Invictus has had much power within the Domain, being the Covenant to formally establish it in the first place. Even though their numbers are not as great as they used to be, they have many elder Kindred amongst their ranks, who also happen to be very well-connected amongst the local Kine population. Regardless of the constant struggle for power they have going on with the Carthians, the members of the Covenant have pledged to remain Unconquered, and granted their rivals the Regency of Anacostia in the early 1970s, to keep them from meddling further in the Domain's political affairs. Surprisingly enough, this tactic has proven successful, and the Praxis of Washington, D.C. has remained in the hands of the Invictus since then.

The Lancea Sanctum still has a strong presence in the Domain, even though their influence amongst the Kine population has seen a massive decline over the past couple of decades. However, they remain strong supporters of the First of State, and thus they keep a decent amount of political power within the Domain due to this alliance. Their largest stronghold remains the National Cathedral, but they also hold some power in Georgetown University and Catholic University in Northeast DC.

The Ordo Dracul has mostly kept to themselves and their studies since the early history of the Domain. No one but themselves know how many members they actually have amongst them, which sometimes is a cause of concern for the other Covenants. However, the Dragons have managed to keep their neutrality when it comes to the domain's political affairs; focusing their efforts in growing their influence amongst the several universities found in the area, and other academic or more esoteric organizations. Rumor has it that they have been spending much of their time studying the ley lines of the city, and that they plan to use this knowledge at some point in the near future. For what purpose? No one really knows but them; but those are only rumors of course...

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OOC: Game Background & Setting
Laws of the D.C. Elysium

1. There will be no violence done inside Elysium with the exception of violence enacted in defense of the Prince from any internal or external threats.

2. The use of any Gifts of the Blood used to offend or cause harm to another Kindred will not be tolerated within Elysium.

3. While weapons are not prohibited within the Elysium's walls, brandishing them in a threatening manner towards another Kindred will be considered an act of violence. Please ensure that if you carry a weapon on your person, that it is properly sheathed and not brandished in a provocative manner.

4. Elysium is open to all Kindred. However, while in the Elysium please remember that you are considered the cordial guest of His Majesty and the Keeper, and genteel behavior is expected at all times.

5.Disrespect of Court Officers will be viewed as disrespect to His Majesty Himself. Those unable to control themselves to these simple courtesies will be removed and know His Majesty's displeasure.

6.The Prince and anyone He shall designate is exempt from these Elysium laws.
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OOC: Game Background & Setting
The Rack & Established Regencies of the Domain

The Rack of the Domain is located in the U Street Corridor, and any acknowledged Kindred (OOC: Status 1 in the Domain) within the Domain of Washington, D.C. is welcome to feed there. In addition, there are currently six established Regencies within the Domain, which restrict feeding within their bounds to those that have acquired feeding rights as noted below.

Regent: Valentina Taravella
Feeding Rights: Members of the Prince's Court, Prisci Council and all members of the Carthian Movement (OOC: have at least 1 dot of Status)

Cathedral Heights
Regent: Lucien Perrault
Feeding Rights: Members of the Prince's Court and Prisci Council

Regent: Phillip Mcgee
Feeding Rights: Members of the Prince's Court, Prisci Council, Angel Asutilla

Regent: Christof Kielholz
Feeding Rights: Members of the Prince's Court and Prisci Council

The Palisades
Regent: Geraldine Carroll
Feeding Rights: Members of the Prince's Court, Prisci Counil, James Warden, Daniel Green

West End
Regent: Quinn Clements
Feeding Rights: Members of the Prince's Court, Prisci Council, Daniel Green, Adrian Marino, Felix Tapper

You can find a map of the Domain, which includes the Rack and established Regencies here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/...TRIw&usp=sharing

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