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Center Point Incorporated:

"Welcome, welcome, welcome, here at Center Point, we believe in the future. We believe in you. For you see there are many planets in this universe, but only the best have what it takes to bear the Center Point insignia. Every planet that our scouters spotted has been excavated and tested by multiple independent inspectors, merc's and others shall we say scrupulous individuals, and we guarantee that they'll meet our impossibly high standards. All Center Point planets are meticulously experimented on by our scientists to give us some certified to high levels of habitation the likes of which has never before been seen in this corporation. Whether you're a professional planet traveler or simply someone who appreciates a finely-crafted planet-size locale, you can't go wrong with Center Point. Now, remember, we believe in the future and we believe in you."

Center Point Inc. used to be a simple mercenary for hire team, until it's disbandment. Though some of the more industrial enthused members wanted a chance to call the shots, and so they made a upstart business that became big. Though one would think that they'd excel in their business, however they thought. What they excel at most is mercenary of the most dangerous kind. This company has sent multiple mercs through various planets, most failed miserably because all the planets they keep sending them were just uninhabitable. They've even send some to Lilith and they still do to this day. Yet, those lucky few that actually succeeded, are rewarded with great wealth and a reputation as famous explorers. If you want to become big in the Merc biz, Center Point Inc is your employer. Believe in there madness and greed, and they'll reward you cause they believe in you.

The House of Leonardo:

Leonardo de Vinci is considered by many, if not most, to be the greatest artist ever to have lived.  Most outsiders, the ones who have heard of de Vinci at least, believe this house is named after him.  In fact it is named after Emperor Leonardo di Caprio VII of New York City who founded the House shortly after New York City's launch into space.

Leonardo's belief was that Nobility should be based not on family or wealth but on creativity.  He had seen that this idea was practical for after all, his nine greats grandfather Leonardo di Caprio of no number had been a famous actor back on Old Earth and it was this talent that had enabled him to put New York City into a position where his grandson, Leonardo di Caprio I could become Emperor of New York and plans could be set in motion to launch New York City out into the universe.

The House of Leonardo separated from New York City, although many still lived there, the point was that Nobles should be free from the fetters of law and economy but they should not rule.  This is why Leonardo appointed DeShawn Parris as the first Doge of New York while he took the House of Leonardo on a huge voyage of discovery, to explore the universe and to curate what they saw through artistic expression.

United Entertainment Group:

     If it involves people's relaxation and happiness, UEG is there. From luxury space cruises past the rings of neptune to the haircut the average joe gets every three weeks. Art, leisure, entertainment, and sport all feel the presence of this faction. They don't own the teams, they operate the league. They both represent actors with one department and the studio with another. No, it's not seen as a conflict when lawyers from two divisions are negotiating with one antother. Who else would they negotiate with? While they don't operate a monopoly (Trust them, they tried but the universe is just too big), they do manage to be part of 60% of all work done in this area at some level. So, it's no surprise they wield heavy influence in the sector either. What the goal of this influence and presence is, only the shadowy board of trustees knows. Unfortunately, none can be reached for interviews both because their identities are a secret and most the reporters work for them already.

The Voiders:

Much is made of Earth's posthuman peoples: the Darklings of Mercury's Ocean Caves, the Swimmers of Europa, the Telempaths of Earth, the Martian desert dwellers, the Venusian airship citizens. Less is said-- at least not critically-- of the Voiders. Re-engineered to be able to survive indefinitely in the vacuum of space, the Voiders, originally designed to be able to mine the various asteroids and moons of Sol System, the Voiders are, today, a powerful force economically and politically. No group capable of cutting the hull of a ship open from the outside without a spacesuit is taken lightly.

Voiders are uncomfortable in Earth-level gravity and/or air, but they can withstand either or both for days-- in some cases weeks-- at a time without permanent damage to their health.