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Character Creation Process

1. Pick a group concept.

The Shadow of the Demiurge will be played using the Free Traders group concept.

2. Pick your spaceship.

The group will be provided with a pregenerated Class III Oryx courier ship, to be named later by the group.

3. Pick your group talent.

To be picked later by the group.

4. Pick your patron.

The group's parton will be Mukhtar Sawalla, an agent of Hyperion Logistics, a Consortium-owned corporation running bulk haulers all over the Horizon. One of the characters (likely the Negotiator) will be the main contact for the group.

5. Pick your nemesis.

The group's nemesis will be Lea Marhoun, an antiques dealer from the Monolith specializing in trade in artifacts and archeological findings. The group found itself at a conflict of interests with her on several jobs, and there is some bad blood between the parties involved. This should be further developed together with the group.

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Character Creation Process

6. Choose your background.

Select what star system your character comes from. Below is a list of the most well-known and densely populated systems.

  • Algol - a planet of rebels, ruined by heavy industry and under draconian Consortium rule
  • Mira - the cradle of Firstcome culture, filled with temples, churches and cloister palaces
  • Kua - the center of the Horizon, home to the space station Coriolis
  • Dabaran - a barren desert with ravine seraglios, oasis gardens, and domed palaces
  • Zalos - deeply devoted to the Icon the Martyr (an incarnation of the Judge), locked in constant civil war with the heathens

An important part of the Third Horizonís history is the two waves of colonization that have swept across the systems. Select whether your character is of the Firstcome or a Zenithian.

  • Firstcome - people of the first colonization wave, view themselves as the Horizon's original settlers, have been living in the Horizon for hundreds of years, but have been isolated from each other for a long time; place great belief in religious and mystical ideas about destiny and morality (Firstcome factions: the Church of the Icons, the Order of the Pariah, the Nomad Federation, Ahlam's Temple, the Draconites)
  • Zenithians - descendants of the crew of the Zenith, the second waves of colonization, newcomers who have opened up the trade routes and furthered contact between the systems once again; promote pragmatic culture and focus on function and effectiveness, view religion as separate from politics, refuse to let the Icons influence their ideology (Zenithian factions: the Consortium, the Legion, the Zenithian Hegemony, the Free League and the Syndicate)

Select whether your character's upbringing is Plebeian, Stationary or Privileged.

  • Plebeians - the lower class of the Horizon, workers as well as planetside colonists and nomads
  • Stationary - people raised on major space stations or asteroids
  • Privileged - the highest of the social strata; bureaucrats and factory owners in the Conglomerate, Dabaran pashas, and wealthy merchants on Coriolis, pure-blooded Hegemonists in the Monolith

No Humanities or Semi-Intelligences will be allowed as PCs.

7. Choose a concept.

Select a concept (and sub-concept) from the narrowed down list below.

  • Data Spider (Data Djinn) - You spend your days by your computer wherever you are. With a careful whisper, you can control and direct complex systems, extract classified information from djinn intelligences, or simply destroy info banks and databases. You could be a meme creator, a data infiltrator or just a lowly programmer for the Space Port Authority.
  • Negotiator (Peddler) - You scheme and deal in anything from frozen goats to Kuan hardwood. Profit is your imperative, and birr jingling in your pockets make you truly happy. You could be a free trader, an import mogul, or the dabra of a souk. Or you could be working from the shadows as a smuggler or a fence for the Syndicate.
  • Pilot (Freighter Pilot) - You travel the Horizonís trade routes in a freighter. The Dark between the Stars doesnít scare you. You could be a free trader, a dust trawler, a bulk hauler pilot or an ice miner.
  • Scientist (Medicurg) - You work with healing and improving people, physically as well as spiritually. You could be a biosculptor on Ozone Plaza, a Samaritan with the Order of the Pariah, or perhaps a field medicurg in the Legion.
  • Scientist (Technician) - You work with anything technical, from old sensors to ship reactors. You could be a ship engineer on the Harima docks, an artifact technician with the Consortium or maybe a gunsmith in a band of mercenaries.
  • Ship Worker (Deckhand) - It is the little things that make sure a spaceship and its crew can function, and you work with just those little things. You are a captainís aide, a chef, the master deckhand or maybe a janitor on a spaceship.
  • Ship Worker (Engineer) - You maintain the technical state of the ship. The head engineer will sometimes give you orders, but most times you just get things done on your own. You might be a reactor djinn, a torpedo operator or a shipís mechanic.
  • Soldier (Mercenary) - You follow the conflicts and the money, usually in a group of like-minded fighters. You could be a rebel fighter, a gun-for-hire, a nomad clan warrior, or perhaps a specialist in a shadow company.

8. Determine your Reputation score.

Your character's Reputation rating is determined by their upbringing and modified by their concept.

Plebeian - Reputation 2
Stationary - Reputation 4
Privileged - Reputation 6

Reputation rating modifiers by character concept are:

  • Data Spider (Data Djinn): +0
  • Negotiator (Peddler): +1
  • Pilot (Freighter Pilot): +0
  • Scientist (Medicurg / Technician): +1
  • Ship Worker (Deckhand / Engineer): -1
  • Soldier (Mercenary): -1

9. Choose a name. is an excellent link for cool-sounding Coriolis names (see NPC section).

10. Choose your appearance.

Describe your character's appearance, noticeable features and usual clothing.

11. Distribute your attribute points.

Coriolis uses four attributes that determine a character's basic composition, ranging from 1 to 5 for normal humans. The number of attribute points depends on the character's upbringing.

Plebeian - 15 attribute points
Stationary - 14 attribute points
Privileged - 13 attribute points

Assign at least 2 and at most 4 attribute points to each attribute, with the exception of your concept's key attribute, which can be raised to 5 attribute points.

Strength - raw, physical strength and physique
Agility - overall body control and motor skills
Wits - intelligence, alertness and sharpness of mind
Empathy - charisma, empathy and ability to manipulate others

Key attributes by character concept are:

  • Data Spider (Data Djinn) - Wits
  • Negotiator (Peddler) - Empathy
  • Pilot (Freighter Pilot) - Agility
  • Scientist (Medicurg / Technician) - Wits
  • Ship Worker (Deckhand / Engineer) - Strength
  • Soldier (Mercenary) - Agility

12. Determine your Hit Points and Mind Points.

Hit Points = Strength + Agility (degraded by damage)
Mind Points = Wits + Empathy (degraded by stress)

13. Distribute your skill levels.

Skills are divided into two groups of eight. General skills can be used even if the skill level is 0. Advanced skills can be used only if the skill level is at least one. The number of skill points depends on the character's upbringing.

Plebeian - 8 skill points
Stationary - 10 skill points
Privileged - 12 skill points

Assign at most 3 skill points to each concept skills and at most 1 skill point to all other skills, except Mystic Powers, which will not be available to PCs in this game.


Dexterity (Agility)
Force (Strength)
Infiltration (Agility)
Manipulation (Empathy)
Melee Combat (Strength)
Observation (Wits)
Ranged Combat (Agility)
Survival (Wits)


Command (Empathy)
Culture (Empathy)
Data Djinn (Wits)
Medicurgy (Wits)
Mystic Powers (Empathy) - not available to PCs
Pilot (Agility)
Science (Wits)
Technology (Wits)

Concept skills by character concept are:

  • Data Spider (Data Djinn) - Data Djinn, Observation, Manipulation, Science
  • Negotiator (Peddler) - Culture, Manipulation, Observation, Pilot
  • Pilot (Freighter Pilot) - Data Djinn, Force, Pilot, Technology
  • Scientist (Medicurg) - Medicurgy, Manipulation, Observation, Science
  • Scientist (Technician) - Force, Technology, Observation, Science
  • Ship Worker (Deckhand) - Force, Manipulation, Dexterity, Culture
  • Ship Worker (Engineer) - Data Djinn, Force, Observation, Technology
  • Soldier (Mercenary) - Melee Combat, Dexterity, Observation, Ranged Combat

14. Choose a talent.

Your character will have three talents at the start of the game - one common group concept talent (see #3), one character concept talent (selected here) and one Icon talent (see #15). Select one talent from the list below. A talent marked with CYB (cybernetics or bionic sculpts) must be picked both as a talent and as a piece of gear (see #18).

Talents by character concept are:

  • Data Spider (Data Djinn) - Faction Standing, Judge of Character, Third Eye
  • Negotiator (Peddler) - Faction Standing, Language Modulator (CYB), Lie Detector (CYB)
  • Pilot (Freighter Pilot) - Zero-G Training, Exo Specialist, Targeting Scope (CYB)
  • Scientist (Medicurg / Technician) - Field Medicurg, Gearhead, Wealthy Family
  • Ship Worker (Deckhand / Engineer) - Exo Specialist, Tough, Zero-G Training
  • Soldier (Mercenary) - Combat Veteran, Cybernetic Muscles (CYB), Tough

15. Randomly determine your Icon and your Icon talent.

You will be randomly provided with your character's Icon and their talent.

16. Choose a personal problem.

Come up with your character's personal problem, something from before the beginning of the game that still haunts or threatens them (a mortal enemy, a dark secret or a strong addiction).

17. Choose your relationships to the other PCs.

To be done later with the group.

18. Choose your gear.

Each character selects starting gear from several limited options, as well as receives starting funds. The currency in the Third Horizon is called the birr. The number of birr your character starts the game with depends on their upbringing.

Plebeian - 500 birr
Stationary - 1,000 birr
Privileged - 5,000 birr

Starting gear options depend on character concept. Make one selection for each choice, for a total of five items.

You may purchase additional gear using your character's starting funds.

Data Spider (Data Djinn)
1. Communicator (IV) < OR > Personal Holograph
2. Proximity Sensor < OR > Computer
3. Vulcan Cricket < OR > Stun Gun
4. Tabula < OR > Transactor with 1,000 Birr
5. Opor < OR > Arrash

Negotiator (Peddler)
1. Tabula < OR > Language Modulator (CYB)
2. Communicator (V) < OR > Voice Amplifier
3. Exquisite Clothing < OR > Kambra (D6 Doses)
4. Lie Detector (CYB) < OR > Language Unit
5. Vulcan Cricket < OR > Mercurium Dagger

Pilot (Freighter Pilot)
1. Tools (Ordinary) < OR > Talisman (Pilot +1)
2. Exo Shell < OR > Hand Jet
3. Targeting Scope (CYB) < OR > Communicator (IV)
4. Accelerator Pistol < OR > Stun Weapon
5. Flight Suit < OR > Exquisite Clothing

Scientist (Medicurg / Technician)
1. Communicator (III) < OR > Proximity Sensor
2. Portable Lab < OR > Computer
3. Exo Shell < OR > Database
4. Pressure Tent < OR > Medkit
5. Tools (Advanced) < OR > Compass

Ship Worker (Deckhand / Engineer)
1. Tools (Ordinary) < OR > Vacuum Sealer
2. Power Glove < OR > Environment Scanner
3. Arrash < OR > Tabak
4. Exo Loader < OR > Exo Shell
5. Hyper Rope < OR > Dura Knife

Soldier (Mercenary)
1. Heavy Armor < OR > Mercurium Sword
2. Accelerator Pistol with Sensor Scope < OR > Vulcan Carbine
3. Frag Grenade < OR > Cybernetic Muscles (CYB)
4. Command Unit < OR > Advanced Scope
5. Communicator (II) < OR > Medkit

19. Choose your crew position.

There are five crew positions aboard the group's spaceship, to be discussed and distributed later as a group.

  • Captain
  • Engineer
  • Pilot
  • Sensor Operator
  • Gunner

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