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Sun 15 May 2022
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READ ME FIRST: Required Reading
You're pretty super. Maybe you have powers, or you're a genius inventor, or you're just a skilled martial artist or practiced at using your guns akimbo. Maybe you've done some good -- or evil -- in the past, or you've just been trying to lay low and live your life while trying to bury that which makes you special; it could even be that your true capabilities have yet to manifest.

In any event, while you've seen the so-called "Heroes" on television and in the paper you just haven't gotten involved with that nonsense.

Then, one day, a monster attacks your home town. Attacks have been on the rise lately and no Heroes are available to save you and those trapped with you. It's time for you to get involved. Little do you know that a member of the Hero Association was scouting you when the fighting broke out, and when the dust settles you'll be made an offer you cannot refuse...

One Punch Isn't Enough is a Mutants and Masterminds based on the anime superhero satire One Punch Man. This means that it has over-the-top bombastic action, sometimes-understated satire, villains are uncomplicated, and heroes often struggle with the question of what it means to be heroes, all in a covertly cthulhu-esque setting where it seems humans are the sole source of light and goodness in a universe that constantly puts it to the test. Fight bad guys, make one-liners, win fans, find meaning, and climb the ranks of the Hero Association in this kitchen sink superheroic madhouse!

Characters from the One Punch Man universe will be kept to a minimum, and may not necessarily possess the same powers or backgrounds as their canon counterparts. They may be remixed or have their positions within the Hero Association shuffled around. Think of this as an alternate universe to the one we have watched Saitama take by storm.

Hi! I'm Lulu and I'll be your GM. I regularly struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder and often end up abandoning games in fairly short order. To combat this, One Punch Isn't Enough will focus more on an adventure-of-the-week feeling rather than an overarching master plot, and devote as little energy to uneventful downtime as possible. It is my hope that by keeping the action up that the game will be moving too fast to get stuck in a rut and die out, and if it does happen there will not be much complex story to be lost.

When submitting your application, you are required to acknowledge and consent to the above disclaimer.

Hopefully this hasn't scared you off. Let's (try to) have some fun!

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Sun 15 May 2022
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Code of Conduct
  • Have fun! If for some reason you are not having fun, notify me immediately!
  • Third person perspective should be used in character; "Bob attacks the creature" is acceptable, "I attack the creature" is not.
  • I will attempt to post at least twice weekly. You do not necessarily have to make posts every day, but you may be left behind if not.

Style Guidelines:
  • "Speak like this." (your choice of color, except orange)
  • "Whisper like this."
  • "Shout like this!"
  • Think like this.
  • (( OOC like this. )) (orange is reserved for OOC)

PVP Guidelines:

Let's be real here; in the OPM universe, everyone spars with each other all the time. If you want to have a match with another player, drop a message in the OOC discussion thread letting me know and I will set you up with a personal thread. You will be expected to adjudicate your own combat and posts should be kept relatively brief so that I can quickly read through in the event of a rules dispute. Duels may not have lasting narrative consequences such as death or serious injury (although scars may be permitted if both parties agree).

Combat Policy:

To maintain a brisk pace during combat, combatants should all declare their actions at the beginning of a round. Actions will be resolved in order of initiative. You may (and should) specify conditional actions. If you are unable to make a combat post within two days, I will use my best judgement to decide your action for you; this will generally be a safe action that does not use limited resources. Post quality standards are largely suspended during combat; you should not have any excuse not to pop in and fire off a basic one-liner, no matter how hectic real life gets.

Inactivity Policy:

It's expected that you will be able to log in and view messages multiple times throughout the week. If your last game login is ever over a week ago I will attempt to contact you. If your absence continues, I will NPC your character and attempt to take xir off-screen as quickly, gracefully, and safely as possible, and in a way to ensure a speedy return once you are able to commit time to the game again. Given the nature of this setting, safety is not guaranteed!

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Sun 15 May 2022
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Character Creation
Some games have long list of character creation rules, but today they're unnecessary! Your character is a non-monstrous human and takes a standard Power Level 8 start with 120 character points. Easy.

One exception: we will not be using ability scores. They are completely extraneous in M&M. Buy the constituent components of ability scores separately (Strength can become a Damage effect and a number of ranks in Feature: Lifting Capacity, for example). If in doubt about how to translate something to an ability-less format, ask!
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Sat 21 May 2022
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Requesting to Join
I'm a firm believer in Angry's Two-Note Character Creation so I only want two pieces of information about your character: one interesting fact, and one motivation. Everything else is extra. If you really want to double down, try reading that article I just linked and let me know if you learned anything new or interesting from it. Thanks~!

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