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Game World (Plugging in your mouse)

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Mon 4 Jul 2022
at 15:02
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Game World (Plugging in your mouse)

Nestled underneath the Manor, is the bustling mouse settlement of Brickport, led by the Mayor, Audrey Pipp.

Home to almost four hundred mice, it’s the largest town by far within the Estate (see overworld map, below).

Recent Events:
These may or may not affect the plot. #2 may not be true. But they are good hooks to think about how your mouse fits in.
1. There has been a recent, large storm. All of the mice were very scared and hid while it passed by. Some mice are still missing (caught outside when the rain came down).
2. There are vague rumors that the humans have recently bought a cat, but nobody can confirm a direct sighting. And the rain is washing away what could be its scent.
3. The nearby Chapel Priory is attracting various mice who are converting to a new faith. In Brickport, the creepy monk Calvin Splat evangelizes that more should join the cause.

World Map:

City Map:

1. The Brickside Huts
Tangle of houses. Built into gaps between bricks, or with walls of garish cardboard.

2. Drain docks
Row of wooden barges, tugging at their docking twine.

3. Tinbox Inn
Brightly painted walls. Circular door depicting the face of a boy

4. Temple of Peace
Freshly repainted. Passing mice move on quickly, tutting, and shaking their heads

5. The Glow
Globe of glass, bright and warm

6. Town hall
Tower of red clay, high windows watching over Brickport

7. Expedition staging-point
Ladders of twine, electrical cables, and nails leading upwards into the darkness

8. Green gate
Moss-covered gap between the bricks, just wide enough for a merchant’s handcart
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Game Master
GM, 4 posts
Mon 4 Jul 2022
at 15:04
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Game World (Plugging in your mouse)

Also, if you want to let me know how long your mouse has been in Brickport, I will give you some information privately.

If you are a long-time visitor, your information will more likely be about Brickport and its residents.
If you are new here, your information will more likely be about the broader world.

If you aren't sure, roll d6.
1-2: You're brand new
3-4: You're settled here, but weren't born here
5-6: Brickport born-and-raised
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