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Sun 14 Aug 2022
at 19:08
From a distance, it appears that the rollicking tavern is actually floating atop the surface of the water, held aloft by magic or perhaps good intentions, but as you draw closer you can actually make out the elaborate, perfectly-balanced system of pilings underneath—the building’s underwater foundation. Piers have been built into the tavern’s sides allowing for the docking of more than a dozen craft. From each pier, ramps lead up to an entrance for patrons. At the tavern’s rear a smaller loading dock stands open for resupply. Strategically placed flags bearing the tavern’s name fly in plain view of the common rooms, so that seagoing patrons might be warned should the winds kick up as they sip their favorite beverage.
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Sun 14 Aug 2022
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The sight of the tavern lifted Yarana's spirits up quite a bit: it meant a decent meal and a real bed, which would be heavenly all by itself but it also, and much more importantly, might also mean a bath. Which not be good only for her she reflected with a hard glance at her escort.

Granted, the location was not ideal. As far as she was concerned anyway: she had spent so much time near - or in - water to try and get in touch with a power everyone - well, her family and tutors at least - said she should have that the sight of so much of it almost made her sick. Alright, maybe not exactly sick, but it forced to the foreground feelings of inadequacy and failure that she'd have rather kept locked away.

The flying flags the Air played with did nothing to help either for that matter.

After a couple of minutes studying the building, Yarana asked a bit suspiciously. “Why are we coming here?” She couldn't swear they had avoided civilization ever since her rescue but that was mostly because she didn't know the region enough to form an opinion on that. The tavern however seemed to be their current goal and she found that a bit suspicious: it certainly wasn't the place she really wanted to get to...
Wei Yuhan
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Wed 24 Aug 2022
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Wei Yuhan walked briskly through the town, behind him, his robes gliding over the street. His forehead covered with perspiration, he glanced behind him, making sure the girl was still following him. He could not put up with losing her after taking so much time out of his journey to save her from bandits.

A few days before the run in with Yarana, Wei had visited a holy shrine where one of the world's largest libraries was located. Run by a group of High Monks who had taken the vow of silence, he had learned that there were folk that lived on the coast of the northern capitals that could aide him in deciphering a map he had discovered in the Shanjing Province.

Approaching the inn, he did his best to seem inconspicuous.  He couldn't take any chances, he had no way of knowing who would recognize him.
Holding his hand out to Yarana,"Shall we?" He asked bluntly, no emotions registering on his scarred face.
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 17:20
Yarana grumbled under her breath: she had asked a question, and all she got as answer was another question that wasn't even related to hers at all! That was thoroughly annoying.

Worse, she couldn't even do anything about it considering her situation which did nothing to appease her at all. “Whatever you want with this place, I hope for you that I can get a hot bath.”

Not waiting for an answer, she stomped forward. As her nose picked up the scent of food however, her stomach grumbled. “Maybe after a meal.” She added.