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Thu 28 Jul 2022
at 18:39
Premise and game information

This is a game where chivalric knights and ladies struggle to uphold their romantic ideals and protect the innocent in a picturesque but ultimately unjust and dangerous medieval world. The game is set in a pseudo-historical medieval Europe where the players take on the roles of chivalric knights or other concepts appropriate to the setting.

It is the year 1190 in Languedoc, a southern province of the dissolving Kingdom of the Franks. King Philip II has just styled himself King of France and is busy with the Third Crusade in far away lands. Not much of this reaches the sleepy, rural part of Languedoc where our story starts but there are still castles and estates to manage, conflicts to settle and dangers lurking in the shadows.

The aim is to keep the game world reasonably realistic without being simulationist but there might also be elements of thriller, mystery and horror when it turns out some myths and superstitions are true.

The game will at the core be plot oriented but there will be room for players to drive agendas of their own as well. It will be focused on a small but hopefully tight player group.

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Thu 28 Jul 2022
at 18:44
Game system
The system for the game is OpenQuest. If you're not familiar with it and don't want to spend money on the full book there's a free quickstart here: and a SRD with rules references here:
Wed 17 Aug 2022
at 21:01
On Posting
Expected posting rate is two IC posts a week or so. For format I'd like to keep to third person, present tense. I won't write novels so I don't expect anyone else to either but feel free to rock out in your posts if you want to.

OOC: Put any out of character clarifications, dice rolls and such in small, orange text at the bottom of the post.

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Tue 15 Aug 2023
at 12:13
The game is set in the smallish but growing market town of Saint Volusien nestled at the foothills of the Pyrenees at the confluence of the Ariège and Arget rivers. The town is ruled by Seigneuresse Emma de Trencavel while her husband is off fighting in the third crusade.

The construction of a new castle and a stone wall around the town started a couple of years ago and is a little more than half finished. The work is still progressing but more slowly now since funds are low and deliveries of stone from the quarry have all but halted. There are rumours of disease. The site is at the top of a cliff along the river just northeast of town. The late master Mason Ulrich Bluome, hailing from the Kingdom of Germany, was until just recently in charge of the construction.

The Seigneuresse and her small household still live in the old Manor a short way to the east until the castle is finished.