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The Seven Holds

The first Godblooded invaded the land that was to be his Empire centuries ago, subjugating the fractured kingdoms, clans and freeholds under his divine laws. The Godblooded claimed to be the direct descendant of the omnipotent Divine, made flesh. A heretical claim, yet he had the immense power to back that claim, and laid waste to all who questioned it. For hundreds of years, those laws held, but with each of his descendants, the power corrupted, until divine beneficence became divine tyranny, and the disparate races suffered under oppressive, brutal and bloody laws that were happily enforced by the inquisitor and hangman. There was a growing unease in the provinces, and all that was needed was a spark to light the fire of revolution.

The Eight came to the Empire. They were already seasoned adventurers from all corners of the world, and hearing rumors of growing discontent, smelled opportunity: For some, to free the commonfolk from the shackles of tyranny, for others, to seize power. The upheaval they fomented has filled tomes, and by the end, the Empire's capital was in flames and the Eight led an army to his palace. An epic battle ensued, and by the end, the Godblooded and one of the Eight lay dead, and the provinces turned to the heroes for leadership. It was agreed that each would claim one of the provinces as their Hold, to lead it as they saw fit, but that they were bound by duty to act should a threat arise that could threaten the Seven Holds.

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The Empire was able to ward off rivals due to geographical good fortune: The only part of the kingdom that wasn't high mountains, frozen tundra or ocean was the High Hills Pass, a land of rolling hills rich in minerals that abutted the Sky Spear mountains to the north and the Seafoam cliffs to the south.

Claimed by Draxos as a new homeland for his lost kin and renamed Thrakule, the kingdom is a military dictatorship where every man, woman and child, regardless of race, must adhere by the Code, a rigid, byzantine series of Dragonborn rules, philosophies and edicts that guide every part of their lives. It has attracted members of all races who looked for safety and order in the chaos after the fall of the Godblooded, and in twenty years, his army has swelled and the mines in the hills churn out iron and silver. Forts have been built along the borders, ever vigilante of outside kingdoms and empires coming for the Eight, and his armies have marched against Orc tribes and Goblin kingdoms that lair on the outer sides of the Sky Spear mountains. From the captives, those who are worthy are indoctrinated into the army, but most work the mines as "indentured servants", a practice that has drawn rebukes from some of the Eight... But as his vigilance maintains the peace of all kingdoms, there's not much more they can do.

Leader and Government: Draxos, Military Dictatorship

Exports: Weapons and armor, mercenaries, iron, silver

Favored classes: Fighters, Paladins, Bards, Rangers

Races: Dragonborn, Humans, Dwarves

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The Aureon Gates
The Aureon Gates used to be the forgotten mountain valleys of the Empire, dotted with prison towers, ruins and forgotten monasteries and libraries. Claimed by the monk Hayla Stoneseer, it is now a series of monasteries where supplicants and scholars can come to study, meditate and pray, protected by the warrior-monks who patrol the valleys and mountains. Neutral in all kingdom politics, it only supplies healers and warriors in times of need and otherwise continues to be the home of hermits, scholars, divine supplicants and monks, all searching for perfection.

Leader and Government: Hayla Stoneseer, Council of Monastery Elders

Exports: Books, scrolls, healers and healing potions, diamonds.

Favored classes: Monks, clerics, bards, wizards

Races: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves

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Terrault is the progressive, chaotic city state overseen Elyane Sunor. Here, more than any other kingdom, are radical ideas and innovation rewarded and praised. The city of Terrault is being carved directly into the mountain, new towers and edifices springing up and reaching dizzying heights, connected by bridges and pulley-elevators, while the first airships lumber between the spires and clouds. Artificers make their home here, academies and workshops producing the best innovators in the kingdoms, while merchants, scholars and workers jostle side by side in a chaotic system of democracy that has each district representative clamoring for the City council's attention. Thievery and espionage is also fair game here, as new designs and ideas can be stolen, improved upon and sold, making a wily rogue a hot commodity among the spires.

The surrounding land around the city is much more serene, where farmers work the fertile fields to feed the city and shake their head at the chaos found within.

Leader and government: Elyane Sunor, Representative Democracy

Exports: Airships, firearms, manufactured goods and tools, armor

Favored classes: Artificers, bards, rogues, wizards

Races: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Changelings

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The former throne and capital province of the Empire, Lyon still remains the most important and populated territory in the Seven Holds, home to the capital city and several smaller cities, as well as the breadbasket of the Seven Holds. All trade starts and ends in Lyon, and it is the most accessible gateway into the Seven Holds for all foreigners.

The Capital city itself is the largest in the realms, rivaled only by Terrault, and here all the races come to trade and live. Several districts in the city teem with inhabitants, from the poor Worker's Quarters to the Grand Bazaar and the Temple Hills. In the upper hills are the noble estates and grand palace, far above the rabble below.

The city is still ruled by the noble families, all of who made their wealth through alliance and subservience to the Godblooded, and were allowed to keep their power when they supported the Eight's revolution in its final days. Now they must contend with the canny Mia Highdarrow, who must juggle the demands of nobles, high priests, merchant guilds and foreign diplomats while making sure the commoner doesn't rise up in revolution, all the while dealing with entrenched thieve guilds and the occasional cult and plague.

Leader and government: Mia Highdarrow, Autocratic Monarchy

Exports: Crops, manufactured goods, ships, foreign goods.

Favored classes: Rogue, Bard, Fighter, Sorcerer

Races: All