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Character Sheet
I thought, for a solo game, rather than have a character sheet squirrelled away in a seperate tab it could have it's own thread front and centre!

I've assumed, from our earlier discussions, that you would be intending to play Leyla Khan as written but I have no issue with you shuffling points or abilities around if you want to. I think you also need to pick three 'mastery abilities' to start off with.
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Sun 21 Aug 2022
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Investigative Abilities
Bullshit Detector
Electronic Surveillance
High Society
Human Terrain
Outdoor Survival
Traffic Analysis
Urban Survival

General Abilities
Athletics - 2/2
Conceal - 2/2
Cool - 0/2  **
Cover - 2/2
Driving - 1/2 *
Evasion - 1/2 *
Fighting - 2/2
Filch - 2/2
Infiltration - 1/2 *
Mechanics - 2/2
Medic - 2/2
Network - 2/2
Preparedness - 2/2
Sense Trouble - 1/2 *
Shooting - 0/2    **
Surveillance - 2/2

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Sun 21 Aug 2022
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Pushes Available - 0

Current Heat - 2

Current Shadow -

Current Injuries - 2

Mastery Edges

The Church - CLUE - Your phone has the address of a church in Budapest. Your memories are still like broken glass, but you’re sure there are answers there.

The Cache - CLUE - You have remembered the location of one of your equipment stores at a remote farmhouse outside Budapest.

No Going Back - You’ve escaped from a nightmare. A monster had you in its thrall, and you’re not going back. You’d sooner die. Discard for a bonus die on any test involving escaping the monster’s clutches.

Memories of Sinclair - Discard this card for a Push or an extra die when facing off against John Sinclair.

The Extraction Point - CLUE - What’s waiting for you at the airfield at Tököl? You’ve got to go there to find the answer.

Lucky - Discard to get a free bonus die to one roll of your choice.

Beaten Up: INJURY - You don't know what happened to you, but it hurt.

Running on Empty - You don’t have any equipment or personal possessions. No gun, no money, no cards, no passport. While you have this Problem, you can’t make Preparedness or Shooting tests. Counter by finding a cache of equipment, a safehouse, or a friend who can shelter you until you restock.

We Should Sedate Her - The doctors and staff at the hospital think you’re dangerously unstable, and intend to sedate you. Counter with a Reassurance Push, or by escaping their clutches.

Shaken - Your head feels shattered. You’re close to breaking – you’ve a -1 penalty to Cool tests while you hold this card. Counter either by confiding in someone or finding some other way to take the edge off."

Sitting Ducks - Hulier just warned anyone who’s listening that you’re coming. If you try to exit through the back of the cave, you’ll be an easy target for any shooters.

Problem - Bleeding Out - SERIOUS INJURY - You’ve been shot. If you’ve still got this Problem at the end of the operation, you’ll die.

Problem - Blue Lights on the Danube - HEAT - A shootout at a historical church in the heart of Budapest? Within minutes, the streets are going to be full of TEK counter-terror cops. Better run!

Problem - Unsafe at Any Speed - HEAT - The driver of the van has been hit! Now it's out of control, drawing a lot of attention and is about to crash.

Problem - Disarmed - Your gun has been taken. You can't use Shooting until you have sourced an alternative.


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